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I Married My Dungeon Master ...

No this isn’t a kink post. Well kind of. Okay no, not really, but read it anyways, mmmkay?

Well to be fair I married him before he was my Dungeon Master, technically it was nearly 7 years into our marriage and 15 years into our relationship before I had ever really delved into the world of Dungeons & Dragons.

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Recognition of One’s Hard Work

(Preliminary note: This blog post is my first entry drafted and published right out of my Microsoft Word. Any problems with the layout may have stemmed from that.) 1 244 fler ord


Is It Really Worth The Wait?

Reservations. How many apps can you think of off the top of your head that allow you to reserve a table at a restaurant? So convenient right? 783 fler ord



一种不想说话,只想吃药睡觉的感觉 – 我没有感冒,没有发烧。

it’s just the light-headed, momentarily peaceful feeling that I’m chasing after. I use medication to stop myself from feeling too many thoughts too often. 128 fler ord


The Complete Bulshit of ‘Mere Pass Tum Ho’

So, recently this drama by ARY Digital started to garner a lot of fame for being ‘the best drama of the year’ called ‘Mere Pass Tum Ho.’ And being a person in a predominantly female household who watch dramas a lot like crackheads consume drugs, it was something that created a lot of buzz in my house as well. 839 fler ord


Misanthropic Quote of the Week: Bipolar?

”She was bipolar?”

”As the earth itself.”

from the thriller Stay Hidden, by Paul Doiron, p. 211

Narcissism and Identity Politics in popular media

Honest question: What type of, self-absorbed human being is it that watches a movie, reads a book, or plays a game and thinks “wait, where am I in this story?”  533 fler ord