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Night at the Opera: Rigoletto

I recently watched Giuseppe Verdi’s Rigoletto in the National Theater and Concert Hall. I actually contemplated for some time about getting the tickets because it was already a little too late. 573 fler ord


Caro nome - aria của Gilda

Nói thực, Gilda là mẫu nhân vật mình rất ghét. Kể cả nguyên mẫu Blanche của Hugo, lẫn Gilda của Verdi. Theo phân loại của mình, đó là mẫu soprano ngây thơ một cách ngốc nghếch, và vì thế tự làm hỏng đời mình, cũng như đời của baritone. 319 fler ord


Alexsandra Kurzak sings Caro Nome

This is from Rigoletto, which I have never seen.

Opening Night!

Happy Opening Night day!!!!! Tonight we open Rigoletto and I couldn’t be more excited! It’s been a crazy and exciting 4 weeks full of learning and discovery.   236 fler ord

Opera Theatre Company’s production of ‘Rigoletto’ features dramatic stage set

Having just arrived back from Tuscany and beset by pasta-prosecco withdrawal symptoms, I was keen to attend the Opera Theatre Company’s production of Giuseppe Verdi’s ‘Rigoletto,’ at… 670 fler ord



I went out to a place for lunch called Rigoletto. They serve hamburgers, pasta, pizza, and grilled stuff like steak. It is in a place called Roppongi Hills, on the 5th floor (for people that are in Tokyo reading this, I will start telling you where the restaurant is in case want to go there). 152 fler ord



Tuneful. Dramatic. Tragic.

by Giuseppe Verdi
In Italian with SURTITLES ™ projected above the stage

Saturday, September 26 • 7:30pm
Thursday, October 1 • 7:30pm… 184 fler ord