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Orange and pink

Ok, this is mostly going to be about opera.

I was having dinner in the restaurant I Tre Marchetti in Verona. This was about two decades ago and I was in town, as so many times before, for the yearly opera festival in the Roman Arena. 325 fler ord


Lean and immediate tragedy: Verdi's Rigoletto, Regents Opera

An old man, hunched and stooping, clambers onto a stage. With an air of exhausted bitterness, he smears white paint onto his face, dons a jester’s horned cap, picks up his stick of bells: Rigoletto is ready for another day of work. 878 fler ord


Emmas hotell


Idag har dagen gått fort fram. :D Jag han med att springa innan lunch och sedan var det dags för skolan. Dock var det extremt jobbigt att springa då det var väldigt mycket motvind… Men det blev finare till eftermiddagen. 400 fler ord


Star cast for Rigoletto at The Met: Lučic, Peretyatko, Calleja, Kocan

Flying overseas for the whole day, rushing through the congested New York city and arriving just an hour before the curtain might get things stressful. Nevertheless, despite tiredness and jet lag I managed to enjoy the last performance of renewed ”Las Vegas” Rigoletto with a great cast, starring fabulous Željko Lučić, mesmerizing Joseph Calleja, impressive Štefan Kocán and fragile and clear toned Olga Peretyatko. 325 fler ord


A Night at the Opera

For some reason, yesterday I was thinking about recognizing a piece of music, and I realized that there are a goodly number of opera arias that I would have no trouble identifying, including many from Madam Butterfly, Rigoletto, Il Trovatore, and Aida, to name a few. 348 fler ord


Renato Bruson: Verdi Rigoletto, Cortigiani, vil razza dannata

25 Years Deutsche Oper Berlin 24 September 1986.r
Renato Bruson (born 13 January 1936) is an Italian operatic baritone. Bruson is widely considered one of the most important Verdi baritones of the late 20th and .r… 100 fler ord