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Italians: North and South

I have posted before about how the Italians are, in certain respects, similar to Americans with the strange north and south ”thing” going on. These two videos, assuming the English listener does not mind not being able to understand, demonstrate a bit of the difference. 193 fler ord


An ingenious smuggler or an exploited woman?

December 21, 2011, Fiumicino airport (Rome):-

… a Spanish model coming from Sao Paulo in Brazil is detained. A search reveals 2.5 kilos of pure cocaine crystals inserted in her artificial breasts and buttocks.

Roberto Saviano ZeroZeroZero p366



Naples : An Explosion of Thoughts

The desire to write something in regards to Naples has been with me for quite a long while now, and yet each time I have approached the page with pen in hand and Naples in mind, I’ve often found myself coming to a complete standstill, with absolutely nothing to say, and anything that is said, being erased time after time. 1 974 fler ord


Jurnalist antimafie: Marea Britanie este cel mai corupt loc de pe Pământ

Foto: Roberto Saviano

Nu birocraţia, nu poliţia, nu politica sunt corupte, ci capitalul financiar

by Călin Marchievici 

Centrul financiar londonez este un stat semi-offshore, la fel ca teritoriile britanice de peste mări, paradisuri fiscale legitimate de autorităţile britanice. 179 fler ord

Natura Umana

Deadly energy

”Cocaine is a carburant. Cocaine is a devastating, terrible, deadly energy. There never seem to be enough arrests. Policies to fight it always seem to miss the mark. 937 fler ord