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Roberto Saviano e il cecchino israeliano

Roberto Saviano,

Il mestiere del giornalista è un mestiere importante, difficile e colmo di effetti collaterali.

Una fotografia di una modella ritoccata potrebbe portare una bambina di 13 anni a suicidarsi perché troppo grassa, un titolo imparziale potrebbe spostare l’ago della bilancia delle elezioni. 340 fler ord

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Britain: the university of corruption

By Daniel Margrain

In May, 2016, Roberto Saviano, an expert on the workings of the mafia, stated that ”Britain is the most corrupt country in the world.” Given that the Western media tend to categorize the issue of corruption along geopolitical and racial lines, one would find it difficult to arrive at such a conclusion after having analysed a mainstream broadcaster like the BBC. 782 fler ord


REVIEW: Gomorrah (Gomorra - La serie, Season 1, 2014)

The Wire is among few shows that ares supposed to serve as a gold standards of television in early 21st Century. There are many other shows that might try to repeat its formula, success and accolades, but few such attempts are as authentic as Italian TV series… 578 fler ord

Television Reviews

GOMORRA (2014 - ) SEASON 2

Creators: Stefano Bises, Leonardo Fasoli, Roberto Saviano

Cast: Marco D’Amore, Fortunato Cerlino, Salvatore Esposito

Here is the second season of Gomorra the season that has a feel like the sopranos combine with the wire a little bit anyway. 198 fler ord


What is government for?

Government should be there to manage things for the common good of the people, be it law, infrastructure and public provision or the economic well being of the nation as a whole. 937 fler ord