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Beatles Wednesday Video: 'Oh Darling' By The Beatles

Today is Beatles Wednesday, which means you’ll hear a Beatles song at the bottom of every hour!

”Abbey Road” is probably one of the Beatles most famous albums, if only for the reason that it was the last album they did were all four guys were a part of it. 69 fler ord


Robin Gibb: Saved by the Bell—The Collected Works 1969–1970

The Bee Gees displayed admirable craft and created their biggest hits during their disco-era second coming, but it’s their early pop work that shines brightest for me. 359 fler ord

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Saved by the Bell: the collected works of Robin Gibb: 1968-70

Amazon can do many amazing things but I didn’t know they could deliver an item even before it officially exists.  Saved by the Bell landed on my doormat on Sunday 31st May, a day before the release date.  214 fler ord

Bee Gees

Robin Gibb's Lost Album To Be Released in New Collection

After 45 years, the late Robin Gibb’s previously unreleased solo album is getting the royal treatment.

Earlier this week, Gibb’s lost second album, ‘Sing Slowly Sisters,’ 236 fler ord


Lord Bless All

No. 20 in Top 50 Bee Gees’ Songs 1966-72

By Robin Gibb
Lead Vocal: Robin 
Album: Robin’s Reign 1969

#144981798 /

“When you sleep, London streets are silent”   151 fler ord

Bee Gees

Saved by the Bell: the Collected Works of Robin Gibb: 1969-70

A friend who knows of my Gibb proclivities (whilst not sharing them himself) kindly drew my attention to Saved by the Bell: the Collected Works of Robin Gibb: 1969-70… 565 fler ord

Bee Gees

The Bee Gees- 'First of May'

The perfect song for today!!!

The Bee Gees- ‘First of May': — ©1969 Barry Gibb and the Estates of Robin and Maurice Gibb

Courtesy of Reprise Records… 17 fler ord