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December 22: Happy Birthday Maurice and Robin Gibb

Our headliners today were twin brothers who were part of one of the best-known brother acts in the history of popular music.  That’s Robin on the left in the above photo, Maurice on the right, and older brother Barry Gibb (born just over three years earlier) in the middle. 841 fler ord

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My Sunday Song - "I Started a Joke" by the Bee Gees

For My Sunday Song #67, I am going with a song that randomly pops in my head more often than not, ”I Started a Joke”.  The song is by the Bee Gees and I don’t honestly know why I find myself singing it at the most odd times.  533 fler ord

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FlinterFile: Robin Gibb- Juliet

Robin Gibb was part of the BeeGees, but also released some solo records. 55 fler ord


Bee Gees 1st at its 50th

Bee Gees 1st was released fifty years ago yesterday. Contrary to its own title, it was not the Bee Gees’ first long-play or full-length release. It was titled and marketed as such to mark the then-quintet’s (the three brothers and two other unrelated musicians) first foray into the international music market, following their considerable success in the brothers’ adopted homeland Australia with a string of singles and a couple of long-plays. 795 fler ord