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Armistead Maupin - Logical Family: A Memoir

I first discovered the Tales of the City series when I was quite young and I LOVED it. The people, the place, the incredible coincidences. And the idea that everyone might have their tribe or niche. 724 fler ord

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The Rain, The Conference and the Inbound Shuffle

Slowly, as the holiday season recedes like a bad memory and 2018 offers a plethora of new reasons to be outraged, San Francisco begins to show signs of life again. 174 fler ord

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San Francisco’s ‘Diseased Streets’ Are Being Compared to Some of Worst Slums in the World

Authored By Joe Setyon | February 21, 2018 at 6:37am

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A combination of discarded needles and piles of feces on the streets of San Francisco has caused least one expert to say that the city’s slums are comparable to those in developing countries.  658 fler ord


Runderlust by Sam@Empire: Nike React Run

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The much anticipated latest innovative running shoe is here! 204 fler ord


PHO @ GS: Culture

PHO @ GS: Culture

2/12/18 San Francisco: I wasn’t sure what aspect of San Francisco was supposed to endearing, but I just watched a crazy person on a bike try to chase down an ambulance, because the ambulance ran a red light and kinda came close to almost hitting him. 2 158 fler ord

社中初釜 2018・Our Hatsugama 2018


For various reasons, our hatsugama took place in February – but oh, what a fun it was! Let us share the joy through some photographs.