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Broker's Assistant Job Opening

Broker’s Assistant Job Opening in San Francisco

This is an excellent opportunity to learn the basics of a successful transportation broker. In this position you will assist the brokers in managing the transportation needs of our customers: customer service, coordination with shipper and carriers, file settlement (billing), A/P and A/R, database maintenance, and other office administrative tasks. 15 fler ord

Allen Lund Company

The Sunset

”Even bros like sunsets” observed comedian TJ Miller. That must have been what San Francisco city developers were thinking when they renamed the ”Outside Lands” the Sunset District. 144 fler ord


Tinderella, the drinking game

Inscribed below are the rules created by me and my friend Michael for a drinking game of our own creation. It all began during a tandem tinder sesh when I swiped to a profile that caught my eye. 842 fler ord


A Chat with the San Francisco Women’s Building

I call this post a ‘chat’ with the San Francisco Women’s Building because when I view the mural I feel as if I’m in a conversation about community, personal responsibility, a positive vision of the future, and the joy of creative collaboration. 138 fler ord


Christy Birmingham rebloggade detta på When Women Inspire och kommenterade:

I just saw this post and loved seeing the the mural on the San Francisco Women's Building that is captured in great photos by Robert M. Goldstein. As per the post I am reblogging, "The Mission of the Women’s Building is based on the premise that all women and girls have the right to safe, joyous and creative lives; lives in which they have the right of self-determination." Here, here!

Talking Donation Based Yoga with Mike Richardson

Those who know and practice with Mike Richardson in San Francisco may know him as The Twisted Yogi.

But he’s far from twisted. In fact, he’s a very straight shooter. 787 fler ord


My Visit to San Francisco

6 months after I left the U.S. and 4 months after I came to Antigua, I boarded a flight to San Francisco. It was the first time I really removed myself from the bubble I’d been living in, and it was to go back to what I once called home. 807 fler ord


Not Sure Where to Take your Mom this Mothers Day?

Mother’s Day is just around the corner, where mom’s across the country will be treated by their families to show how much they really appreciate them. 274 fler ord

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