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New on 500px : Radiant Splendor by fzaidi

This sunrise was special. Not only because it erased the memory of the previous two skunks that I encountered when I got fogged in the last 15 mins before sunset and in the other clouds just cleared up in the last half hour, but also because I was shooting besides one of my favorite photographers Jeff Lewis. 89 fler ord

Real Estate And Mortgage

Dear Otherness,

You and your caltrain and bart trains
With your road bikes and messenger bags
And quilted jackets and knotted scarves
Your polka dot backpacks
Those knit sweaters and black gloves… 47 fler ord

{sf} la reyna bakery

Near 24th Street and Mission there’s a panadería that I just love. I know there’s tons of Mexican bread shops in San Francisco, but for some reason I just happen to love… 87 fler ord


Berkeley-(Transbay tube)-San Francisco

Berkeley: The night Berkeley and the day Berkeley are relatively good friends. They don’t deny each other but share a great deal of the leisure, light, and even emptiness that they each have. 801 fler ord


Thousands impacted by power outages in Sunnyvale and San Francisco

SAN FRANCISCO (BCN, KRON) — Thousands of customers are without power Monday night due to two major power outages in Sunnyvale and San Francisco, according to PG&E. 109 fler ord


Before The Year Is Out . . .

By Connor Gani

So we are approaching the end of the semester, and the end of the year! And what better way to see the year off with a list of some of the biggest and best gigs coming up in San Francisco in December. 396 fler ord