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SF Love Letter

This happens every fall. I fall in love with SF all over again. Forget fall forward spring back…I can tell it’s happening when I can’t stop taking pictures and I saunter down the streets feeling like a superior San Franciscan. 222 fler ord

San Francisco

The Painted Ladies

If you remember the TV show ”Full House” you would know this famous street.   Although they do appear in many other TV shows and movies. 104 fler ord

#San Francisco

It was one of those kinds of days in the Bay Area...

Okay, I admit it. I am rather proud of that picture. Look at the purple highlights on the water. You can’t fake that. And these photos are the other reason I always go down to Point Isabel when I am visiting my mom… aside from the fact that people walk their dogs there, and I get to meet lots of dogs. 99 fler ord


{event} starr visits san francisco

A few months ago, Starr told me she was going to visit San Francisco with Ben and a few of their friends. I was stoked! All of the times I made comments about them visiting or even moving here finally worked!? 758 fler ord


San Francisco: A Photo Essay - Part 3

I realized that I forgot to post photos from Muir Beach Overlook, and it wouldn’t be California without the brilliant blue coast, so here they are! 26 fler ord