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✞ Music "Pray" by More Than Rubies

Father which art in heaven, Holy is your name
Let your kingdom come, Your will be done, On earth as it is in heaven… 87 fler ord

Christian Life

Martin Sexton - Set in Stone

Martin Sexton’s latest record is called Mixtape of the Open Road.

Check it out here.

Below you’ll find track 4 from that album, titled ”Set in Stone”.   36 fler ord

Good Music

Travel Thursday: A Quick Recap of the Weekend

I always thought the best definition of serendipity was one used on the Max Headroom TV series: “Digging for worms and striking oil.”
But here’s an even better one: “Serendipity means looking for a needle in a haystack and finding the farmer’s daughter.” 993 fler ord


Lay Low: Talking About the Weather [finally out worldwide from now]

Lay Low’s latest album, Talking About the Weather, was released 2013. I tried to find it (from Sweden) on iTunes etc. but it seemed impossible – not there. So, this is great news:


Essential Vinyl: Ramsay Midwood - Larry Buys A Lighter (2011)

Ramsay Midwood – Larry Buys A Lighter
Farmwire Music (2011)

Texas based singer-songwriter Ramsay Midwood is virtually unknown outside of Austin. Despite how painfully slept-on his music is, Midwood actually has three full-length albums, each more impressive than the last. 673 fler ord


Ben Williams - 'Who Do You Think You Are?' [Review]

Although singer-songwriters are a dime a dozen-to-the-power-of-X, Ben Williams is an exceptional talent. A decorated sessioneer with a spectacular CV (including gigs with 193 fler ord