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Love Chases After Me- Mindy Smith

”I don’t know why I fought against it…” –Love Chases After Me, Mindy Smith


Life Update: booking gigs, getting sick, & prepping for Christmas!

I can’t remember the last time I was sick – that’s how infrequently it happens. But here I am, sitting in my bed at noon on a Wednesday, when I would normally be at work, trying to make this day at least semi-productive, despite my achy muscle and swollen throat. 582 fler ord

Coffee Talk

Eminem’s second single ‘Untouchable’ from up-coming album Revival

Eminem is notoriously famous for his controversial music, first for being a white rapper and now for addressing issues most people would prefer not to acknowledge. 821 fler ord


Mac DeMarco performs "One Another" on Colbert: Watch

Mac DeMarco and his toothy grin served as musical guest on Stephen Colbert’s Late Show last night. Joined by house band Jon Batiste and Stay Human… 132 fler ord


Concert Review: Maria Mena - Home For Christmas at Paradiso, Amsterdam

Scroll naar beneden voor Nederlands.

Maria Mena treats Dutch fans to early Christmas presents in Paradiso
It is about 13 years ago that Maria Mena had her first international success and The Netherlands have always played a significant part in this. 1 245 fler ord


Breathless - Nick Cave and the Bad Seeds

What, not *more* Nick Cave? Well yes, and what of it!


I’ve actually had this one sat around for a while now, from when I did the previous batch of Cave songs, but just hadn’t got round to posting it. 294 fler ord