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New Music: Caught Up In A Dream

Caught Up In A Dream is the musical project of singer / songwriter Dylan Bowers after deciding on an alternative path to college and encountering the trials and tribulations that life can deliver. 129 fler ord

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Bat Kinane releases a new album 'The Hills Above The Valley' in November

Here is a preview of the new album from Bat Kinane, ”The Hills above the Valley”, ten songs about Ballyknockan. Out in November 2015. 11 fler ord

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Real Estate's Martin Courtney unveils new solo song "Airport Bar" -- listen

Later this month, Martin Courtney, vocalist/guitarist for Real Estate, will release his solo debut. Titled Many Moons, the 10-track effort is said to recall the Kinks and Big Star and document ”Courtney’s transition into family life and fatherhood.” Already we’ve heard a pair of cuts in… 79 fler ord

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 Artwork by @mystupidsketchbook

WHO is he?
“I’m Lewis, a singer/storyteller from Ware, Hertfordshire. It all started aged 6, banging headrests in the back of the car – some kids had tv’s, I had Phil Collins! 386 fler ord


New Music: Valerio Lysander

Small beginnings near Rome eventually led singer/songwriter Valerio Lysander to move to London in 2013 and release his first EP, Tidal Mental Head.

Going beyond the impressive cover artwork from Martina D’Anastasio, Tidal Mental Head blends folk and indie pop, with the quirky and world-fused sounds combining with arresting vocals on… 75 fler ord

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Jesse Malin - Outsiders

Hi. The new album by rock singer-songwriter Jesse Malin is a very recent addition to Spotify. Enjoy!

Jesse Malin – Outsiders