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Beni Sevmiyorsun Ki 

Artist: Yeni Nostalji

Place: Turkey


Christina Marie, lead singer of Yeni Nostalji, is an American of European and Lebanese descent. She is self taught in the art of Turkish song, approaching it with a dedicated and sentimental passion. 130 fler ord

Tony Joe White - Rain Crow

Hello again friends. The new album by veteran singer-songwriter Tony Joe White arrived three days ago. Enjoy!

Tony Joe White – Rain Crow


The Mixed-Tape | Saramai - Hanging Around

In this week’s addition of TLMT’s song-of-the-week feature The Mixed-Tape we turn our attention to the Saramai and their new single ‘Hanging Around’.

A bare-boned offering from Saramai, ‘Hanging Around’ is rough around the edges but big on feeling. 86 fler ord


MQA = Master Quality Authenticated.

Maybe you don’t keep up on this stuff. I don’t always either…But MQA has been something gnawing at my good sound quality curiosity for awhile now. 730 fler ord

Art Of Listening

Video Vault - Bat For Lashes

She’s back with her new album next week and the video for new track ”Sunday Love” came out Friday. It feels similar to ”Daniel” to me in the verses, but I like that she’s returning to a more darker and melodic tone like her first two albums. 24 fler ord


Whistle Down The Wind - Nick Heyward

Nick Heyward is one of those classic instances of a songwriter who the public won’t let grow up.


First shooting to prominence in the early 1980s with his band Haircut 100, Heyward took some of the hip sounds of the time (the jangly guitars of Orange Juice, the white-boy funk that was everywhere at the time), added a melodic pop sensibility, and cleaned up with some classic singles (Favourite Shirts, Love Plus One, Fantastic Day, Nobody’s Fool). 274 fler ord


Lightning Bolt - Jake Bugg

If his first album, and this song in particular, are anything to go by, Jake Bugg has (a) an old head on young shoulders, and (b) was born 50 years too late. 292 fler ord