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Jess Thristan wants us to 'Live on Love' - lovely new EP and video

Following a great 2014 which saw her acoustic session featured as an end of year highlight on the Claire Balding show (BBC Radio 2), UK singer-songwriter Jess Thristan is hoping to continue her progress this year. 128 fler ord


New Music: Angéline Home EP

Home is the debut EP from London based,  French singer-songwriter Angéline.

Citing a range of influences across blues, funk, soul and pop ballads, including the likes of Gérald de Palmas, Adele, Charlie Winston, Sheryl Crow, Ben Harper and KT Tunstall, Angéline manages to cover all of these in one way or another on the EP. 99 fler ord

Hear It

Top 5 Gillian Welch Songs

by Noah Kucij
Call it acoustic roots-rock or slowgrass or modern folk, but the music of Gillian Welch (pronounced like the gills on a fish, as… 731 fler ord


the first day of the rest of my life

Hello, wordpress world. My name is Jordan or Elizabeth depending on who you ask. For the sake of this blog, just call me Ellie. Why? Because this is the start of a new life for me. 244 fler ord


Music Monday - 6/29/15 | Empty by Ray LaMontagne.

This week I chose to share Empty by Ray LaMontagne.  Now, I could have chosen dozens of other brilliant songs this man has recorded, and I am sure many of them will pop up on here over time, but I wanted to start with my favorite.   246 fler ord



Today’s tip comes from mono-monikered self-confessed “piano woman” Frances. Taken from her forthcoming eponymous EP, ‘Grow’ is a delicate and heartfelt ballad which showcases her perfectly-intonated voice and elegant way with a handful of keys. 86 fler ord


Eddie Gomez - Catch Me If You Can (Bad Man)

Eddie Gomez is a singer-songwriter originally from Portland, Oregon, currently based in Los Angeles. So far, he has an EP and a couple singles to his name, but no full-length record yet. 113 fler ord

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