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Candythief recommends-my top new music tips. William D Drake, Revere Reach.

 Edinburgh’s not exactly ‘hotting up’, as we have had a very damp and unprepossessing summer. But the festival circus is about to hit town, posters are going up, the unique festival aroma of stale beer, glitter, popcorn and rain will soon be perfuming the air of Auld Reekie; and I have the next tidbit of choice underground music for you. 416 fler ord

Mac DeMarco - Another One

Good morning. The solid new mini-album by singer-songwriter Mac DeMarco is a very recent addition to Spotify. Enjoy!

Mac DeMarco – Another One


Saturday Music Interlude -- Lera Lynn performing "Lying in The Sun" and "My Least Favorite Life"

Lera Lynn is a singer-songwriter who is presently out of Nashville.  According to her short bio she was born in Houston, Texas, but raised in Georgia.  144 fler ord


AURORA - " Running With The Wolves "


‘Running With The Wolves’ EP features six mesmerising tracks from Aurora, released on 10″ vinyl. Icy, electronic beats are juxtaposed with Aurora’s soaring, captivating vocal delivery which fully confirm that the hype already behind her is completely justified. 66 fler ord


Sufjan Stevens, "Fourth of July"

My favorite album of the year is Carrie & Lowell. It’s such a beautifully bittersweet and personal album from Sufjan Stevens. This song is about his mom’s passing. 6 fler ord


#35 P J Harvey - Send His Love To Me

Why? I’ve got this far and realised that I’ve still not included loads of my very favourite artists, and Polly Jean is definitely one of my very favourites. 146 fler ord