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Earth Day 2018 - Blue Planet

Happy Earth Day 2018. It’s the 20-yr. anniversary of my ”Blue Planet” release on disc. I am giving it to you free today 4-22-2018 as an MQA master you can play on any player or smartphone. 82 fler ord

Art Of Listening

Rest day. Saturday.

Rest days are important, and I need to keep reminding myself of this. I do not have a balance in this aspect of my life. I do not look after myself I suppose. 100 fler ord

Things And Stuff

Spontaneous Looping Session #1

I think I just started something new.  Well, it’s new for me.  Anyway . . .

I sat down in my studio and played around this afternoon.  184 fler ord

Introducing... David Hopkins #RecordStoreDay

Our final artist to showcase today as part of our #RecordStoreDay ten new artists to share is David Hopkins. He has been in music for a very long time as part of bands Lir and Bombay Heavy as well as working with The Who and Damien Rice. 79 fler ord


Arkansas-raised Singer/Songwriter, Dave Daniel Brings Us Bluesy-Folk Song "Hey Lady"

Dave Daniel is a singer-songwriter from Arkansas who combines elements of blues, bluegrass, folk, and soul in his beautiful songs. He’s voice is smooth and soulful and greatly compliments his melodic electric guitar blues riffs. 124 fler ord


Saturday Song: Better With You by Jesse McCartney

Happy Saturday!

We are so close to the end of April, which is insane, because I still have so many things that need to happen before the end of the month, but also exciting because things get a little less crazy once May hits. 110 fler ord