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New Japanese Vibes (77) – やなせなな Yanase Nana タロー ‘Taro’

やなせなな Yanase Nana’s new track タロー ‘Taro’ is a luxurious wade into a charming classic soft-rock ballad vibe. Since her debut 12 years ago, the Nara-born singer-songwriter has captured the hearts of many generations. 62 fler ord


Music Review: Yellow Sofa Project by York

A room, a yellow sofa, and an expanse of piano keys: these are the primary tools that York, also known as 19-year-old Victoria Parrish, used to craft her just-released debut EP,  945 fler ord

New single called "Believe" to be released next week!

A new song from Steph Morin will be released next week!

You’ll have to wait ’till next Friday to hear ”Believe”, a country-rock ballad that will be a great smooth song to listen to during fall. 31 fler ord

Last Train

Stream: Chicago CoSign avant-pop artist Oshwa's new album I We You Me

Photo by Se Collier

When we CoSigned Oshwa last month, we could barely find words to describe the avant-pop artist who came up in Chicago’s DIY scene but has since launched into a stratosphere of songwriting all her own. 138 fler ord