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How to Make a Heart Explode: A Conversation with Regina Spektor

Photo by Shervin Lainez

Regina Spektor has a giggle that could pop a balloon, so sharp is its sweetness. She bares herself to the world with a demeanor that makes you wonder if she cleans her house with the help of woodland creatures — yes, the Disney-animated variety, the tiny technicolor robins and blue jays whizzing around her springy curls while she paints pictures with the tips of her fingers. 2 956 fler ord

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MONDO COSMO - " Shine "

If you’re struggling to get motivated this morning, then Philadelphia-born, Los Angeles-based musician Joshua Ostrander aka Mondo Cozmo has the perfect song for you. 58 fler ord

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Interesting facts about the Denver Folk Singer Exzavier Whitley 

For being a Folk Artist, and from Denver it’s quite unusual around to hear anyone having celebrity connections to Hollywood. He even has hsome members of his family are highly successful in the Hollywood limelight! 123 fler ord

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Andrew Bird and Fiona Apple link up for cozy living room set -- watch

When musicians want a more intimate live setting, they often book a gig at their local club or dive bar. For Andrew Bird, however, he sets up shop in his very own living room. 162 fler ord


september 2016

Guess who’s back, back again. Playlist’s back, tell your friends.

Well, what a month this has been. From Brangelina splitting to Robbie Williams announcing a new album. 638 fler ord



Say you’d stay and never go away
And don’t point fingers
Say you’d wait and always understand
And don’t be stingy
With the tenderness
Sweet kisses and hugs… 34 fler ord

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Monday Music Vol. 6 | Music To Look Out For

I was alarmed with the sad news of Arnold Palmer yesterday evening — I didn’t have an emotional connection to him, but I love his drink. 459 fler ord