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Sun Kil Moon goes electric on new song "Ali/Spinks 2" -- listen

Sun Kil Moon (aka Mark Kozelek) has shared a new track from his forthcoming studio LP, Universal Themes. Like much of Kozelek’s material, ”Ali/Spinks 2″ is a seemingly meandering stream of consciousness, though here the music takes on some new shades. 91 fler ord


Listen: Sun Kil Moon - Ali/Spanks 2

Mark Kozelek AKA Sun Kil Moon is set to release a new album just one year after the release of his phenomenal album ‘Benji’ last year. 125 fler ord

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Listen: Laura Marling - I Feel Your Love

The follow-up to Laura Marling’s critically acclaimed 2013 album ‘Once I Was An Eagle’ is due out this month and she’s just released the third single to be taken from it. 54 fler ord

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Laura Marling shares new single "I Feel Your Love" -- listen

When encountering a song entitled ”I Feel Your Love”, it would be understandable to expect a gentle romance ballad extolling the joys and comfort of love. 172 fler ord

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"Home" by Gabrielle Aplin

Let’s talk about another British musician, Gabrielle Aplin.

She’s 22. She got her start by publishing acoustic cover videos on YouTube. She now writes her own original music. 136 fler ord

SECRETLY CANADIAN - " Songs Ohia " Full Unsung Special On Folkadelphia


Today is the 13th year anniversary of the album by Songs Ohia ‘Didn’t It Rain’

Last night WXPN in Philadelphia aired the first of it’s… 69 fler ord