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Sondre Lerche reveals new song "I'm Always Watching You Too" -- listen

Photo by Marius Hauge

Sondre Lerche unveiled a breezy, sun-kissed single called ”I’m Always Watching You” in October. This week, he’s returned with a fresh, re-recorded version of the voyeuristic cut. 305 fler ord

New Music

Mark L. Oakes releases debut 'Call Me The Moon'

Inspired by the likes of Neil Young, Ryan Adams and Tucker Zimmerman, Belgian singer-songwriter Mark L. Oakes releases the ideal soundtrack for a karmic road trip with debut album ‘Call Me The Moon’. 68 fler ord


Emilie Autumn

Why should I wake when I’m half past dead? ― Emilie Autumn

American Culture

NEIL YOUNG - " Peace Trail "

Neil Young has shared a new song ”Peace Trail,” the title track off the rocker’s upcoming 38th studio album due out December 9th.
”The world is full of changes/ Sometimes these changes make me sound,” … 282 fler ord


Luke De-Sciscio - Gossamer Rose

It’s time to lower the lights, crack out a big box of Maltesers and cuddle up to those closest to you because things are bordering on the unimaginably emotional as I’ve accidentally put the brilliant new album from  264 fler ord


Album preview!

It’s been forever since I updated this little blog of mine… I’ve been busy with orchestra work and moving into our new flat. But now something exciting is happening again on the album front, so definitely share-worthy: the first mixes of my album are in! 76 fler ord

JULIEN BAKER - " Sprained Ankle " Best Albums Of 2015

Julien Baker is only 20 years old, but the songs on ”Sprained Ankle” sound like the stories of someone who has lived hundreds of lives before this one, which is to say: It’s an impossibly sad album. 184 fler ord