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Weekly Roundup for July Twenty-Fifth / nostalgia just ain't what it used to be

On this week’s Monday Morning Tape….

… we’ll start with a great acoustic performance from one of Canada’s finest singer-songwriters, then see what the East Coast urbanites are up to (twice), check in with Ireland’s favorite bard, and finish back on the West Coast with some summer driving music. 275 fler ord


#MusicMonday feat. Kai Tsang

Since I’m a veritable music-enthusiast, I’d been considering writing a series on artists I love for a while, but never did at the risk of sounding pretentious. 1 049 fler ord


Guitar Vlog 1 - Why I Only Play 1 Guitar

My first Guitar Vlog Video:

A topic not much talked about but that’s made a big difference to my guitar playing…

Sun Kil Moon and Jesu throw shade at Michael Jackson on new song "He's Bad" -- listen

Sun Kil Moon: One minute he’s sharing a lovely new song, the next he’s dancing on Michael Jackson’s grave.

Following last week’s delicate gem  230 fler ord


Ryan Adams did Bluegrass covers of Slayer and Black Sabbath at Newport Folk Fest -- watch

Photo by David Brendan Hall

Last summer, Ryan Adams famously stripped the pop gloss off 1989, rendering Taylor Swift’s saccharine radio jams as pastoral, tear-streaked reflections. 147 fler ord


Song of the Day: Ed Struijlaart - Gold

Ed Struijlaart ready for Olympics with new single ‘Gold’
Ed Struijlaart has been rather busy over the past few months working on new music. The Dutch singer-songwriter just launched… 197 fler ord

Single Reviews

Melissa Horn Sings About Her Life At Sukkerbiten In Oslo

Melissa Horn is one of the most gifted Swedish artists. She is a singer songwriter who started out with her first album 21 years old in 2008. 321 fler ord