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S.I.W (Part 2) - The New Rules

A long time ago, I wrote a post called S.I.W standing for Strong Independent Women.

The past few weeks/ months I’ve tried to be the strongest most independent woman I could ever be. 883 fler ord

Positive Thinking

The Tragic Life of Lauren Gillett - A New Chapter

It’s been a while hasn’t it? 7 months and 1 day to be exact.

One thing you’ll realise, and what I should be honest about (as I always have been) with Stop The World is, I will write when I am feeling well enough to write.  565 fler ord

Positive Thinking

Signal and Power Integrity Analysis of DDR4 Address Bus

In this paper, a unique technical approach is presented to accurately analyze and optimize the address bus of an onboard DDR4 memory module by taking power plane induced noise and thermal effect simultaneously in the analysis. 162 fler ord

Signal/Power Integrity

State of the Union

So just minutes ago, I randomly happened to see a post on Instagram with pink plastic reusable-but-also-disposable cups for — I am assuming — a bachelorette party (???) that say, “Same penis forever.” Along with a diamond engagement ring clip art image. 105 fler ord

Red Pill

The Fruit of the Spirit (SIWU: Bible NT)

SIWU: Bible NT

Galatians (Ma Galatiase) 5:22-23

22 Ɣɛɛ Ɣaa Siwarã ne, ara wa nsɛ abɔrɛ i sɛ̃ kɔrɛ nɖe kuɖɔɛ, isoɣɔ, isobuɛ, ɔtu ɣɔa, kayiribielea, ara sɛɛ ibara, ara ibara i ɔri iso, 14 fler ord


The Armor of God (SIWU: Bible NT)

SIWU: Bible NT

Ephesians (Ma Efesose) 6:10-18

10 Kawirikɔ̃ ne, mawe ɔle i Bosate gu ɔ̃ ɔle siare ame.

11 Misu akpakpɛ̃ra wa ɔɖuɖu i Ɣaa ɔtã mi mipia sɔ miawo ɔta ɔya i Tsirise kasusu nyanyarĩa iso. 194 fler ord