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While I was waiting for an important phone call, I walked up to a friends the other day. He has a cell phone booster and I needed to get the call. 315 fler ord

Dear Diary


I didn’t notice when the word appeared. One day I was looking at the abandoned house across the street, as I often do when I pause at my window, and something about the red paint impinged on my conscious mind. 810 fler ord

Spam and I don't mean the meaty kind...

I thought that I would pace myself a bit by only writing two posts a month. But first, I’d like to address an email I received from a rather confused but highly libidinous young woman by the name of Tatyana. 248 fler ord

#Mumbag TopTrumps - Number 4

She sings, she dances, she covers the world in glitter.  But what’s in the bag? The most glamorous woman I know has let me have a sneaky peek … 269 fler ord

Mum Bags

it is what it is

Trumpf is ”presumptive.”


Madame Clinton could have been ”presumptive” however, she is Killary Clinton and so there you go.

Be sure to keep your arms and legs inside the ride all the way to November 2016. 13 fler ord

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