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Fact your average baby boomer is a hep c carring piece of shit! 

Like in bc all of them are hep c loving loosers! Baby boomers go around tradeing their stds sluts like mama kind wrote a book about how its cool to trade em! 15 fler ord

Calling a Woman a "Skank": The Spectacular Spider-Man

Although never directly stated, an important subject in The Spectacular Spider-Man Vol. 2 No. 16 is whether or not a woman should dress modestly in public.1 The Insect Queen wears revealing clothing: a low-cut black dress that exposes more than half of her breasts.2 In response, Spider-Man calls her a “skank.”3 One theme in the story is that if a woman wears clothing that violates public standards of modesty, people have the right to call her a stigmatizing name. 580 fler ord


The Girl Code

Why are women so desperate in Second Life?  What happened to friendships, loyalty and the Girl Code?  If you need a refresher, check this page… 246 fler ord



That night,there was a nasty commotion at our apartment . ”Oh,my god!! I’m not stayin’ here anymore! It’s too squeaky clean now,like a hospital! Doesn’t feel like home anymore! 98 fler ord

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Gentleman or Slob? Lady or Skank?

Manners Maketh the Man, (and Woman).

With Christmas festivities in full swing, some of us are going to have to go out and about to meet a lot of people we don’t normally mix with.   578 fler ord

Personal Style

To all the ladies...

Dear women that choose to post photos on social media barely clothed…..

My husband may enjoy your photos, his friends as well. Hell I may even enjoy your photos, but is it really a good self portrayal of yourself? 403 fler ord

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