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#Mumbag TopTrumps - Number 4

She sings, she dances, she covers the world in glitter.  But what’s in the bag? The most glamorous woman I know has let me have a sneaky peek … 269 fler ord

Mum Bags

it is what it is

Trumpf is ”presumptive.”


Madame Clinton could have been ”presumptive” however, she is Killary Clinton and so there you go.

Be sure to keep your arms and legs inside the ride all the way to November 2016. 13 fler ord

Cranky Anarchy

2016-04-02 (Saturday)

Today, I learned that:

Last night, I took my son and his girl friend to an outdoor consert with Skank, one of Brazil’s leading rock band for a couple of decades, which you can see in full action in today’s header photo. 178 fler ord


Skank Cat

This is not our cat, she has one eye, is very old, and comes over when it’s a bank holiday (probably grand kids at her own house) Last winter she was nearly dead in front of our house so we brought her in and she stayed for a month. 25 fler ord


Entre Antônios e Samueis

[*Texto antigo, de 23/02/14, de dois anos atrás, encontrado em caderneta pessoal de anotações, rascunhos e devaneios, publicado pela primeira vez hoje, 27/02/16]

”Às vezes me pergunto se algum dia deixarei de me sentir um titã, com duas luas apoiadas em meus ombros, iluminando os destroços da minha última guerra. 89 fler ord


How I spent my Christmas...

More like:  ‘How my Christmas spent me…’  Never under-estimate a good Skank!  Cuz a Skank is a person in your neighbourhood, in your neighbourhood, in your neighbourhood!  397 fler ord

Behaviour And Conduct