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WTF? Swimsuit Edition

There is never a lack of interesting things to find on the AliExpress site. Lately alot of swimsuits have been showing up on my homepage. Some are trendy, some cute and some I wonder WTF motivated someone to make this monstrosity. 133 fler ord


Human beings are weird. I know I’m supposed to say that we’re ‘complex’ and ‘beautiful’ etc etc and we are, we really are, but I just spent my 7th annual weekend at Lovebox festival and on reflection, that was a lot of human beings in one place being pretty weird. 900 fler ord



July 18th 2015

Today I am angry. I am not usually a very emotive person, I rarely get gleefully happy, or tearfully sad. I tend to hide any emotions behind a wall of thinly veiled sarcasm and insult based humour. 710 fler ord

Reader's Letter 15

Q: Why are you so denigrating and pedantic towards womyn. We object to your tone, language and content. We are men and we stand by our womyn. 271 fler ord

Lethal Bizzle - Fester Skank Remix ft. Stormzy, Chip, Fuse ODG & Wretch 32 (Official Video)

Published on YouTube: Jul 2, 2015

Lethal Bizzle is back with the official remix of his massive single Fester Skank, Produced by Diztortion
Get it here: … 12 fler ord


One Man Makes A Stand

As realists and Sheepledog readers know the world is full of useless bitches who have bought into the ad pges in Cosmo. They like being patronized and the advertisement collecting pages like to oblige. 99 fler ord