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Life's Little Hiccups

We started our seeds for the vegetable garden last week. Mom showed me the seeds today and my friends, their efforts have been pitiful. We are growing cilantro, summer savoury, buttercup squash, Silvervine catnip and sunflowers. 279 fler ord

Summer Rae is a butter face.

Folks, has someone told Summer Rae she is beautiful or something? I feel like she thinks she has it and she doesn’t. 216 fler ord

People That Suck

Giuliana Rancic

(Inspired by a story from the LA Times)

I am so very sorry for the comments that I make

(although some women’s hair cannot be combed except by rake.) 118 fler ord


Mirror Mirror

Who in their right mind would ask if they are prettier than the person’s wife or partner!? To be compared against the person who the one they are asking is with!? 104 fler ord

I can not stand Olivia Munn.

I hate her. She’s gross. She’s ugly. She’s a skank. She sleeps with everyone. She thinks she is hot and people want her and the truth is, we don’t. 436 fler ord

People That Suck