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To all the ladies...

Dear women that choose to post photos on social media barely clothed…..

My husband may enjoy your photos, his friends as well. Hell I may even enjoy your photos, but is it really a good self portrayal of yourself? 403 fler ord

Basic Bish


Gold bitch everlasting peace

Words come down see itself and began

to come again and again. Blow me

Blow me

back against the wall begging for relief. 85 fler ord

Rädda dansbjörnarna!

Rädda dansbjörnarna! (Save the Dancing Bears).

Klicka här för att donera.


Sex, Makeup, and Ancient Egypt

… A weird mix I know.

I have, for sometime now, been working with self love to help heal a number of things, but one of the more recent problems I finally began to confront was the nature of my sexuality. 770 fler ord


Skank Slank

HAHAHAHAHAHAHA Jangan buat gila. Coco ”soo much of mix” and cakap pakai slanK, hoccay?

Slank Gua Niah (ada tweep kata lovang idung dia macam Gua Niah, ada hati nak ngaku ”soooo much of mix!” LMAO) with a tinge of Ulu Bongek merangkap council estate Dagenham East. 13 fler ord

Found On Twitter


If you foresee loneliness being present this thanksgiving I have an option that might brighten your spirits.

I call it #skanksgiving…

Here’s the jist of my situation. 721 fler ord


#Mumbag TopTrumps – Number 5

By day she looks after HR for one of London’s coolest ad agencies. Her #Mumbag is a sight for my very sore eyes.  If I stand near her enough, will some of her organisational skills rub off on me? 237 fler ord