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Weird wanderings in Stockholm

I know I’m extremely behind on this post, and I apologize. Life has been a little crazy the last two months finishing up the term and preparing for exams and essays. 890 fler ord

Sharp light

We had winter weather again the other night. Snow in the shape of tiny ice crystals covered the ground Saturday morning, intensely reflecting the sunlight. I went for a cold walk on… 7 fler ord


WPC: Scale

These pictures, taken only few days after the winter solstice, show a part of the famous Skogskyrkogården/ the Woodland Cemetery where I often go walking. There was frost in the grass, but the setting sun made the colors look warmer. 40 fler ord


All Saints Day - Skogskyrkogården

Today is All Saints Day and we visited Skogskyrkogården which is a cemetery in Stockholm and also inscribed on UNESCO’s World Heritage List.

I found this a very moving, beautiful sight.

J x


Första bilduppgifterna

Just nu har vi en kurs i digitalt foto med Göran Segeholm en gång i veckan. Första veckan fick vi en läxa, vi skulle ta ett foto med rubriken ”Aldrig i livet att jag låter dem vinna” och ett med rubriken ”Här kopplar jag av och laddar batterierna” (i närheten av där man bor). 94 fler ord


Travel: 5 free things to do in expensive Stockholm

STOCKHOLM, Sweden – There’s no shortage of ways to spend your money in Stockholm, one of Europe’s most expensive cities.

A dinner or even just a drink can set you back more than you expected. 686 fler ord