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Rosalyn Freya Hynes welcome to the World

Two weeks overdue and we’d tried everything in the Old Wives Tales Handbook, curry, long walks, pineapple, champagne, the lot.

We even tried completely random things, like a visit to Stockholm’s World Heritage Site graveyard, Skogskyrkogarden ( 1 563 fler ord

Expat In Sweden

The Woodland Cemetery

The Woodland Cemetery, called ”Skogskyrkogården” in Swedish, is a cemetery located in the south of central Stockholm. Its design, by Gunnar Asplund and Sigurd Lewerentz, reflects the development of architecture from Nordic Classicism to mature functionalism. 31 fler ord

Weird wanderings in Stockholm

I know I’m extremely behind on this post, and I apologize. Life has been a little crazy the last two months finishing up the term and preparing for exams and essays. 890 fler ord

Sharp light

We had winter weather again the other night. Snow in the shape of tiny ice crystals covered the ground Saturday morning, intensely reflecting the sunlight. I went for a cold walk on… 7 fler ord