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2017 starts today

My 2017 starts today. Been slacking away since 2016 ;) Let me share a joke:
Nils woke up with a sore throat today and when he said: 246 fler ord


Cemetery secrets

Just a few weeks ago, before October came to an end, we decided to visit Skogskyrkogården. Built in the first part of the twentieth century, this graveyard south of Stockholm is now a world heritage, and we have never been there. 177 fler ord


all hallows' day - the swedish version

In Sweden we have never really been that into all this Halloween stuff until it became popular because of American culture.

However, we have been celebrating All Hallows’ Day since the 700’s. 337 fler ord


Not your typical Saturday afternoon / Alla helgons dag

Saturday 5pm, drinking a cup of tea in my PJs and staring through my bedroom window. The street lights have already been on for an hour, casting light on the snow, causing it to glitter. 371 fler ord

Life In Sweden


Many people know Sweden for its famous exports, most notably IKEA and Saab. Perhaps you’ve also heard of Sweden’s penchant for hanging pennants and its simple modern style, if you know a little more about Scandinavian design. 976 fler ord

Paris & Stockholm

My ride through the Woodland Cemetery, Stockholm, 2013

I used to live just a few minutes away from the beautiful Woodland Cemetery and in 2013 I took my bike and my camera and filmed parts of the enormous cemetery . 54 fler ord