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Basic Shredded Chicken

You know how every recipe calls for basic cooked or shredded chicken? I never remember that until I’m mid-recipe and then it’s like ”WHAT? NOW I HAVE TO COOK THE CHICKEN?!” and then we eat dinner at midnight because I didn’t plan ahead. 384 fler ord


Slow Cooked Lamb in Red Wine

Slow cooked Lamb in Red Wine – A great time saver that can be made ahead and ideal for the slow cooker.

I’m really big into recipes that are real time savers, and this is no exception. 427 fler ord


Slow cooker recipes for holidays with kids

After my last post I had a few requests for a list of slow cooker recipes that I use. I have only put my holiday ones down as these are good ones that don’t require lots of dry ingredients, so you don’t need to take extras away with you or buy things whilst you are away and then only need 1 teaspoon and then waste the rest. 695 fler ord


Italian Beef Sandwiches (Slowcooked)

It’s playoff season! That means friends gathering together to watch the game, eat food and drink beer. I like to make something simple and tasty for my game day eats, that way there is time to enjoy they game and not spend the whole time in the kitchen. 237 fler ord

Homemade Kebab and Pizza Takeaway

As you have gathered by now we love having guests over and we also love to do themed food nights and so when we had guests over this week we decided to make kebabs and pizza. 521 fler ord

Slow Cooker Korean Beef BBQ

I can’t believe it’s already April! Turns out, teaching 7th graders takes up a lot more time {and energy} than I initially anticipated, so… 284 fler ord