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Tibeet: Jewish-Iraqi Chicken Dish

Waking up to this dish Saturday morning was confusing. Was I still dreaming? Could the delicious smells coming from our kitchen be real life?  Thankfully, I was awake and it was real! 306 fler ord


Slowcooker Pulled Pork

By: Corinne

I have a busy life. One of the ways I manage cooking is just recognizing that sometimes I’m not going to have a lot of time to put something together for supper. 665 fler ord

Apple Pork Roast Slow Cooker Recipe

This was the day that Mrs. C said that since she’ll be the one that’s quite probably working in the near future, we have to make sure that nobody within our family starves or that their teeth suddenly fall out all at once. 984 fler ord


Slow Cooker Black Bean Soup & Chocolate Banana Bread!

Vegan Slow Cooker Black Bean Soup from Making Thyme For Health

So, today I think was a good day. I woke up and had Quaker Oatmeal with brown sugar. 252 fler ord


Slow Cooker Chicken Stock

This was the first time I have made my own stock. Up until this point I had thought it wasn’t worth the time and effort required.  1 001 fler ord