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Beef Cheek

Cold nights slow-cooked meals fill and warm you up.. Secondary meats are ideal and very affordable for slowcooker meals. I cooked with Beef Cheek for the first time.. 210 fler ord

Budget Cooking

TIG and a lot of smooshed fruit

A day in the life of Taylor:

When living in Grenada things often break down or never quit end up how you planned. It’s island life and the people here have a care free attitude so it is easiest if you act this way as well.   938 fler ord

3 Prep-Ahead Recipes

Isn’t that the best kind? Sometimes I have days where I would rather lick the hot burner then actually spend time cooking. It’s such a relief to prepare that complicated sauce ahead of time or actually remember to marinate the meat the night before. 468 fler ord


Thai One On: Red Thai Curry Pork

I think it’s pretty much required when you have a cooking blog that you refer to a Thai recipe with that ”Thai one on” pun at some point. 844 fler ord

Recipe Included

Slow Cooker Beef Bolognese

Possibly the worst picture of a meal I will ever post but this is an awesome slow cooker bolognese.  So tasty and easy.  I regularly make this as a weekly prep meal as it freezes well and makes a great lunch or evening meal served with steamed broccoli or more traditionally pasta if you like your carbs. 93 fler ord


Slow Cooker Italian Chicken

Sharing a quick and yummy recipe for all you busy moms! This dish is a big hit in my house and is SO easy!

What you need: 70 fler ord

Chicken meatballs in the slow cooker

Oh man, did these ever smell good when I walked in the door for dinner yesterday!

That is one of the best qualities of a slow cooker, the wafting aroma of a delicious dinner waiting for you to just sit down and enjoy. 347 fler ord

Dinner Ideas