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Veggie Joe's

This is just as good as the original, but vegan and healthy. Serve with buns or over brown rice.


1 1/2 cups lentils

2 cups brown rice… 79 fler ord

Slow Cooker Buffalo Chicken Wraps

I work overnight part-time so I’m not always able to cook for my family (I need to sleep sometime, okay?)  My husband picks up the slack for me on the weekends.  308 fler ord


Monday Red Beans and Rice

Hi Everyone!  I’m back this week with some great classic New Orleans recipes. I have always loved traditional New Orleans recipes but I have yet to cook a single meal. 421 fler ord


Chicken Stew

In the winter time especially, I love a good stew. I was doing this exact recipe but with stewing beef and beef stock instead of chicken breast and chicken stock. 511 fler ord

Food & Nutrition

What's Cooking, slowwwwwwwly!

Slow Cooker Beef Stew

Eight hours to be exact. But worth every minute which gives you 480 minutes to take in the aroma of sautéed beef chuck roast in a brew of paprika, red wine, beef broth, fresh thyme, onions, white potatoes, carrots and cremini mushrooms. 391 fler ord


Stretching a whole chicken

So yesterday morning I put a whole chicken in my crockpot to cook (side note: season your chicken with a packet of Italian dressing mix yum!) it wasn’t finished cooking by dinner time so I let it cool and stuck it in the fridge overnight. 148 fler ord

Saturday Chores And Easter Fudge Recipe

I’m not sure if my day is even interesting enough to make a blog post from! The day was pretty much spent at home doing silly home chores, I did make some easter fudge. 277 fler ord