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Photo of the week: Antipodes Island snipe

Today’s photo of the week is of an adult Antipodes Island snipe, a subspecies of the Subantarctic snipe endemic to the Antipodes Islands in the Southern Ocean. 83 fler ord

Photo Of The Week

Snipe in Haiku - Survey of Japanese Literature, cont.

The sparse language of haiku evokes so well the feeling of the snipe marsh.  Here is a mid century translation of ”kokoro naki…,” a poem in classical Japanese by Saigyō.   60 fler ord



It’s raining buckets this morning and I postponed a trip south to Buffalo Lake NWR that had been planned with my wife and one of our daughters. 40 fler ord


Snipe in Haiku - Survey of Japanese Literature

In my literary wanderings, seeking poems and prose that include reflections on the snipe, I have found there is a veritable cornucopia of haiku on the diminutive game bird.   82 fler ord


Wilson's Snipe

There’s been a small flock of Wilson’s Snipes at Spring Canyon for the last few weeks. They’re pretty shy and I’ve not gotten any good shots of them until yesterday. 134 fler ord


On the look out for breeding waders this spring

The third week in April will see a small number of nature enthusiasts getting up earlier than usual in search of signs that Lapwing, Redshank, Snipe and Curlew are breeding on the Levels and Moors again this year. 668 fler ord


RAF's 98th Birthday Display - Horse Guards Parade - 2 April 2016

To celebrate the ninety-eighth anniversary of the formation of the Royal Air Force three aircraft from the RAF Museum were positioned in front of the Admiralty Extension (often referred to as the Old Admiralty) on Horse Guards Parade. 75 fler ord