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Waders and Waterbirds

I took Monday off because I really wanted to do some birding this April. And the weather was just great. I went to the Klingnauer Stausee a very well known place to bird in the German part of Switzerland and not too far away from Zurich. 163 fler ord


Long Necks & Bills

Winter is still trying to hang on here in Newfoundland, and its icy grip was felt with a little fresh snow, ice and freezing rain during the first two days of April. 483 fler ord


THE SNIPE: An essay of personal history

by Dave Hanks

What is a Snipe? Is it a mammal? Is it a bird ? Just what is it ? And why did it cause a turning point in my life, a new awakening, you could say? 518 fler ord


This may just be the greatest snipe in Halo history

Who knew Halo even had the capability to process that ridiculous of a ricochet?


obsessive thoughts

I struggle with obsessive thoughts

I struggle with obsessions.
Not only thoughts about the ordinary about the body, appearance and the stereotypical things.
But essentially thoughts or feelings where I get killed, crushed, persecuted and hated. 291 fler ord