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Wild, Weird and Wonderful

Since my last blog, things have been very busy at Greenhillock so I have had to rely on our keen-eyed guests to report interesting wildlife finds. 323 fler ord

Bryan's Greenhillock Wildlife Blog

Summer Sights and Sounds

Last weekend, one of our camping guests spotted (and photographed) not one, but two, baby hedgehogs in the South Paddock meadow! This is great news as it proves that we have at least one resident breeding pair. 274 fler ord

Bryan's Greenhillock Wildlife Blog

Garden Snipe

For a couple of days we had brief sightings of a small bird scurrying in and out of the undergrowth at the edge of the garden. 31 fler ord

Good finds in Gustavus

A summertime walk through woods and meadows is almost always good—birds are singing, flowers are blooming, and there’s always nice fresh air. But sometimes all the little pleasures form a base on which rest some observations of particular interest. 909 fler ord

tennessee apple cake.


The arrival of fall takes me back to hunting for black walnuts. While people in Michigan hunt deer and pick apples, in Kansas, on the farm, we picked black walnuts and hunted Snipe.  904 fler ord

Monday Bird of the Week No.48 – Snipe

If you like your birds small, round, with an extravagant bill and beautiful plumage, then this weeks’ Monday Bird of the Week is for you. It is the Snipe. 218 fler ord


Foula: the present in the past

Foula has been less obviously affected by change than some other parts of Shetland, which probably makes human occupation hard but has benefits for wildlife. 115 fler ord