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Longbill and Teeter - Chapter 9

Longbill and Teeter

The Woodcock and the Spotted Sandpiper.

The Burgess Bird Book For Children


CHAPTER 9. Longbill and Teeter.

Listen to the story read. 1 881 fler ord

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28/03/18. Extraordinary sounds at Geltsdale this morning.

This morning I went early to Geltsdale, near Brampton (near Carlisle) to track down some Curlew.  I’ve made the trip several times in the past few weeks, but the weather has been poor and my timing hasn’t been right.   148 fler ord

Field Recording


Not being much of a one for endlessly sitting in a hide, serendipity has come to play a very large part in my wildlife watching. I’d much rather set out into a nature reserve without set plans of what I want to see than to stake out a particular location. 342 fler ord


There and back

On our way to, and on our way from, the Solway last month, we called at some prime birding locations. Among the delights around us were a host of Snipe feeding in reedy shallows. 47 fler ord


Nature Notes

Before the Snow.

Winter-spring holds fast at each end and see-saws. One morning, rain strikes the cold plough at 45 degrees, whilst hail big as garden peas comes down straight as a plumb line: conjoined snowflakes fly up and down through it all. 524 fler ord

A Snipe Fell Out of the Sky Today

Walking through the Rhombus Field today a snipe fell out of the sky and plummeted in to the ground right in front of me, its long beak embedded in the snow. 45 fler ord

Wilden Marsh Nature Reserve