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14th November 2014 - Go West for Waders

Day 2 of a long weekend of tours today and we made our way west along the North Norfolk coast this time. Yesterday’s forecast had suggested it would rain all day today, so we counted ourselves lucky that the morning was dry, if rather cold and windy. 1 832 fler ord

New house, new job, new painting!

Well, it’s been a while.

In the summer we moved house, back to the beautiful Lake District.  I started a new full time job, which meant not much time for painting. 97 fler ord

Silk Painting

A few birds on St Marys

In birding terms yesterday was rather a quiet day …. As a result we spent quite a lot of time photographing some obliging birds.

This is a curlew on Old Town Beach… 17 fler ord

Isles Of Scilly

In sight: mouse-free Antipodes Island

By Kath Walker, Science Advisor in Nelson.

We’re close to realising the dream of the Million Dollar Mouse project, which is to eradicate the furry pests from the… 352 fler ord

Animal Pests

Hearthstone Sniper

Snipe is a pretty bad card that isn’t really present in Constructed and rarely seen in the Arena. It’s notoriety as a bad card lends to it never being seen. 81 fler ord


Catching success!

To catch snipe, it really was a case of third time lucky.

After two previously unsuccessful attempts, where we learned a lot about snipe behaviour and even saw a couple bounce out the nets, and a lot of discussion with local experts, the catching crew assembled with a slightly new plan. 662 fler ord


Word of the Day: 10/5/15 - 10/9/15

Good morning and happy Monday. This week, Wordsmith will be featuring five words that are derived from birds; or, ”bird words.” Have a great week! 698 fler ord

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