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Over the past months, I have found a couple of excellent places to take the dogs for walks. An old disused quarry is one of the best. 298 fler ord


Shuttleworth Collection Edwardian Pageant - 6th August 2017

August 2017 saw the Shuttleworth Collection’s Edwardian Pageant return. After last years show was heavily effected by high winds this years show was highly anticipated with plenty of rare early aircraft, including an impressive WW1 line up and of course a chance to see the Edwardians in the sky. 1 060 fler ord

Airshow Reviews

Warbird Tails Turns Three

This week (18th September) marks the third anniversary of the first post going live on Warbird Tails. Almost 260 posts on I still thoroughly enjoy updating this site regularly with Warbird news, history and stories. 579 fler ord

Warbird Stories

Waders at Frampton Marsh

Last week, Bestbeloved and I went to the RSPB’s Frampton Marsh nature reserve in south Lincolnshire. The big advantage of going to places like this is that there are many birds and you get quite close to them in the several hides the RSPB provide. 120 fler ord


Learning to Start

Savasana is when the yoga practice begins. The physical activity prior is to get the body worn down so it wont interfere with meditation.

I take a lot of notes, most of them are specific to tuning different sailboats, venues raced at, and quotes I’ve heard from successful mentors or podcasts. 491 fler ord

Wild, Weird and Wonderful

Since my last blog, things have been very busy at Greenhillock so I have had to rely on our keen-eyed guests to report interesting wildlife finds. 323 fler ord

Bryan's Greenhillock Wildlife Blog

Summer Sights and Sounds

Last weekend, one of our camping guests spotted (and photographed) not one, but two, baby hedgehogs in the South Paddock meadow! This is great news as it proves that we have at least one resident breeding pair. 274 fler ord

Bryan's Greenhillock Wildlife Blog