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Flyway from Ireland to Iceland

There are thirty WaderTales blogs so far. Here’s a selection of ten that may appeal to birdwatchers in Ireland.

The Ireland to Iceland air link opens in February and does not close until well into May, as swans, geese, ducks, waders, gulls and passerines head north. 989 fler ord

Breeding Waders

Rider Club Radio Episode 107 - Self-Insert Fanfiction



This week on Rider Club Radio, Jeff and Liam write fanfiction for like an hour and a half! Enjoy listening to some typing noises! 38 fler ord


More Pictures from Dearne Valley

I couldn’t get all the pictures into one post, so here are some more from our day at Dearne Valley.

The first selection is gulls. Black Headed, Lesser Black Backed and Common Gulls. 144 fler ord

Nature Notes

Winter’s Spring.

The weather swings between seasons. Water fills ditches and rivers travel backwards; the River Lambourn’s source backs up to higher East Garston, where it is winterbourne. 447 fler ord

Spring air..

As they respond to the late winter sun, so adders depend heavily on their carefully chosen hibernacula. Desperately sluggish in the cold, a snake will only move a foot or two away from winter sanctuary to bask, and if the world has changed as it slept then it will have insufficient energy to move elsewhere. 434 fler ord

Nature Blog

Love Is Going Walking And Seeing A Lapwing

The Lapwing

Valentine Day 14 February 2017

This is my first ever Lino cut. I was inspired to portray a lapwing from my visit to Rainham Marshes this Sunday where we saw a whole load of them. 531 fler ord


… ditch-sneaker. A keyhole creeper picking the locks Of muddy tenements and teasing Frozen hearts into a timely thaw.

From ‘Snipe’, by Ross Gardner. 6 fler ord