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A blackbird piped up from a garden in the village yesterday afternoon. He wasn’t fully tuned, but it was still a sound to make me stop and smile. 364 fler ord

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Scottish Wader Woes

The latest report on Scotland’s terrestrial bird species, covering the period 1994-2016, does not make easy reading for wader lovers. All but one species is contributing negatively to the upland bird indicator, with declines of over 40% for breeding Lapwing, Curlew, Dotterel, Oystercatcher and Golden Plover. 705 fler ord

Breeding Waders

Sniping Away: 2017-18 Snipe Season

”Daddy, the snipe are gone.  Let’s go get some cheese sticks from Sonics!”

And so my 6 year old hunting partner unceremoniously verbalized what was clear after visiting my two best spots: the reverse migration had begun and my season was over. 356 fler ord


New images to the website

Here are a few recent images added to the new website. As always, your comments and feedback are welcomed! Click on any image for a larger version. 14 fler ord

Bad Workman...

I have never before pulled into the car park at West Bexington and found it completely empty. It clogs like fat in a drain during the summer, while out of season the wild weather will always lure somebody – drawn to the chaos of a storm driven sea. 587 fler ord

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Misty Otmoor

It was a quiet, misty day when I visited Otmoor today for a bit of birdwatching.

The RSPB had carried out some winter work, cutting the hedge on the track beside Moorleys. 265 fler ord


A week in birds

Best bird encounters of the week:

  • Pair of peregrines flying right over my head two days in a row
  • Spotting a kestrel using a lamppost as a viewing point…
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