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obsessive thoughts

I struggle with obsessive thoughts

I struggle with obsessions.
Not only thoughts about the ordinary about the body, appearance and the stereotypical things.
But essentially thoughts or feelings where I get killed, crushed, persecuted and hated. 291 fler ord

Day 2: Visiting the trenches of World War 1

Walking on, we found a recreation of a World War 1 trench system – from across the field, you couldn’t tell it was there. It was dug in deeply, lined with wood planks, and angled unpredictably, like a child’s play maze. 217 fler ord

Westward Trip

Bittern again

After almost a week with no reported sightings a bittern was finally seen (for just a few minutes typically!) to the left of Ivy North Hide by a couple of visitors  this afternoon. 585 fler ord

Snipe catching his dinner

Snipe photographed at Bowling Green Marsh, Topsham, near Excter. The bird had just probed down and caught a worm. 28 fler ord

Devon Birds

A trip to the Chathams

By Lou Sanson, DOC Director-General

Having visited our Chatham Islands offices with Minister Chris Finlayson (Minister of the Chathams), I was so impressed to experience the leadership and vibrancy of… 779 fler ord

Native Animals

Shooting at Soval House

It’s been a fantastic start to 2015 at Soval House. Despite the Isle of Lewis being the primary target for THAT weather bomb and being battered by the worst storms the island has seen for 10 years, our plucky guests would not be deterred and headed out in the gales for goose flighting, deerstalking and walked up woodcock. 190 fler ord

Country Life