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fighting snipe – one board at a time

For those who don’t know, snipe is a deeper than desired cut a wood planer sometimes makes at the leading and trailing end of a board as it passes through the planer.  1 038 fler ord


Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare - 7/10

Here we are again, yet another game added to the Call of Duty franchise.  Advanced Warfare attempts to breathe new life into the Call of Duty franchise by setting it in the future.  571 fler ord

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Hockey Basics Tee

The season might be ending, but that’s no excuse to slack off. Every player needs to know the basics, keep the rust off this offseason by remembering the simplest hockey skills. 10 fler ord

Late agricultural operations and the risk to nesting birds

Yesterday I was involved in a discussion on Twitter about farmers rolling grass fields at this time of year. I have a bee in my bonnet about this and have already written on my blog about the subject (Reduce buzzards by 80% and feed sparrowhawks turnips – August 17 2013, and The bad news and the good news – November 17 2013). 503 fler ord


In this mundane cubical of mine, captured like in cage this paper weight on my table is the only thing I can relate to in here. 889 fler ord

Short Story - Fiction

Snipe Hunt

”Snipe hunt” is a colloquialism for sending someone on, well, a wild goose chase – with much the same results. The phrase has led some people to believe that snipe are mythical beasts. 250 fler ord


The Snipe 24/04/2015

These Snipe were pictured again at Upton, I was quite lucky to get these pictures as they had been disturbed by the Lapwings that in turn had been disturbed by a hunting Marsh Harrier and went up to to fend it away from their patch and presumably nests.    11 fler ord

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