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A History of English Birds, Vol. VI, The Rev. F. O. Morris, B.A.,

I believe that those who are addicted to the pursuit of snipe become at some point amateur ornithologists.  Knowledge of snipe habits and habitat combined with history and literature are central to the sport, and as with other outdoor pursuits, are part of the core of being sportsmen. 354 fler ord


The Return to Ledro

I traveled to Italy on my own for the first time when i was just 12 yeas old. Some of my best memories where the times I spent at Lago di Ledro. 256 fler ord



God loves everyone. We as Christians are called to love who He loves, serve who He serves and go to the ends of the earth with His name. 372 fler ord


Snipe Hunting

My previous posts have been a bit heavy, and honestly, that isn’t me. I suppose the freedom of a blog that you’ve purposely designed for anyone but your friends and family to read can drive you to reveal a different side of yourself–one that doesn’t like to smile. 475 fler ord

CPO Snipe - Nigga For Life (Download)


New project from Snipe called Nigga For Life. It’s been awhile since i’ve heard from Snipe up until recently and found out he had a new mixtape. Yall check it out. #FreeBG


Photo of the week: Antipodes Island snipe

Today’s photo of the week is of an adult Antipodes Island snipe, a subspecies of the Subantarctic snipe endemic to the Antipodes Islands in the Southern Ocean. 83 fler ord

Photo Of The Week