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Looking at the candidates to defeat the nationalist currently holding office in D.C., one is bound to see some pretty wild characters and plots to overthrow the people of the United States. 569 fler ord


What Socialism Looks Like

Capitalism is a system that requires endless growth to sustain itself. The irony in America is that capitalism keeps growth concentrated at the very top, and starves the poor and laboring classes. 698 fler ord

Comparing Economic Theories of Value

By analyzing centuries of debate by the most influential economists of human history, this article explores the central philosophical dilemma of economics: from where does exchange value derive? 14 fler ord


Are You Sick of the Lies Yet?

“You are of your father the devil…When he speaks a lie, he speaks from his own resources, for he is a liar and the father of it.” 1 136 fler ord


A Big Head

On Saturday I made a trip to Chemnitz to visit a museum. I asked colleagues at work if there was anything else I should see while I was there. 338 fler ord



Dear Princess ‘Ishka,

Today I am going to talk about merit. The thesis I want to defend is that merit is not a criterion to make good laws and that meritocracy is, against wide-spread intuitions, ruinous as a political methodology. 1 340 fler ord


Lenin, Globalism and Babylon

This is worth your time: Leninthink.

I won’t tell you that this essay is right or wrong, but that will enlighten heart-led people. It puts in concrete terms what Lenin actually did. 286 fler ord