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Rizal and Socialism, Part 1

Originally published in mid 2011 in the Manila Times on the “Other View” column by Elmer Ordones

In the wake of recent conferences/lectures on Jose Rizal, one theme about Rizal is worth revisiting—his encounter with socialism in all its hues in Europe and how he used it in his novels. 486 fler ord

Philippine Radicalism

Vote Jeremy Corbyn to Save the UK in 2017!

Communists and Socialists quite rightly criticise and condemn the Labour Party for its history of co-operation with capitalism and the Bourgeois State. This is an appropriate dialectical approach designed to shake Labour out of its apathy, and guide it in a leftward direction. 303 fler ord

Leftwing Political Analysis


The Sick Man of Europe is a phrase that was first used to describe the waning Ottoman Empire. Since then, it has been applied to various European countries over the years suffering from political and economic dilapidation, whether it was Britain or, later, Germany. 235 fler ord


Jesus wasn't a Socialist

I have a problem with something I see quite often online. It wouldn’t even be all that big of a deal if it wasn’t presented, almost invariably, with the kind of arrogant dismissive tone that only someone with strong ideals, and few ideas can muster. 1 360 fler ord


Venezuela - how to collapse an economy in 5 easy lessons...

The collapse of national economies is common enough that I have to think it is either ”by design” by those who gain from it, or the human condition is just not able to restrain itself nor learn from the past very well. 1 391 fler ord

World Economics

The BRICS: A Hamstrung Alliance

The Great Recession of 2008 served as a reminder to the emerging markets to insulate their economies from the pitfalls of a global recession.

In response to this, four emerging markets Brazil, Russia, India, and China joined hands to form a coalition in 2009 called the BRIC. 623 fler ord


Review of "Trade Unions in the Green Economy"

I recently wrote up a short ~2-page review of Trade Unions in the Green Economy: Working for the Environment (2013) for the Environmental Unionist Caucus of the Industrial Workers of the World (IWW).   310 fler ord