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The Twilight of Socialism

Advocates of socialism slander capitalist society and more often than not preach the “eternity” and “finality” of socialism. But it is only festering and declining like a spent fire. 232 fler ord

Capitalism vs socialism

I finished this course a while back with the expectation that this is going to be an issue during the upcoming election and I should educate myself. 1 095 fler ord

Walkabout London - poor & white means disadvantage

Poor and white in London means disadvantage and no representation

I blog my views in brief articles I expect activists to challenge here and on social media. 791 fler ord

How a Catholic Should Vote in 2020.

This post is important. Like super important. I am not on here to talk about what candidate I support or who it is I am voting for, rather I am on here to make you think. 1 683 fler ord


Second 👋

We’ve known it for months. If you follow the real science you do too. Gah. What a world, what a country.

It’d be nice to have something positive to say. 664 fler ord


Bernouts: 50-day Marxist #WhiteHouseSiege fails on first day

Trigger Warning: Not Satire. Marxist social justice warriors ”laid siege” to the White House for exactly 1 minute, then fled and abandoned their Twitter account when some people did something. 400 fler ord

Washington DC

Election outcomes are illegal

All #election outcomes are illegal, because those votes have been bought with stolen money.

Roverheid/failed State