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Why? Why? Why? Do I Go On And On And On And On About Stuff?

In the UK general election of 1997 I, like so many people in the UK voted for Tony Blair. This happened, as it did for so many millions in this country, under the mistaken belief that he represented something better than the 15 years of conservative government which preceded him. 1 464 fler ord


It’s not because they are women, it’s because they are socialist harpies — Whale Oil Beef Hooked | Whaleoil Media

Hillary Clinton has had another cry-fest, this time in Australia, about how she lost because of misogyny. She is yet to look in the mirror for the person to blame for her loss, instead continuing to blame sexism and misogyny.

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Chavismo Will Be Socialist or It’ll Cease to Exist



The English in this sucked. I asked a friend with a facility in Spanish to help me ”crack the code”. She helped me to put this into order. 1 056 fler ord


Goodbye Mother Earth

Mother Earth is screaming because she is being bludgeoned, dragged, kidnapped, and murdered right before our collective eyes.  The sadness in her heart was created by the very children that she created and nurtured because they commit matricide with impunity.  488 fler ord

Social Commentary

.goody two shoes, size 12.5

”Autobiography is only to be trusted when it reveals something disgraceful.” ~ George Orwell

Me; I’m not a political person as such but I do find some kind of strange entertainment value in showbiz for the ugly ;Better known as politics. 192 fler ord