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Venezuela's Socialist-run 'truth commission' to investigate opposition

CARACAS (Reuters) – Opposition candidates running in Venezuela’s October gubernatorial elections will be investigated to make sure none were involved in violent political protests this year, the head of a new pro-government truth commission said on Wednesday.

First Political post: Eating Disorders

Eating disorders is such an important subject to me, as a woman I have faced certain stigma about my weight, looks and certainly I have societal expectations. 938 fler ord

First ever blog

I have never taken much interest in the world of blogging, I much prefer my newspapers and books to find out about the world around me. 206 fler ord

Reality Bubbles

Pundits would say that Americans have entered into an unprecedented age of cruelty and barbarism. This thought might be true within the subjective lived experience of many, but not even close in the context of history. 428 fler ord

Social Commentary

America's Train Crash in Progress. 

I’m not American. Probably I should thank someone other than God because I would be hypocritical. In any case we, the rest of the world are watching a America slowly slipping into a self inflicted coma of society decay. 277 fler ord


Communism- the place where dreams go to die. My experience. Part I


My articles as my readers would have learned until now, concentrate on political and social issues and I always try to give out facts, not personal opinions. 1 069 fler ord