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How to beat Trump at his own game!

Trump told the Democrats how to beat him in the 2020 election, but was they listening? He stood up there at his last rally and told them how to win the next election no matter how much Russia tries to mess with it. 546 fler ord

How easy to predict the future!

A Life in the Year of Jeremy Corbyn

Politics in the U.K. has become a real mess due to a complex mixture of factors including the Brexit Referendum, the rise of political correctness, gender politics, weaponisation of social media, welfare and health services over stretched, extreme polarisation of parties and demography. 361 fler ord


Two Free Speech Activists Released After 72 Hour Detention By British Authorities for "Incorrect Thoughts"...

I was waiting to see where this story went, and to hear first-hand from the two people arrested and detained in British prison for daring to want to interview Tommy Robinson, before coming to a conclusion.  374 fler ord

7 Minute Video - Excellent Argument Against Socialism - A Bad Idea & An Ineffective System.

Socialism Doesn’t Work – 7 Minutes.   This puts it together in a nutshell on a moral verses an efficiency approach.  Don’t steal – the government hates competition!! 36 fler ord

To the Cretins Who Think Socialism and Communism Are Good Ideas

It is becoming increasingly apparent that significant swathes of the American public, especially the young, are proponents of socialism and communism. Or at least what they believe socialism and communism to be, anyway. 1 528 fler ord

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The Ayn Rand of Food Storage

I find Heinz tins to be incredibly haughty. Beans, soups, even the interesting concoction known as Macaroni Cheese. Every time I try putting one in to my cupboard, it feels as if it’s sneering at me. 1 056 fler ord


Report: Socialist Politicians Want to Take an Hour from Every Single American

Look out Americans. The government is coming for your TIME. As the calendar flips from March 10 to March 11, all TAX-PAYING CITIZENS of this great country will have a whole hour of time ERASED. 146 fler ord