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A Game About Making A Socialist Society



Post Capitalism by Colestia is a short city-building and puzzle game about finding the weak links in capitalism and replacing them with alternatives in order to create a functional socialist society. 266 fler ord


Cuba and the Cameraman

Netflix Original Documentary

Cuba and the Cameraman


In the 20th Century, leftists around the world were rooting for Revolutionary Cuba.

Cuba was the best chance of having a classless, Socialist Utopia in the Western Hemisphere. 522 fler ord


Vote love.

This is and isn’t my one hundredth blog post.

There were hundreds more but I scrubbed that particular site as even though it had much more traffic, it felt soiled by events that had transpired. 752 fler ord


Why Jeremy Corbyn Should Be Proud to be a Called a 'Communist' (But Probably Isn't!)

Noel Gallagher’s latest outburst, might be a ploy to ‘mainstream’ Jeremy Corbyn’s Scientific Socialist tendencies. Noel Gallagher, in his youth, was well-known for his own ‘Communistic’ outbursts, and part of his fame stems from his distinctly ‘proletariat’ approach to handling the music industry that made him rich, and the media that made him famous. 397 fler ord

Leftwing Political Analysis

I can't stop laughing

I was surfing the web today when I bumped into this meme. This meme was so stupid I just couldn’t stop laughing. If this person is actually a news source (the name of the person who created the meme is GrassHopperNews), I wouldn’t trust any of the content that comes from it. 177 fler ord


How Did We Get Here?

I found Maria Gutzeit’s 28 November column “Watching the world burn” (link) to be very interesting and well-written. But I think her wish for a society free of partisan politics, though admirable and well-meant, is at its heart naïve and unrealistic. 655 fler ord

Debut Teaser For PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds Mobile For China



As previously reported, PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds is getting a mobile version in China.

Via website EAA!!, here’s the debut teaser:

Tencent, the game’s Chinese operator, … 60 fler ord