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Bernie Sanders Rape Essay

Many of us agree that Bernie Sanders is a nut. But a rape essay Sanders wrote in the ’70’s proves just how big of a weirdo Sanders is. 158 fler ord

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One of things that I don’t regret and often have to explain to people why I didn’t stay in London, is from the picture above. As a person who share the same ethnicity from the politicians shown above, I am supposed to be proud but rather that is one of the reason I said goodbye to Londonistan. 263 fler ord


Bernie's Hypocrisy On Wages BRUTALLY Exposed

V. Saxena reports hypocrite socialist Sen. Bernie Sanders reportedly earned more than $858,000 last year in royalties from two books touting his socialist vision for America. 94 fler ord

The Bread and Roses Poetry Competition

Hello and good day to all

Please find below my three poems as entries to your fabulously apt poetry competition. I am early, like all good boy scouts and I believe I have met the brief and provided verses true to the commoner, the common good and the music of poetry. 759 fler ord


Waving the White Flag of Surrender

On June 14th, my local Santa Clarita newspaper, The Signal, published a column by Steve Lunetta entitled “In search of elusive compromise”, in which he tries to rationalize his support for government-run healthcare by claiming that “compromises” could be made that would make it more palatable to conservatives. 421 fler ord

When in silence.. you join the oppressor

The topic for today: Slacktivism vs. Activism.

; Slacktivism

; Activism

WOW, am I glad we are talking about this. A few days before last class I was contemplating my digital presence on… 905 fler ord