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Let the euro go: Joseph Stiglitz

A Nobel prize-winning economist has said it is unsurprising that an anti-austerity figure such as Jeremy Corbyn has emerged as a contender for the Labour leadership. 207 fler ord


Bernie Sanders: Fifty Shades of Blue

Is he for real?

The answer is: who cares? Last night a Hillary Clinton supporter tweeted out that, ”Bernie Sanders supporters love to attack Hillary’s character but when shown the lack of diversity of Sanders supporters they quickly get angry” Which 1. 1 381 fler ord


Ezra Klein to Bernie Sanders -- "Tell me what it means to be a socialist"

Vox — When Sen. Bernie Sanders launched his presidential campaign, few treated it as a serious challenge to Hillary Clinton. Sanders, after all, isn’t even a Democrat: He’s a ”democratic socialist.” But his campaign struck a chord. 127 fler ord


Books and reading Q&A

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Theories of Race and Racism

Describe the last scene you read in as few words as possible… 835 fler ord


Yesterday's Communist Is Today's Progressive

The new American morning shadowed with trepidation; what new crisis will emerge wholly created by this administration that pits one group of Americans against each other? 1 249 fler ord


The s-word

Once upon a time, not so long ago, it was perfectly respectable to call oneself a socialist. It was a badge that one might wear with pride alongside the likes of Albert Einstein, George Orwell and Bertrand Russell. 752 fler ord

GORDON CROVITZ: Why Uber Drives the Left Crazy

Wall Street Journal — Why New York City Mayor Bill de Blasio’s attempt to protect a government-enforced cartel ran out of gas.

Progressive New York Mayor Bill de Blasio and Socialist Paris Mayor Anne Hidalgo found common cause on a shared threat while attending a recent climate-change conference at the Vatican. 70 fler ord