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Destroying America 101: The Blueprint Exists

Source: Freedom Outpost, by Susan Harris

I believe there is a plan for destroying America, that it exists on paper, and that thousands of people are involved in executing it. 501 fler ord

Financial/Societal Collapse And Dependence

Are the American Youth Ready for Conscription?

Source:,by Jay Johnson

The shining future that America once had is all but a page note in the history books now. Record numbers not in the workforce, failed foreign policies and domestic strife is the new normal. 820 fler ord

Collectivism - For The Greater Good, Of Course

SCOTUS same-sex marriage decision may have just legalized the concealed carry of loaded firearms across all 50 states, nullifying gun laws everywhere

Source: Natural News, by Mike Adams

The legal argument of gay marriage proponents is that because gay marriage is legal in a majority of states, that “right” cannot be infringed by the remaining states which opposed gay marriage. 287 fler ord

Propaganda, Fraud, And Outright Lies

Bernie Sanders!

Bernie Sanders filled a stadium with 10,000+ people tonight in Madison, Wisconsin, while another 8,000+ watched the livestream. His speech was honest, blunt, and what a lot of people need to hear. 18 fler ord


Silver Ponytails and Hypocrisy

A certain Internet cretin who attempted to turn the George Zimmerman trial into a paid blogging career, has always maintained that he is a ”champion of the oppressed, mentally ill, and marginalized” and this blogger has always maintained that he was a hypocrite, hate monger and crackpot. 714 fler ord


Know Your Labels

Despite what Antonin Scalia might believe, words have meaning. While many of them are open for interpretation, and this seems to be where Scalia takes issue, their meaning is evident when taken in to context. 920 fler ord

What is wrong with the world ?

An approachable, all in in-compassing understanding of the world is near impossible– maybe we should not even desire it. The lake will dry, humans will be at war, poverty will be at an all time high, plaques will plaque our bodies, life will become more meaningless than it is– the only reason left to live will be mere survival. 442 fler ord