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The Labour Party: Still missing the point

The battle for the Labour leadership drags on. The attacks on Corbyn continue, and his opponent tries hard to erase his past as a pharmaceutical lobbyist, and to establish some Socialist credentials. 630 fler ord


Wednesday, August 16, 1916

Page 15. (1916, Aug 16). Toronto Daily Star (1900-1971)


On Senator Bernie Sanders;

”I like the things he says, but he’ll never get elected. They just aren’t going to elect a socialist Jew.”

My Husband The Socialist

My husband and I met working through an outsourced call center. Cheap labor in cubicles leashed to headsets. Our love blossomed sneaking away for secret meetings. 781 fler ord


Reuters Presidential Poll Asked 20 Percent More Democrats Than Republicans

Posted on August 14, 2016 by Rick Wells in Donald Trump, Hillary Clinton, Media, News, Politics

You don’t have to be a mathematician to know that something stinks with the biased polling for the Presidential election. 649 fler ord


Interview with a Communist

I met with Chris Walker last month to give him an interview on my politics, where they came from, and what it’s all about:

1. At what age and where did your support for communism come from ? 1 162 fler ord