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Hi people!

Well, 2017 has left some side effects and I must say that they are pretty good. I’ve learned a lot, went through some rough situations, but the conclusion of it all is just amazing. 249 fler ord


"Fade Away and Radiate" by Blondie

”Fade Away and Radiate” by Blondie is Track 4 from their 1978 Album, Parallel Lines. It was never released as a Single but is my Favorite Track off of an Album that is overflowing with Hits. 231 fler ord

Song Of The Day

#SongOfTheDay Jan 22, 2018: Girlfriend, by Avril Levigne

The first time I heard Girlfriend was when Levigne performed it on Saturday Night Live in 2007. I liked the energy of the song and her performance, so I downloaded it not very long afterward. 36 fler ord


Song of the Day

”Not Afraid” – Eminem

If you’re like me and are starting classes for the new semester today. Good luck! If you had a rough weekend and have classes or work again today. 19 fler ord

Tunes For You

Song of the Day: "Get Sassy" by the Alan Ferber Big Band

The Grammy Award for Best Large Ensemble Jazz Album was instituted in 1961 and has been presented to jazz luminaries including Duke Ellington, Count Basie, Woody Herman, Doc Severenson, Miles Davis, and McCoy Turner among others. 54 fler ord

Song Of The Day

Song of the Day: Jay Park - RUN IT (Feat. Woo Won Jae & Jessi)

Though it might seem like one overly long Nike commercial, Jay Park’s RUN IT which features Woo Won Jae and Jessi is a fun piece of hip hop to begin the week on.

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