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OPINION: 'It’s the last Woman standing' for the SAMAHAN Presidency

Written by Vincent Carlo Cuzon

As a former Secretary General of the General Assembly of Class Presidents (GACP), I’ve seen transitions in SAMAHAN Presidency from PIGLASAPAT’s Aldwin Dumago, BUKLAT’s Mau Villamor, to BAHAGHARI’s John Chin. 629 fler ord

School is Coming (Rambles)

Hi worms,

So school is starting tomorrow for me. Did it just get hotter in here or is that just me? Personally, the first day back to school is extremely stressful for me, even though there’s really no reason for it to be. 593 fler ord


to all my American friends….i’m sending you all my thoughts and prayers for what we don’t yet know will be….



The Time Kilimanjaro Almost Killed Me

Altitude sickness is unbearable and unpredictable. It can happen to anyone. It happened to me. Day 4 was a standard 7-hour trek to the Kibo Huts at 4700m. 776 fler ord


Laboratorio XYZ _ La Scuola Open Source

A Luglio sono stato tra i docenti del laboratorio di co-progettazione XYZ organizzato da S.O.S. – La Scuola Open Source di Bari. Sono stati giorni intensi duranti i quali 60 partecipanto da tutta Italia hano cercato di immaginare che forma dovrà avere la scuola. 14 fler ord

In Pubblico

Almost 6 Months

Why we always want what we can’t have or what is not good for us? Why do we put ourselves in a place where we know we are going to be hurt? 304 fler ord

The Road Back to Flawlessness: Combating my First Acne Breakout

Back in high school, my skin was practically perfect. My face was free from any pimples and blemishes. My pores were not that visible at all. 1 229 fler ord