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SOS Kick Starter Campaign | Covered by Chante!

Okay so I know you guys have been wondering what I’ve been up to, and I recently attened this outstanding Kickstarter event! This event took place on September 18th 2015, now I know I’m a tad late with this post only because school MUST come first (STAY IN SCHOOL KIDS) lol but you guys must hear about this! 243 fler ord


Baby G's

I got an urgent message from Bashshar, who if you remember, I freshened up in the last post.

”SOS. Little bros urgently need haircut.”

It was late so I didn’t get before shots, but these cheeky boys made my night. 38 fler ord


pan-fried pollock with parsley sauce

Pollock is the poor man’s cod. But unlike what those kind of statement normally imply, it’s actually delicious. Couple with the parsley sauce, which is essentially a modified bechamel sauce you use to bake lasagna, it’s a match made in..a plate! 240 fler ord


What Are you Writing? Sunday Fiction

A day late, but I wanted to participate in Vanessa Rodriguez’s Sunday Fiction Post-Up where writers share extracts of their WIP or latest works. After an exhausting weekend, I’m back home and I get some time to myself again. 177 fler ord

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