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Right now, I am in that in-between phase where I don’t know what to do mentally nor physically.

I like Anthony to an extent. He knows when to be cute, he is really sweet and he’s fin to turn on. 473 fler ord


Chouchou & Fifi :: Labrador/Spaniel crosses :: in Secondigny in Deux Sevres

This another story of sad loss…their owner has died and they are home alone!

Their home has now been sold and they have nowhere to go and they MUST stay together!   169 fler ord


Day 7 Guard Rail

”When we walk, we naturally go to the fields and woods: what would become of us, if we walked only in a garden or a mall?” 1 562 fler ord

Our First 1,000 Posts -- Best Addictions Posts

We just put up our 1,000th post —  this  is number 1,002 –a few days ago. We’re now looking through everything we’ve posted, and are putting up ”best of” lists in our most popular categories. 104 fler ord


London Part 1 - Travel SOS

Traveling to London makes me so happy – the museums, the parks, the shopping!
Unfortunately my skin doesn’t share the same  enthusiasm for travel and upon landing I am closed comedones galore: 463 fler ord


Planned Sidford business park would be "a total disaster" for the Observatory, says NLO Director

At a packed Public Meeting last night in Sidford, past warnings from eminent astrologer, the late Sir Patrick More, and one of his most famous students, Brian May, were loudly echoed by the Director of Sidmouth’s renowned Norman Lockyer Observatory, Alan Green. 161 fler ord


SVA further objects to Fords' controversial planning application

The Sid Vale Association (SVA) has now submitted a further letter of objection to the Planning Application, ref. 16/0669/MOUT, for a business park on land adjacent to Two Bridges Road,Sidford. 729 fler ord