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My roommate from hell

She was my third roommate already after multiple mistakes by the housing department and their lack of communication. I had always dreamed of having the perfect roommate that I could share clothes with, go out with and all around enjoy. 234 fler ord


Dear 2015 Summer of Service

There are not enough words to describe how much the community of this year’s SOS means to me. The friendships I have made this summer are irreplaceable to even the best human beings on this earth. 619 fler ord


SOS #3 — MarvelousAQL + An Introduction to Makers (Hyperdimension Neptunia)

Greetings, SWOOORDPLAYers! … No, too lame? Okay, we’ll work on that one.

Today will be the first of hopefully many Neptunia-themed blogs here at SWOOORDPLAY in succession, both to celebrate the franchise’s five years of life as well as to push forward with one of the reasons I made this blog in the first place. 2 422 fler ord

Hyperdimension Neptunia

Back with a Purpose!

I am so excited to announce that I am now an ambassador for SOS Rehydrate!

This opportunity allows me to share my love of fitness and health into one- re-hydrating athletes and dancers one tiny silver stick at a time! 119 fler ord


The writing in the sand that saved British guy’s life

A British tourist who went missing in the Australian outback admitted that he had made ‘the stupidest decision of his life’ after being rescued.

Geoff Keys, 63, was rescued after two days thanks to a massive SOS message he wrote in the sand in Jardine National Park, Queensland. 32 fler ord



I am aching to belong… to something …or somewhere, with like-minded, like-hearted souls.

People who get it, without tired explanations and long-winded discussions trying to impart understanding. 126 fler ord


When parents drive you crazy

Its weird when you don’t feel understood in your own home. Half a year ago i stared preparing for the SAT’s. I live in Bulgaria and our school program is really different from the american and I need to work a lot harder than any other child my age to make  t into a good university. 300 fler ord