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Di antara senjata perang dan ranjau darat

Every day, children are killed or maimed by landmines and weapons of past or current wars/conflicts.
Spirit of Soccer

Kematian telah menjadi kawan karib bagi mereka yang menjalani kehidupan hariannya di Irak.

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Welcome to The Runaway Cafe.

Day two.

She sat on the couch, quietly gripping her coffee mug.
She heard a noise, or was it the silence that was deafening her? 716 fler ord

A Short History Of The Positronic Brain

The bulky, oblong shaped recorder whirled and whirled before sputtering out through a supersized loudspeaker. The gigantic loudspeaker was connected to many other loudspeakers in a sprawling network that stretched to no end out to the distant horizon. 624 fler ord


Picky Pooch

Dogs. They make me smile and warm my heart. I grew up with a dog, have had dogs throughout my adult life, and believe I’ll always have one. 444 fler ord


2017 Toyota Camry XLE Hybrid

High-value Toyota Camry hybrid does it all, efficiently …

For 35 years Toyota has cranked out one Camry after another, often grabbing North America’s best-selling car title. 1 048 fler ord

Mark Savage

Just Another Day 💔

Just Another Day
By Kahlena Harris
In Loving Memory of Isaiah Paul Neumann-Harris

 November 9, 2015 was just another day
I got my family ready, put my kids on the bus… 600 fler ord


Back on my feet with one organ less

Hi love!

How have you been? Oh how I have missed your smile and your eyes reading my posts :*

Thank you for your patience, I’ve been through some resting and healing time and I’m finally back on my feet. 685 fler ord

All O