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I Always Finish What was Started

Featured Items: NTv. {Vain} (Lootbox),  {Sakura} bindi & tears (Spring Scandal), & Zibska ~ Cale Uomo Noir (SOS)

~Story by Dehrynn Shepherd Coming Soon~  40 fler ord


Back to reality...

Well since I’m back into my normal routine you can guess that it hasn’t been the best week. You would think that it being just the second week after spring break that it wouldn’t be crazy hectic and that I would be normal paced. 428 fler ord

This Girl Told Her Date That They Should Be 'Just Friends', But When He Agrees She Flips The Fuck Out

Welcome to another episode of ”Why are people so god damn awful all the god damn time??”

This particular saga stars a gentleman known online as  258 fler ord

Serving Our Savior

SOS Events is blessed to have dedicated volunteers like William. He is at the Plant City Farm and Flea Market every Wednesday, witnessing to win people to Christ. 64 fler ord