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SOS: I can’t get to sleep!

I’ve started this SOS series because people tend to need help most when they’re in a crisis. That’s only reasonable. However I want to start out by saying this – wellness works best when it’s integrated into your life as a whole, not if it’s only applied when it’s most needed. 938 fler ord


Kelsey | 5 Tips for Dealing with Bipolar II Disorder!

Hey Everyone! I thought today I would change things up and do a video instead of a text post!

So here are 5 Tips for dealing with Bipolar II Disorder straight from my mouth. 57 fler ord

Casual Vacancy at Sidmouth Town Council

Following the resignation of Graham Liverton, Sidmouth residents may like to know that an election to fill the vacancy will only be held if a… 68 fler ord

East Devon Issues

listening to the SOS band

one of the  most happening

bands of the 80’s.  they had a musical

stew of  grooves

and  they hit real hard.

”take your time do it  right” 45 fler ord


SOS Update: Mom in Georgia

Update: Mom and sister are now attacking Lynn via her SOS page and have had her account removed from Facebook.

Update #2: To request your donation back, for not being used for the apartment and instead for sister’s bills, please contact Beverly directly here: … 3 293 fler ord


I am not an angry black woman.

I am not an angry black woman.


I love life!

I enjoy waking up everyday to the warm snuggles of my daughter with her wild crazy, curly hair. 229 fler ord

SOS Pittsburgh provides a lifeline to self-sufficiency

For hundreds of individuals and families in our community, SOS Pittsburgh, a program of Jewish Family & Children’s Service administered by the Squirrel Hill Community Food Pantry (SHCFP), is the difference between a lifetime of hardship or a chance to live life with dignity. 355 fler ord