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Nie daj się zwieść reklamie, czyli domowy sos boloński z mięsem indyczym

Telewizja kłamie.

Ostatnio jakby bardziej.

Zewsząd bombardują nas reklamy produktów niemal od ręki gotowych do spożycia: babeczek z kartonika, do których wystarczy dodać trochę mleka i oleju, po czym umieścić na kwadrans w piekarniku. 288 fler ord

Na Obiad

Hikers rescued from Na Pali Coast Trail after writing 'SOS' in sand

Two hikers are safe Tuesday after being stranded overnight on the Na Pali Coast Trail.

The U.S. Coast Guard’s MH-65 Dolphin crew was conducting training in the area when members overheard a radio conversation mention “SOS” written in the sand on Kalalau Beach. 118 fler ord



Veo un par de fotos que nos tomamos, las calles que caminamos, los helados que comimos, las cervezas que abrimos, las copas que servimos, los bolsos que armamos, las cosas que escribimos (lo linda que es usted) 220 fler ord

Maddie's World

Hello everyone!!

This weekend has been a little hectic, but if you guys could help me and comment some video ideas for this weeks video that would be great! 11 fler ord


New character sketches!

Hey hey everyone! Here’s two characters you’ll meet in Rose’s volume!

Japanese twins Ren and Mei Muta.

Go and visit my artist she’s got everything! 12 fler ord

Saviors Of Souls

Visual impact of developer's plans for Knowle, raises concerns

PegasusLife have made their Planning Application for the Knowle. The reference, to be quoted in any correspondence, is 16/0872/MFUL. The return date for comments and objections at the moment is 15th June. 199 fler ord