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999 or 111? Make the right call

It’s hugely important you make the right call to get the right response at the right time. Is it a life-threatening emergency or not? Think for a second before you make that call to either 999 or 111. 60 fler ord


An Awkward & Quick Introduction- S.O.S.

Hello friends!

A lot of this idea is whim that I’ve had, as most of my schemes are. I love looking around at what other people do and I get inspired to do something as well. 384 fler ord


Closet Shoe Hoarder*

My husband is a shoe guy. He has shoes of all kinds – dress, boat, work, sneakers, lawn work sneakers, snow boots, steel toe work boots (one of his jobs required them), cowboy boots, flip flops, casual nice, and what he calls ‘house shoes’ which are essentially slippers.  398 fler ord


Update on Port Royal: two public consultation events next week (26 & 27 June)

The Scoping Study being jointly undertaken by East Devon District Council and Sidmouth Town Council has reached ”initial findings and concept ideas”. Port Royal Project Reference Group and Councillors have been invited by the town clerk to an hour’s briefing session before the public consultation begins next Monday and Tuesday (26 and 27 June) at Sidmouth’s Kennaway House, from 3 pm until 8pm on both days. 26 fler ord



Our church family has long prepared and served periodic meals for the weekly meetings of a local ministry that serves marginalized people in Malibu. After the meal there is a Bible study for those interested in staying, which ends up being a decent number of people. 250 fler ord

Original Essays

EDDC attempts at Knowle sale.. some history

To put in context the current Pegasus life Appeal against the refusal of its planning application for Knowle,  some relevant publicly-available links will be posted here, for general information. 26 fler ord


Finished IDS

This year felt like it went by so quick but sky has really made it the best year yet. Here is my final IDS video and my blog link. 16 fler ord