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SOS: Literary Critiques

Help needed! Concerning literary classics, dusty old books that stand the test of time. Some of them, like Hamlet, are clear to understand why they have lasted for so long. 154 fler ord


Stranded mariners saved by Guam-based Navy after writing 'SOS' in the sand

Two stranded mariners were rescued after a US Navy aircraft crew spotted three vital letters etched into the sand while flying over a deserted beach in Micronesia: ”SOS.” 129 fler ord

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Hey kids!

I just love whining and crabbing… well not so much. However, as I have noticed this is effecting many of my favorite blogs and bloggers, I decided to come to YOU and alert you to a most curious happenstance. 94 fler ord

Word Press Blogging

Zielony Sos z koperku, Rukoli i Zielonej Pietruszki

Zdrowy i bardzo prosty do przygotowania sos który świetnie komponuje się z rybami, mięsem lub daniami z warzyw.

Zobaczcie jakie to proste.

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Courtyard Perfection

Not that an excuse is ever needed to sit in the sunlight and enjoy the perfect cup of tea or coffee but let me give you one anyways. 236 fler ord

California- The Fire State

California is my home state, so any news from there indirectly impacts me as well! I wrote this news report on the fires that have been occurring in Summer 2016 throughout the state. 269 fler ord

Who Am I?

Who am I?
Where did I come from?
A long line of people who fought for me?
A homestead full of love and laughter?
Or the illusion that it exist? 160 fler ord

Mental Health