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It could be breakup season to?

It might be love season but it’s also breakup season. I wrote this awhile ago (posted in ThoughtCatalog) and wanted to share it!

I’ve had my fair share of breaking hearts and mine being broken. 918 fler ord



There is less known version of SOS call.

Save Our Sanity.


Post Adept Patch TvP

As intended, the Adept patch made a positive impact to the match up. Since TvP no longer revolves heavily around early and mid game Adept, it should result in a different metagame. 1 807 fler ord


Garmin News: New SOS Features coming soon (well, eventually F3? F4)

Garmin very recently acquired DeLorme.

DeLorme are big in the Marine sector. In a statement, Garmin said it was most interested in DeLorme’s inReach products. Those are GPS devices on which users can send and receive text messages and trigger an SOS, using satellite connections. 387 fler ord


Sulle mie tracce.

Ieri ho ritrovato uno dei miei vecchi diari di quando ero bambina. Un diario del 2006. Già mi piaceva scrivere. Documentavo quanto mi accadeva durante il giorno, o le cose strane che mi passavano per la testa. 67 fler ord

Peti Cerebrali.