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Please note: NO HUSTINGS in Sidmouth this Friday.

Only two of the six Devon County Council (DCC) candidates invited to a hustings at Kennaway House this week, have said they could attend. Marianne Rixson and Stuart Hughes were the only ones available. 239 fler ord

East Devon Issues

When the World Looked Up

Welcome to the fourth of twelve.  For those who don’t know, I’m writing twelve short stories this year, one each month.  On the last Wednesday of each month, instead of my regular blog post I will be posting the short story from that month.   9 057 fler ord

Dylan Nordberg

Placinta cu visine si branza dulce


1 pachet foi de placinta

500 g branza de vaca

500 g visine fara samburi

100 g zahar

2 plicuri zahar vanilinat

50 g unt topit… 156 fler ord

Help!! I've been an Easter Feaster

It’s time to confess my sins, and by my sins I mean my major, gluttonous calorie overload. Now I’m not one for calorie counting and I will always, always say yes to a piece of pizza or seven, but I’ve really overdone it recently. 273 fler ord


Dont Fear App: When it comes to protecting your loved ones.

Launched in April 2017, Dont Fear App aims to empower people in life threatening situation to reach out to their loved ones for help even when they are unreachable. 100 fler ord