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WinDbg - Saving .NET assembly from a given process

Scenario : When a website running in IIS throws a specific exception, we need to create a dump file and then need to extract the .NET assembly with the code that threw that exception, from that dump file. 671 fler ord


I need an adult

Have you ever had something happen to you and you immediately look around for an adult to help you fix it? And in looking around for an adult, you realize that… 580 fler ord

Pork Marsala

Cum sa faci cand vrei sa pregatesti o mancare buna, speciala, demna de o cina speciala, sa-i faci partenerului o surpriza placuta?

Alegi aceasta reteta si te asigur ca o sa fie un succes total. 323 fler ord

Καμπάνια για διάσωση του κυπριακού γαϊδουριού [του ζώου όχι του πολιτικού]

Παμπάφιες διαστάσεις προσλαμβάνει η προσπάθεια των εθελοντών του «Καταφυγίου του Γαϊδουριού» για να σώσουν και να φροντίσουν το υπό εξαφάνιση κυπριακό γαϊδούρι.


SOB x SOS Mingle Night (Sem 1, 2018)

Editor’s Note: This is a special, wholesome guest-written piece by our MUSA Business and Science Representatives. Show them some love! #MUSAEditorsLoveSOS&SOB

Mingle Night was the first event organized by the new Science and Business reps in year 2018. 887 fler ord

On Campus

Just escaped from a Concentration camp or something. I also named my stomach Budapest, because it’s the capital of HUNGARY.

#SendmeFood #SoS #NothingStopsMe