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Hong Kong Apartment: Our Canadiana Haven

The finishing touches are FINALLY in place and we’re feeling completely settled in our Hong Kong home! A few things took a bit longer than we anticipated – the last little things always seem to drag on forever – but we’re finally organized and not coming home to a list of to-do’s. 1 616 fler ord


Rewind: The Nursery

I’ve been so excited to finally share all of the details of the nursery!!!

This is what the room looked like when the previous owners lived here: 1 776 fler ord

The Island Archipelago

For those that have been following along on social media, you may have seen this little preview:

Jefe and I recently moved and although the pro’s of our new place greatly outweigh the con’s, there were definitely some concessions we made with the new apartment.   1 006 fler ord

Design Challenges