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Rusty Taco🌮

The whole summer I’ve been big on HAPPY HOUR! Recently I have relocated to Denton for my fall semester at University of North Texas. Now it is time to find good Happy Hour deals around the town! 30 fler ord


An Ode to the Taco

Tacos are not classy. They are a workingman’s food made by and for the weary laborer. They are a quick fill up, stuffing as much flavor into as small a vehicle as possible. 1 129 fler ord


Taco Seasoning - No Salt

I’ve never seen a taco seasoning at the grocery store that is truly low sodium, they all have quite a bit of salt. When making it at home I am sure that there’s no salt added. 152 fler ord

Low Sodium

Taco Seasoning

When we first began to switch to eating cleaner and healthier, I looked at the seasoning packets I was using when I made tacos, chili, ranch dressing, etc for the first time and was in awe! 115 fler ord


Snacktaku Unwraps Burger King's Whopperrito

(Source: kotaku.com)


After six decades of serving time-tested favorites that folks seem to enjoy and occasionally screwing about with new french fries, Burger King has decided it’s time to experiment with Tex-Mex for some godawful reason. 612 fler ord


Some Like it Hot...Bang Bang Shrimp Tacos

Do you love spicy food? Do you love tacos? Do you love shrimp? Yes to all three! Great, then we can be friends!

In our house we love tacos of any kind, and all things spicy. 599 fler ord

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