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Twisted Taco Stuffed Pepps

So, I finished the entire series of The Office. For those of you who already know, or who don’t need a spoiler alert, stay or you should go, (to answer the endless question asked by The Clash ): Jim realizes he must put Pam first again and they are happy forever, Dwight swerves in front of Angela’s car and yells he loves her, finally, into a microphone and they get married at Schrute Farm. 632 fler ord


Umami Bites

Wooster, Ohio-based Food Truck
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A food truck based out of Wooster, Ohio just outside of Cleveland, Umami Bites is a truck with an interesting mission: bring street dishes inspired by backpacking trips throughout Asia to an approachable little food truck that floats around festivals and outdoor events in Ohio. 303 fler ord

4 Stars

Thug Life's Roasted Beer and Lime Cauliflower Tacos

Because who doesn’t love a Taco?

What you’ll need…

Ideally you will have purchased ‘Thug Kitchen’ so you can enjoy the delicious recipes in this cookbook. 353 fler ord


Freshley pressed

Åh, herlige vår! Det er vår, sol og søndag. Utenom en kort treningsøkt på morgenen, er dette er en skikkelig lat søndag. Slik jeg liker det! 212 fler ord



Great mexican place in itaewon :)

Love their fish and shrimp tacos and itaewon branch has a great view as well.

The staffs are friendly. 9 fler ord


Filipino Sisig Taco

Have you heard of Guy Fieri? He’s a host in America and a Chef too. He has a show called Guy’s Diners, Drives in and Dives which is very interesting. 458 fler ord

Comfort Food

Taco Deluxe - Slow cooked beef

To make my slow cooked beef for my deluxe taco’s I use one portion of the Taco seasoning and add:

one small onion – chopped… 267 fler ord