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recipe: Doritos taco salad

I still remember the first time I had this salad. We had a potluck lunch at work one day and everyone was to bring their ”signature” dish. 291 fler ord


Mexican Night!

We recently discovered a gem along the street of Scout Castor, near Tomas Morato.

La Taqueria Amiga Mia serves Mexican food, and I can say that they’re very good at it. 328 fler ord


Tacos Wrap

Everytime i crave for something, i refrain from buying in a fast food chain. Instead i have this habit of copying the exact thing they sell or the exact picture they promote. 305 fler ord


Busy Day and Taco Dinner

A couple of times a month I put together a bunch of treats for Bixby and pop them into the freezer. Today I filled old ribeye bones with peanut butter, halved a bunch of apples and froze them for nice treats on hot days. 154 fler ord


Soft Shell Tacos

Handmade soft-shell tacos. This is a wonderful tactile experience – a step in the direction of slow living. Not that it’s time consuming, it’s not, and the result is so many times superior to shop-bought tacos. 602 fler ord


Dishing Up the Dips

Parties are one of the biggest and most fun events of a good summertime lifestyle. If you’re like me, you’ve been invited to, heard about or gone to at least one party a week so far this summer –and we’re not even half way through i! 371 fler ord