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A Hidden Mexican Delight in the North: Benjamin's

Located in Sta. Monica Lubao is Benjamin: tacos+quesadillas. If you are travelling to the north you can pass by this place to eat and be surprised. 281 fler ord


art of taco: my favorite

Never underestimate the beauty of having a favorite restaurant. It’s instant happiness.

Well, char. I’m just making an excuse to go back here again.

I discovered this store last Tuesday when I was craving for something refreshing.

105 fler ord

Taco Pizza

This recipe is enough for three pizzas, so please understand if you make less you will have leftover ingredients.


Dough for 3 Pies (homemade or store bought) 167 fler ord


it was time to tackle tortillas…

I love Mexican food and I love tacos, who doesn’t?  Most people I know grew up with the Old El Paso taco kit and in our house it still gets a run from time to time.   1 159 fler ord

Taco What?!?

The point of my blog was so I could talk about food, but let’s face it, I’ve used the past few blogs as therapy! I’m currently unemployed (not that I’m actively looking 😉), so my only job is to feed my family and I take my job very seriously! 141 fler ord


Fonda Mexican, Collingwood

The newest Fonda opened up last week in Collywood, and I supposed I should have checked it out given it’s proximity to the home base (and Messina). 573 fler ord