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Ahi Tuna Tacos

Ingredient list:

Ahi tuna (you can substitute pre cooked tuna)

Canola oil

Sea salt

Black pepper


Basil (I used purple)


Jalapeño sliced thinly… 81 fler ord


3rd meal out this week

I made a fancy meal… Because it had chicken hearts. Yum.

In counting I had 3 meals out this week. Failed there. Must focus and wood better next week. 43 fler ord

Meal Plan

Ft. Lauderdale

Drove to Ft. Lauderdale and took a water taxi around some of the city. Ended up having a couple of drinks down by the beach at a place called Drunken Taco. 31 fler ord


Strange Taco Bar: Chicken Original Ganster

Grilled chicken, onions, cilantro, flour tortillas

Original. Gangster.

A very well made version of a simple and ubiquitous taco. It wasn’t dry like a lot of these can be, even after traveling home!