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Danita Delimont Autumn Tennessee USA color at Radnor Lake

DOES MAKING CONCRETE tile REQUIRE A KILN OR HIGH POWER SOURCE? No kiln or other heat source is needed. Concrete tile does not need to be fired like ceramic… 352 fler ord

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Racism at the TN DMV?

As part of my entry into the state of Tennessee, I had to go ahead and get my driver’s license switched over. Going to the DMV in pretty much any state is an arduous experience, one that many people would compare to a bout of diarrhea, except that the DMV wait time lasts longer. 1 165 fler ord


SEC predictions, Week #1

Whenever the temperatures dip below 100, you know football season is right around the corner. And, hey, we are ready for it. We gone have so much fun this season that they gone have to pass a law against it just it to keep it from hurting somebody. 2 201 fler ord


War Plan

This past weekend, the Stronghold team had the pleasure of attending MLX, the Maximized Living Experience. Over 1,000 Maximized Living Chiropractors, their team members, and many more student and guest Chiropractors gathered in Dallas to learn more about building practices, spreading the message of health, etc. 636 fler ord


Preston Williams is a "freakish" talent

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That’s Vol freshman receiver Preston Williams and he’s showing us why he warrants being second on the depth chart at receiver. Receivers coach… 226 fler ord


The black stripe means everything for the Volunteers

The Vol Report goes deep into what the black stripe means for Tennessee freshmen and transfers. Every new player to the roster starts with a black stripe in training camp and the team decides when it comes off. 36 fler ord