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Dixie Castle, Jackson TN

We were not sure what to expect when we visited the downtown location of this small eighty year-old chain of diners, but we found an incredibly popular place which serves an amazingly good dinner. 639 fler ord


Limestone Railroad Depot -- Limestone, Tennessee

Can’t really find a lot of history about this building beyond the basics.
The building was built sometime in the 1800s by the Southern Railroad. (later Norfolk Southern) I haven’t pinpointed an exact date, but there was a depot in Limestone before the civil war. 50 fler ord


Police: Car with baby inside stolen; baby found unharmed

MEMPHIS, Tenn. (AP) — Police in Tennessee say a teenager has been charged with kidnapping after a car with a baby girl inside was stolen outside a… 108 fler ord


MidSouthCon 36

Last Sunday, my wife and I made a last-minute decision to drive to Memphis, TN and catch the final day of MidSouthCon.  We had to work Friday and Saturday, and because Memphis is a couple hours of driving each way, and we didn’t have a dog-sitter, we only had a few hours at the con.  1 374 fler ord

Science Fiction

March 16: Waterfall, river, and fried catfish!

8:17 AM EDT, Airbnb
The rooster crows for about an hour before Jaret and I start getting out of bed. We have no plans ahead of us because we’re terribly sore from yesterday’s hike. 458 fler ord


March 15: Hiking the Alum Cave Trail to Mount Leconte

8:00 AM EDT, Airbnb
We are kindly awoken by nature’s alarm clock, a persistent rooster, demanding that the world wake up to see the sunrise over the Smokies. 639 fler ord


Keep your friends close and your moonshine closer!!!

Moonshine was originally a slang term for high-proof distilled spirits usually produced illicitly, without government authorization. In recent years, however, moonshine has been legalized in various countries and has become a commercial product. 389 fler ord