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Shameless Self-Promotion

I try to refrain from promoting my books too much on this blog, but it seems particularly apropos this time as I chronicled my adventures here while working on… 315 fler ord


Gibson's Donuts, Memphis TN (take two)

Here’s a very short little post for you today, readers. The last time we were in Memphis, we stopped by Gibson’s Donuts on our way out of town, with a light and gentle rain beginning to fall, and I took terrible photos, and we sped out of there as quickly as possible for what would be the beginning of a really, really long and exhausting drive home though a monsoon. 329 fler ord



Nashville has lost the hockey game to Chicago, but it may have won my heart from it, too.


Three Things Rick Barnes Needs to Do at Tennessee

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Rick Barnes took the job at Tennessee recently to try to bring the Vols’ basketball program back to where it was during the Bruce Pearl era. 211 fler ord


Kingsport in Pictures

Visiting home can be awesome. Running into old friends, seeing what all has changed since you’ve been gone, hanging out with family, having Pal’s for lunch (or breakfast or dinner or all three, I’m not judging). 365 fler ord


REMIX | "All Day (#BlackLivesMatter)" @KingofMarco

Memphis artist, and TripleHQ contributor, Marco Pave takes Kanye’s ”All Day” and flips it to promote a real message with his take on the Black Lives Matter movement. 22 fler ord


“Bible Man” Banned from Local Schools, Parents Lament No Other Outlets Exist for Christ’s Word to be Heard

From Our Conservative Christian Right Bureau in Tennessee:

Tempers flared this week in Grundy County, Tennessee when one renegade parent questioned the Constitutional validity of Horace Turner, Jr.’s (aka “Bible Man) ability to spread the word of Christ in the public schools. 285 fler ord

Bible Man