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Cult Movie Essentials: The Spiritual Boxer (1975)

This was the first Shaw Brothers movie from director Liu Chia-liang and is consider by many to be the film that set him on a the path to becoming one of the greatest ever in Hong Kong cinema. 65 fler ord


Cult Movie Essentials: All Men are Brothers (1973)

All Men Are Brothers, also known as Seven Soldiers of Kung Fu, is a 1973 Hong Kong wuxia film based on the Chinese classical novel… 139 fler ord


Five Shaolin Masters (1977)

Five Shaolin Masters, (a.k.a. 5 Shaolin Masters or 5 Masters of Death) is quite a different style of Shaw Brothers all together. For the most part the majority of the film is shot outdoors and not in an indoor set. 583 fler ord

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Shaolin Prince review

Shaolin Prince… oh, how I adore you.

Shaolin Prince is my favorite of all the Shaw Bros. films, starring my favorite of all the Shaw Bros. 407 fler ord

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A Better Tomorrow (John Woo, 1986)

After an up and down decade as a director for hire in the last days of the Shaw Brothers, working alternately in the wuxia and wacky comedy genres, John Woo finally hit it big in 1986 when he teamed up with Tsui Hark and the Cinema City studio to remake Patrick Lung Kong’s 1967 drama  941 fler ord

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THE BARE-FOOTED KID (1993) review

The Bare-footed Kid is unique in Johnnie To’s filmography in that it is his only period martial arts drama, and judging by its quality one can regret he didn’t work more within that genre. 450 fler ord

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The Water Margin (1972)

Starring Ku Feng, Chin Feng, Yueh Hua, Fen Mei Sheng, Ti Lung, David Chiang, Lily Ho, Cheng Lei, Lui Tan, Wu Ma, Wang Chung, Peng Peng, Lo Wei, Chen Kuan Tai, and pretty much anyone who has ever been in a Shaw Brothers film. 685 fler ord