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After the smash box office success of A Better Tomorrow (1986) in its native country of Hong Kong and other Asian territories, the film’s producer Tsui Hark convinced its director John Woo to quickly crank out a sequel imaginatively titled… 1 533 fler ord

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Legend of the Bat

Actor Ti Lung and director Chor Yuen return to confuse and delight in yet another hopelessly convoluted martial arts mystery full of colorful silk, daintily appointed villas, shadowy backstabbing swordsmen, and vast villain lairs jam-packed with fire pits and other booby traps. 2 983 fler ord


Week 26: Flying Fists and Shining Swords - speaking of Shaw Bros.

Formed way back in the days of silent film, two of the four Shaw brothers (Run Run and Runme to be precise) turned an unspectacular business concern into the greatest of all Asian action film companies! 140 fler ord

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Ti Lung

Rare Photo of legendary Ti Lung how practiced Wing Chun on Mook Yan Jong (wooden dummy)

Wing Chun

Three Kingdoms: Resurrection of the Dragon (2008)

I’m not a great reviewer, hell I don’t even pretend to be a reviewer.  I don’t know the first thing about movies other than what I like and what I don’t like.   431 fler ord

Martial Arts

ALL YOU NEED IS LOVE (2015) short review

Richie Jen and Andy Luo’s All You Need Is Love was the first – and better – of the two Taiwanese romances starring Shu Qi that were released in 2015, the other being the thudding  256 fler ord

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