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Here’s a fact check of the blizzard of lies Trump told in his off-the-charts Time magazine interview

The Pulitzer Prize-winning nonpartisan fact-checking organization PolitiFact released an exhaustive review of Pres. Donald Trump’s bonkers sit-down with Time magazine’s Michael Scherer on Thursday.

“Trump said his instinct is usually right, and he usually finds evidence supporting his claims that the media and his critics ignore — even as he continued to cite nonexistent evidence,” wrote PolitiFact’s Lauren Carroll and Louis Jacobson. 526 fler ord

Daily News

The Mincing Rascals 3/23/17: American Health Care Act, Judge Neil Gorsuch and President Trump's first 100 days

The rascals are John Williams along with Scott Stantis, Kristen McQueary and Eric Zorn of the Chicago Tribune today. They mince about President Donald Trump’s first-100-day approval rating, Judge Neil Gorsuch’s confirmation hearing Tuesday and, of course, Trump’s determination to repeal and replace Obamacare. 90 fler ord

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Soy el presidente y tú no: Trump a la revista Time

Donald Trump, presidente de los Estados Unidos, no ha cambiado su postura en nada desde su entrada como el líder de la nación americana, esto al defender sus más polémicas declaraciones en una entrevista para la revista… 357 fler ord


Forced Transparency

March 23, 2017

Time magazine recently published an interesting piece titled “The real costs of ‘forced transparency’”[1]. The focus of that was on the impact of WikiLeaks’ ”disclosures” of US intelligence agencies’ ability to access data in private and government hands, the impact on national governments, and their possible reactions and responses. 168 fler ord

Competitive Intelligence

The Most Bonkers Things Trump Said In His Time Magazine Interview

Donald Trump is keeping busy, what with House Intelligence Committee Chairman Devin Nunes’ press conference fiasco, the mounting evidence of collusion between his campaign and Russian operatives, and that whole… 883 fler ord

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Mods and Money Don't Mix (Part 1)

Nowadays, every new game coming out faces the same question:

“How many customization options will there be?”

Answers vary from game to game, but trends are clear. 1 263 fler ord