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Exploitation in Westworld

Somewhere during the last couple decades the bartenders in the mainstream entertainment business slipped over a line. Sexual themes once seemed to be served up to be sipped in glasses of art (admittedly often in poor taste). 185 fler ord


Time Magazine and the Pseudoscience of Homosexuality and Fingers

See this article for Time Magazine’s ”science” regarding homosexuality. In the article, Time takes this position: 402 fler ord


11% of Americans Think HTML Is an STD

This is 2014 data, but stilll…

  • …1 in every 9 Americans – or exactly 11% – think HTML is actually a sexually transmitted disease.
  • …23% thought an “MP3” was a “Star Wars” robot.
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This Just In: C.S. Lewis

A copy of TIME Magazine arrived in my mailbox this week, but it wasn’t new. In fact, it’s pretty old.

The date at the top reads September 8, 1947. 139 fler ord


Renewed subscription

Last night I renewed my subscription on Time Maggazine. A magazine that I like to read and especially when I travel. I almost always pick up this magazine when I’m in an airport if I can. 53 fler ord

English Blogg

Tobias Hutzler on "Photographing the Pope From a Different Vantage Point" for Time magazine

Time magazine chose Tobias Hutzler for the incredible assignment of photographing Pope Francis during his recent visit to the United States, a project that involved not only an intense level of security checks and careful preparation but also the daunting task of capturing compelling images of an event that was being widely photographed by the press and onlookers alike. 306 fler ord

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