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Finding Moments of Republican Grace Amid the Ugly Bluster of Donald Trump

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I share this, because this election cycle offers two challenges: 1) Getting Bernie into the White House, and 2) keeping Donald Trump out of it. 83 fler ord

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What Seven Years of Hope and Change Have Wrought

After seven years and a month or so of Hope and Change the country is in such a foul mood that it’s threatening to elect either a bumbling socialist revolutionary or a bullying crony-capitalist reality TV star, but President Barack Obama is still keeping his chin up. 1 257 fler ord


The Production of an Enemy: Misrepresentations of Muslims in the News

”The constantly vilified images of Muslims spur not only anger and tension, but also a misunderstanding of Islam. Due to this media bias, the numbers of Islamic extremists and Islamophobes have grown rapidly, perpetuating hatred, violence, and conflict.” 220 fler ord

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Lent: Isn't that a Catholic thing?

Today is Ash Wednesday, a day when Christians around the world get soot smudged on their foreheads and the forty days of the season called ”Lent” begin. 286 fler ord

A Barbie for Every Body: Beauty ideals have changed. Can the blond icon catch up? By: Eliana Dockterman

In the Febuary 8th, 2016 issue of Time magazine there is breaking news in the world of Barbie. No longer will she solely be known for a stick thin blonde ideal. 384 fler ord


Time Magazine: July 16, 1973

I love skimming through old magazines and seeing the fashions, ads and outdated articles. Now that lots of publications are archiving online, it’s become way more convenient for me to get my visual fix of the days of yore.  326 fler ord


JRRT vs GRRM: Rings ± Crows


He’s a Barnes & Noble cashier. I’m a girl in a business casual outfit. My offering: A Dance with Dragons… 1 049 fler ord

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