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Happy Birthday Cesar Chavez!

On my Instagram page, I’m counting down to Sunday’s premiere of Mad Men by posting images reflecting 1969 (the first part of the series finale ended in the summer of ’69). 161 fler ord

On Our Auntcestors

And There Came Meetings And How To Run Them... Steve Jobs Style

Apple founder Steve Jobs helped create an entire culture around the products his company produces. What would it be like if leaders created a culture around the manner in which he lead his companies. 393 fler ord

The Cinnamon Girl

But What Happened Next?

The realities of the fast-paced world we live in is that our attention spans are short – a story goes big on the news and it makes headlines for a week or two and then the public has moved on to bigger and better things. 491 fler ord


My Stroke of Insight

If you haven’t studied the brain and/or neurological disorders, you may not understand what can happen to a person after a stroke and while in the recovery process. 733 fler ord


You Pick My Next Five Novels!

So praise baby Jesus that I’m wrapping up Naked Lunch, and it’s time to pick the next five novels I’ll be reading from the Time list… 299 fler ord


BUGS - The illness that ended my career

This story was written in 1994 while I was recuperating at my sister’s house in East Hampton.

The writing style is rough and pathetically stylistic. … 5 096 fler ord

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