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#SWEET! George W. Bush's Daughters Write Heartwarming Letter to Sasha & Malia Obama!

In less than a week President Barack Obama and First Lady Michelle Obama will no longer be the leaders of the Free World. No one know what the rest of their lives after The White House will be, but we sure hope they will be great for them and their daughters, Sasha and Malia. 877 fler ord

Hey Mikey

Science and Race, Part 1

There are lots of online resources for teaching about race and its basis or lack thereof in biology. This is one topic that really does lie at the intersection of science and social science. 225 fler ord

Middle School

Tavis Smiley blames Chicago kidnapping on video games

Holy shit, can’t these journalists ever stop pushing their agenda’s for even just a few minutes? What an unbelievable piece of shit, trying to downplay what these four kids did… 317 fler ord


Jeff Sessions Hearings

Jeff Sessions is nominated for Attorney General of the United States.  His testimony want held two days ago.  Yesterday Cory Booker and other black men testified.   75 fler ord


January 10th: Subscribe to a Magazine

I used to get a lot of different magazines when I was a kid but it has been a while since I have subscribed to one and had it sent to me. 111 fler ord


Two good reasons to avoid the Lifetime movie about the Flint Water Crisis

1: It will star crazy libtard Cher.

2: One of the executive producers is the lying libtard Katie Couric, who is currently facing a $12 million defamation lawsuit for her anti-gun documentary. 209 fler ord