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Dear Republicans, Forget your reticence to even consider the possibility that President Trump colluded with Russian officials to win the presidency, BUT AT LEAST DEAL WITH THE REALITY THAT THE RUSSIANS DID IN FACT STRIKE DEEP INTO THE HEART OF OUR US DEMOCRACY WITH ITS ELECTIONS. 1 276 fler ord


Bill Clinton and Boris Yeltsin: When the White House fixed a Russian election -- WSWS

Joe Shumate, Richard Dresner, and George Gorton were three of the main U.S. political operatives in this scheme. Dick Morris was also involved and was the liaison with President Bill Clinton. 2 079 fler ord

Jay Z to Bail Out Dads on Father's Day and Take On the Bail-Bond Industry


Jay Z, who just became a father all over again earlier this week, is also making news for a different reason. It seems he’s stepping up his involvement in social issues. 264 fler ord


Time Magazine's ‘The Next Generation of Catholic Priests... Young, Energized and Ready to Remake the Church’

Chicago’s own Rev. James Wallace of St. Juliana Parish, featured in this week’s Time Magazine article ‘The God Squad: The Next Generation of Catholic Priests… Young, Energized and Ready to Remake the Church’ discusses the inspiration from Pope Francis and Cardinal Cupich, to shift the way the Catholic Church serves their communities and reset the Church for future generations. 18 fler ord

Dave Plier

Time Magazine: Without US Money Global Climate Progress Will Slow

Guest essay by Eric Worrall Greens are complaining that lack of US financial support is impacting progress. But a closer look at Green Climate Fund documents in my opinion opens serious questions about how that money was being spent.

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Climate Matters

When a company cuts jobs, it shouldn't spin that reality with corporate bullshit

The owner of the grandparent of weekly news magazines, Time, has decided to shed 300 jobs through layoffs and buyouts to reduce its costs. 519 fler ord