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The John Williams Show Full Podcast 10.18.17: Thomas Jefferson, #MeToo, leadership

The president said on Monday that most previous presidents didn’t make phone calls to the families of fallen military service members. John asks you if conversation of more recent news of his insensitive comment while on one of those calls deserves airtime. 93 fler ord

John Williams

Trash to Treasure

My friend, Danny, unexpectedly brought Sister Rosemary by my office last week during her visit to Pepperdine.  What a gift!  I have seen a handful of people who made TIME magazine’s 2014 list of the 100 most influential people in the world in person, but it was most definitely the first time one dropped by my office to say hello.   194 fler ord

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A short interview with Dirty Harrry

Charalampos Kydonakis aka Dirty Harrry is a photographer from the ”Island of the Minotaur”. He is a member of the international collective in-public and part of his work have been… 241 fler ord

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The Letter that Revealed Bill W's Dependencies

One of the most influential reads in my early recovery was Bill W’s “Emotional Sobriety.”  Published in a 1958 edition of the AA Grapevine, Bill writes about his battles with dependency. 605 fler ord

Gurmehar Kaur is Time Magazines top 10 Next Gen leaders

Gurmehar Kaur is one of Time Magazine’s 10 Next Generation Leaders for 2017. Time Magazine hailed her as a free speech warrior.

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Vicky Nanjappa