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Franzen Featured on TIME Magazine Cover

On this date in 2010, Jonathan Franzen became the first author to appear on the cover of TIME Magazine since Stephen King’s cover in 2000.


Trump Staff Under Scrutiny

Leigh Vogel—WireImage


Donald Trump’s paid campaign staffers have declared on their personal social media accounts that Muslims are unfit to be U.S. citizens, mocked how Mexicans talk, called for Secretary of State John Kerry to be hanged and stated their readiness for civil war… 60 fler ord

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How Trolls Are Ruining the Internet

TIME – Joel Stein

They’re turning the web into a cesspool of aggression and violence. What watching them is doing to the rest of us may be even worse… 603 fler ord

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Brie Larson Now Has a Side Job Counseling Twitter Trolls

Unlike most Hollywood celebrities, Brie Larson doesn’t just go on social media to promote her latest projects. The Oscar-winning star of Room, who will also be playing… 219 fler ord


Aetna Cuts Back on Affordable Care Act Public Exchanges

Aetna will become the latest health insurer to chop participation in the Affordable Care Act’s public exchanges when it trims its presence to four states for 2017, from 15 this year.

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