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FAQ: The strays of Greece

Everywhere you go in Greece, you see dogs roaming about. They’re usually large, well fed and quite friendly. Some of them wear collars too. Are they strays? 823 fler ord

Modern Greece

We Should Always Have Three-Day Weekends

Working less is the basis for a better standard of life

Source: We Should Always Have Three-Day Weekends

”By working most of the time, we also lose time with family and friends. 97 fler ord


Ph1, Context & Narrative part 2, 513323, Project 1 Telling a story

W.Eugene Smith, ‘Country Doctor’ photo essay 1948

My initial thoughts on viewing this series, as well as reading the accompanying captions, was just how valuable the camera can be at documenting a slice of life that is preserved as a historical record and resource for future generations. 802 fler ord


Aspartame - The Sweet Poison

The diet colas penetrated the market with one tag line: Zero Sugar. To make the colas sweet, artificial sweeteners are used. The most common sweetener being Aspartame. 330 fler ord

News Around The Food World

”Nature is cruel, but we don’t have to be.”  – Temple Grandin

"A Nation Without Soul" – What the West Gets Wrong About Singapore

My country always seems to elicit a certain brand of commentary from the West. On one hand, they laud Singapore for its economic prowess, but such praise is often tempered by critique about the country’s supposedly unsavoury aspects: lack of democracy, lack of culture, unhealthy addiction to studying – this list goes on and it’s pretty long. 1 680 fler ord


JSP Visual Week In Review ~ 08 | 29 | 15

Man, what a crazy week. Flew past me in a blur, as, it seems, this summer did too.

On Tuesday, my wife and kids headed down to the Jersey Shore to hang with cousins and family. 223 fler ord

New Jersey