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More interested in the wrapping

The Big T has been going through tools boxes belonging to his father and grandfather. Yesterday he found this wire gauge — wrapped in a page from the… 66 fler ord


Docker PowerShell commands and AutoHotKey


I’m doing quite a few exercies with Docker in the last fiew days. I start to notice that I need a toolkit of useful commands to cleanup all the containers or images that I move around. 119 fler ord


Donald Bell, Maker Update

Our guest this week is Donald Bell. Donald creates tool review videos for Cool Tools. He also hosts a weekly YouTube show called Maker Update… 1 438 fler ord


Shock Spanner Wrench

Anyone who has ever attempted to adjust the shocks on a motorcycle will tell you how hard it can be without the proper tools. Setting shock spring preload on any bike equipped with a swing-arm suspension, as well as soft-tail models, is critical to ride quality, comfort, and safety.  363 fler ord


Tools used for Communication

  • Mails

The team’s first contact was through mails. Instead of sending a PowerPoint like we did with Alex, they preferred sending a brief introduction email. Since I was struggling with my email address at that time, really soon I decided to create another one entirely dedicated to the project. 257 fler ord