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University wasn't the place for me, but I'm determined to go back

University wasn’t the place for me. I’m not saying it was bad. I’m just saying it wasn’t good. I didn’t care about the Mexican Revolution, religious symbolism in the work of J. 534 fler ord

Tourette Syndrome

What Does Disability Look Like?

According to a recent study, 9 out of 10 people would challenge someone using a disabled toilet if they showed no visible signs of disability. 201 fler ord

Tourette Syndrome

Treatment Methods

Often, tics are mild, and there’s no treatment required. It is essential however, to educate the individual and others in their life about TS and provide appropriate supports for different settings, such as school, work, or home. 714 fler ord


Current statistics on Tourette's

Current State/Statistics:

  • Estimated that 1 in every 162 children have TS.
    • Half of which, are undiagnosed
  • 37% have been reported as having moderate or severe forms…
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It’s OK to Hate Being Chronically Ill

There are a lot of disability advocates out there promoting how disability and neurodiversity can be an excellent addition to the world, enrich our lives and be a boon to society. 271 fler ord

Tourette Syndrome

How Not To Meet Someone with Tourette’s

  • Ask they why they’re not swearing (only a minority do)
  • Ask why they haven’t ticced yet (people with Tourette’s don’t tic every second of every day)
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Tourette Syndrome

Most People Don’t Swear but I Do

Whenever I meet new people and I have to explain that I have Tourette’s, I make sure to explain that I am an anomaly.

Firstly, I’m a woman and Tourette’s normally affects males. 281 fler ord

Tourette Syndrome