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The Simple Thing You Can Do to Help Thousands Living with PANS/PANDAS

As an adult with a neuroimmune condition that most doctors don’t know how to diagnose, let alone treat, all too often, I’ve felt like there was nothing I could do to change their minds. 1 129 fler ord


TOURETTES TAKEOVER- for Tourettes Syndrome awareness month.

NAME: BETH GREENWOOD AGE: 20 TOWN: West Yorkshire. TICCING SINCE: late teens


I was diagnosed at 17 but suspected Tourette’s for about two year before. 470 fler ord

TOURETTES TAKEOVER- for TS awareness month.

This month is Tourettes Syndrome awareness month. Tourettes effects everyone very differently. Tourettes is not just swearing. Many people have simple tics which can be suppressed well, while others have more complex or severe TS which can affect daily life. 600 fler ord

Tourette's Syndrome and the stereotype of coprolalia

One of the most successful movies of 2019 is Motherless Brooklyn, directed and interpreted by Edward Norton and inspired by the namesake book, written by Jonathan Lethem 20 years earlier. 949 fler ord

a BwN on Pee 178-189 of a1000Pees

Can a Brain without Neurons do a Pee? Well, let’s just see.

”From the viewpoint of racism, there is no exterior, there are no people on the outside. 2 148 fler ord



When you talk about it, you need to look for hope. This statement has been in my thoughts all day. Anyone who regularly reads this blog already knows what I’m writing about. 939 fler ord

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Still here...Same Claudia, New Last Name

I promised I’d blog….4 years ago! Then life got really dreamy, and then dreamier, and then tough, and tougher, and dreamy again, and then tough again, and so on. 567 fler ord