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Why I Love Having Tourette's

There are so many positive aspects to having Tourette’s, it’s hard to know where to begin. But I think I’ll start where I am usually: the centre of attention. 492 fler ord


How To Walk With Tourette's

After a couple shots of tequila, it’s normal to have a bit of difficultly walking. You might sway a little. Maybe straight lines are difficult. Or else, you might bump into something because your drunken brain has decided to be an inattentive buffoon. 339 fler ord


What Makes Me Tic and What Makes Me Tick?

In no particular order, the following is what makes me tic:

  1. Squeamishness
    I had to have a blood test the other week, and my tics were out of control.
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This Is What Tourette’s Syndrome Feels Like

About two years ago, I started to whistle –  a seemingly ordinary event that struck me, and everyone else around me, as incredibly odd. It was not so much the fact that I have never been a whistler, but rather that I was whistling without really wanting to. 1 513 fler ord


I Talk Shit

I am part of a very elite group. No, I do not have an American Express platinum card, nor have I ever been part of the Bullingdon Club, or a member the House of Lords. 478 fler ord


9 Things People Ask When I Tell Them I Have Tourette's

  1. What’s that?
    People ask me this so often it’s a wonder why I haven’t memorised a paragraph explaining what Tourette’s is. Anyway, Tourette’s Syndrome, or, for the acronym-prone amongst us, TS, is a neurological condition which causes those with it to experience tics – involuntary rapid movements (called motor tics), and involuntary sounds, words, and sentences (called vocal tics). 
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Tourette's Broke My Window

Tourette’s has taught me a few things. Most of these centre around what you’d expect: the general lack of awareness surrounding the condition, people’s differently weird reactions to tics, the fact that lots of people don’t get that Tourette’s is a disability, not a punchline. 366 fler ord