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"Little Italy" Salad

I was inspired to come up with this salad after taking stock of ingredients I already had in my home and purchasing a new jar of ”Little Italy New York City Herbs” from The Spice House (hence the name of this recipe). 190 fler ord


Gyro Fries - Zaina

Zaina has three locations in the Seattle area; Downtown, Lake City, and Aurora. I visited the Downtown location by Pike Place Market, so I can only speak to the quality there (so far). 257 fler ord

French Fries

Pita Bread & Tzatziki 

I keep getting cucumbers in my boxes from my Arkansas farm coop. I didn’t think that I even liked cucumbers until this summer. However, I think I may have turned into a cucumber fan. 344 fler ord


amazing tzatziki


that’s a pretty strong statement to say, isn’t it?

while many of you are probably screaming at your screens, telling me to stay in my own lane, i’m over here licking delicious creamy garlicky oh-so-amazing tzatziki off of a spoon at an alarming rate without a care in the world. 153 fler ord


meat balls with tzatziki

I know, it’s not healthy, it’s meat and even worse fried.. but come on, every now and then it can’t be that bad! my mom, every time she makes meatballs ‘keftedes’, she makes a lot (that’s common for Greek people, when they cook they cook as if they are eating with 10 instead of 2!).

422 fler ord
Olive Oil

Authentic Greek Gyros

For who don’t know already I live in beautiful Greece.. i know LUCKY ME ;)
Ever since I came here (2015) I fell in love with everything in here the colors, the loud streets, the elders sitting on coffee shops playing and smiling, the smell of fresh air mixed with grills herbs and fruits it was so irresistible and the FOOD I got blown away with the food here (flavors, textures, freshness…Everything). 489 fler ord


Failed Cold Souvlaki Sandwich

There is a Greek restaurant I used to go to before we moved and the last time I went, they not only increased their prices, but they also removed the fries that would come with their pita sandwiches. 148 fler ord