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Gyros in Khios

After making a pretty successful run of the tzatziki, I needed something to eat with it and I’ve always wanted to try to my hand at recreating a gyro. 683 fler ord


Tzatziki in Santorini

A few months ago, I had the opportunity to travel throughout Greece and marvel at its history, the beauty of its islands and its people. Because I grew up with Filipino parents, to me, a big part of a country’s culture was its food. 612 fler ord


I Licked the Acropolis.

That is not a typo. I quite literally licked a chalky/dusty old piece of marble at the Acropolis. I hope that’s not insulting to their culture in any way? 440 fler ord



Making a good tzatziki very much depends on the quality of the chosen yoghurt, not to mention how long you have drained both yoghurt and cucumber. 303 fler ord


Gravlax and baked potatoes

with tzatziki and roasted beetroots.

Salted raw fish is one of the real favorites of all our family, even my three daughters have stuffed themselves with them since they’ve been very, very young. 386 fler ord


Schab w marynacie śródziemnomorskiej


  • 360 g schabu, pokrojonego w plastry
  • WINIARY Pomysł na… Grilla 2w1 marynata do karkówki śródziemnomorska oraz dip tzatziki
  • 3 łyżki oleju
  • 200 g jogurtu greckiego…
  • 88 fler ord
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