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Stuffed grape leaves for dinner

Every time I go through the vineyards I think about picking some of the leaves the next Spring from the ends of the rows where they are typically more abundant than the grapes that will hang in that area; I have yet to make time during the Spring to do so.   1 088 fler ord

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Opa! Greek Buffalo Burgers

Warning: Do NOT skim through this recipe and then let weeks go by before you decide to make these burgers yourself! You will hit yourself upside the head wondering why you didn’t heed this warning and try the recipe out right away. 235 fler ord


Gyros,  real Greek food 

One of our bestsellers:

Original Gyros with handmade Tzatziki.

Come and enjoy the taste of Greece…

Ban Chang

Gyro with Tzatziki Sauce

During my time in France, after working long hours bleeding and sweating in the Michelin star kitchen to feed other people avant-garde food, the only thing that could quench the rumbling in my belly would be some nasty and delicious street food. 628 fler ord


Greek Lamb Balls on Skewers with Tzatziki / Greske Lammeboller på Spyd med Tzatziki

A classic Greek recipe found on matprat.no

Tzatziki (English pronunciation: /tætˈsiːki/, /tsætˈsiːki/, or /tɑːtˈsiːki/; Greek: τζατζίκι or or in Cypriot Greek: τταλαττούρι ) is a Greek sauce served with grilled meats or as a dip. 42 fler ord


5 Strange Potato Chips

Before the barbecue Saturday, I asked the host what I should bring. ”Maybe some bags of chips that aren’t plain,” he responded. I try to avoid that aisle entirely so it’s been a while since I really inspected what was out there. 488 fler ord