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Baked salmon with cucumber dill sauce

Or, if you’re like me, cucumber dill sauce with a side of salmon… and Riesling…

In the interest of full disclosure, I found this salmon recipe on The Pioneer Woman’s website (LOVE HER!!!!!) at… 641 fler ord


Lamb Nachos with Tzatziki

Lamb Nachos with Tzatziki

  • Servings: servings 3-4
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Author note: Feel free to add as many chips and toppings (cheese, feta, tzatziki and tomato onion salad) as desired. 326 fler ord

More Than Delicious

Oh, I guess it’s been a long time since I posted pictures of food. Above you can see a fast food dish that I do really like. 63 fler ord


Greek-style dinner.

I’m not a huge fan of cucumbers. It’s not that I dislike this vegetable, either (strictly speaking, it’s actually a berry), but, there’s little more to it than, well, water, right? 570 fler ord


Aus der Schweiz - aktuelle Lifestyle-Meldung: Tzatziki – Einfach und schnell selber gemacht

Photo: Trauringe : Trend

Lesenswerter Text zu diesem spannendem Thema aus der Schweiz.

Tzatziki kann man natürlich beim Grossverteiler oder beim Griechen um Die Ecke kaufen.
1 135 fler ord

Lifestye In Der Schweiz

An introduction of Greek Food at Nostimo Greek Grill, Bali.

There’s a saying.. ”Learn something new every day.”

Well, that day I’ve learned that I love Greek food. XD Especially the one I had at Nostimo Greek Grill, Bali. 999 fler ord

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