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Time for a Greek Feast!

I adore Greek food! Up until fairly recently, I was only hooked on gyros (gyros from the original Gondolier’s in Woodstock, to be exact). Now, I’ve started experimenting in the kitchen after I bought a Greek cookbook at my local Greek festival a few years back. 299 fler ord

Mediterranean Sandwich Co., Downtown Mobile, AL

There’s this little restaurant downtown that, late night on Saturdays, LaTeef and I find ourselves driving to almost every weekend. It’s located just near the corner of Dauphin Street and Jackson Street. 727 fler ord

Dining In

Tzatziki and no veggie bean burgers!

Oh I’m having a right ‘mare tonight! As I’ve said before, I don’t eat meat during the week for the animals/environment/my colon. However, this week has been tricky as I’ve really fancied a juicy piece of chicken. 116 fler ord


Falafel with Tzatziki

I love Greek food, and I have tried many times to make falafel just to end up with a mushy mess that falls apart while cooking. 497 fler ord

Tzatziki (Greek Cucumber Dip)

My take on Greek tzaztiki dip – it’s fantastic served with pitta or crusty bread and all kinds of dishes like gyros, souvlaki or part of a mezze. 697 fler ord


The all-Greek Tzatziki - Le Fameux Tzatziki Grec

Feeling summery and yearning for some fresh and light dip? Turn to Greece and its renowned dips! Tzatziki being one of the easiest dips to make!… when you have the right recipe on hand :) 306 fler ord