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Assyrian Zazich and Tzatziki


I’m half Assyrian. I grew up eating a dish called Zazich (prounounced jah-jek). It’s a cheese spread that we’d smear on everything and eat like it was going out of style. 668 fler ord


Rainbow Trout gone Greek!

… love, LOVE this one! May be my all time fave!

Usually use Wild Pacific Salmon, but today Rainbow trout was on sale… and truth be told, I prefer it to salmon. 38 fler ord


Tzatziki Greek Yogurt Sauce

A new favorite of mine, this tzatziki is so versatile and a healthy dip that can be put on chicken, fish, or served with veggies! This dip is a part of Mediterranean cuisine, which is one of my favorites because of all of the fish dishes, vegetable components and dips! 261 fler ord


Lamb Sandwich with Tzatziki Sauce



Tzaziki on Wheat Bread

Open-face Sandwich

A mouthful of flavors with thin-sliced lamb chop served on rosemary-herb butter toast with a Tzatziki Sauce Recipe… 144 fler ord


Tzatziki Sauce

What’s a Greek dish without TZATZIKI!!!
This is a fresh and light cucumber and yogurt based sauce perfect for veggies, pita bread, and meats… it’s time to get creative, the possibilities are endless!!! 198 fler ord


Paleo Tzatziki Sauce

Dips and sauces can seem like the most difficult recipes to make paleo; this is because they are often dairy based. However, if we spend a little time thinking outside the box we can find a way to make them fit our paleo lifestyle. 200 fler ord

Paleo Recipes

Gyro Burger

I didn’t feel like going full on Alton Brown on the little bit of ground lamb I had so I just added a ton of garlic, cumin, ginger, and a store bought Greek seasoning powder and fried it up like a basic burger.   24 fler ord