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2. veebruar. Kevadised kotletid salati ja tzatzikiga.

Mõned aastad tagasi saabus Härra meie toonasest kodupoest tagasi, näpus emotsiooniostuna (!) soetatud raamat (!). Raamatuks oli Indrek Kivisalu ja Rudolf Visnapuu ”Hakkliha. Pisikesest frikadellist pikkpoisini.” Täna tuli selle raamatu olemasolu mulle inspiratsioonikriisis meelde. 241 fler ord

Pomegranate Eggplant

This is one of my favorite recipes.  It’s such a simple go to; you can wow friends and family, or just make it for dinner when you’re short on time or feel lazy enough to not make something elaborate.   274 fler ord

From Herb Garden To Greek Inspired Dinner

Last night we went over to our neighbours house for dinner. As they have a little baby I wanted to make it easy for them so I offered to cook us all dinner. 398 fler ord

Healthy Eating

Harissa baked salmon with giant Moroccan couscous and Tzatziki

This dish is a bit of a mish mash of cuisines, with harissa and cumin bringing a flavour of North Africa meeting Tzatziki, the famous yoghurt dip from Greece. 476 fler ord


New favorite - falafel

One of my new years resolutions was to eat more veggies this year, and as I am not planning to add just more salad in my diet I have to start testing new recipes. 344 fler ord


Homemade Tzatziki

All of my lovely readers already know how much I adore Greek food. (I’m often heard at cocktail parties saying, ”I swear I studied abroad in Greece for the feta!”) Luckily Greek food happens to be some of the healthiest food you can eat so January is a great time to try it if you never have before. 241 fler ord


Steak slaai met bietjie Tzatziki

Wat kort jy vir die slaai?

Omtrent 150g van daai “coleslaw mix” pakke wat jy by meeste winkels se groente afdeling kry. Nie die soort met mayonnaise in nie. 120 fler ord