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Mediterranean Roll-Up

The Steelers are playing again on Sunday, whoop whoop!  We are planning to have friends over and gorge on snacks and comfort foods.  I can’t wait! 543 fler ord


Gyros On Freshly Baked Pita And Lemon Rice

I ate a lot of gyros (pronunciation 1pronunciation 2) when I was young. The fat on the grill in this recipe puts one of my favorite aromas in the air. 88 fler ord


Cheery Winter Yam Fries! (and homemade tzatziki dip)

Vegan yam fries & tzatziki dip :)

vegan ◦ salt-free ◦ oil-free

Featuring homemade tzatziki recipe from Straight Up Food.

Today was one of those warm days in the midst of winter that reminds you what spring is like. 412 fler ord


Lipii cu pui si culoare

Postarea de astazi ii urmeaza unei cine reusite alaturi de oameni faini, pe care nu i-am mai vazut in formula completa de mult timp.

E o idee deosebita pentru momentele in care esti in criza de timp si totusi vrei sa iti impresionezi musafirii. 362 fler ord


Jimmy Grants

The Med Diet

(150g chicken, beet salad, tzatziki)

A healthier menu option that was filling and tasty.


Chips with garlic oil, feta and oregano… 129 fler ord


Stolen Recipes: Pork Souvlaki

I’ve been making this recipe for quite a few years now. It’s Jamie Oliver’s, from his TV series Jamie Does, but he’s also kindly published it… 429 fler ord