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Mamma Mia!

Inspired by Mamma Mia!

I have had a lifelong fascination with leading ladies.  I happily jump down YouTube holes, re-watching acceptance speeches from Meryl, Liza, and Chita.   813 fler ord


Yogurt-Marinated Chicken Kebabs with Tzatziki

Recently, I demonstrated how to make this dish for a promotional shoot on cooking with herbs for a grocery store and was reminded of how good it is.  545 fler ord


Open-Faced Crab Cake Sandwiches with Tzatziki

Trying something a little different. We don’t seem do seafood all that often in our house, which doesn’t mean we don’t like it, it just means that we don’t have it that often. 404 fler ord


Kitchen Alchemy! (well... burgers)

13th March 2015

Friday feeling! I love Friday evenings, mainly because I love the weekend – and Friday evening means it’s all still yet to come. 131 fler ord

Quick & Easy Tzatziki!

Hello everyone! We are one day closer to that lovely weekend of ours, which is reason enough to celebrate today! Yesterday’s post was pretty heavy for me, so today, I thought I’d share a quick and easy recipe with you all! 303 fler ord


j'aime la cuisine grecque

L’huile d’olive, les plantes aromatiques, les légumes, les produits de la mer, la viande, le poisson.

Les olives, les tomates, la feta, les aubergines, le concombre, les courgettes. 23 fler ord

Mediterranean for Dinner: 5lb Chicken and Falafel recipe

In my family we tell this story:

Many moons ago ;) my great grand father moved from Greece to the states to create a better life for his family.  728 fler ord

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