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Authentic Home Style Greek Food at Grecian Grill in Dubai Marina

I like Greek food and the variety of vegetarian dishes Greek cuisine offers is truly amazing. Greek cuisine is known for its rich culinary tradition that has simple to elaborate dishes. 507 fler ord


Athens, Greece - Today's Small Moments

Saturday, June 23rd

This is my 10th day in Athens.  My historical focus has been an interest in the 12 olympian gods of ancient Greece.  Yesterday, as I walked the Ancient Agora of Athens….I was brought back down from Mount Olympus and started thinking about what life would have been life for the ancient Athenians. 233 fler ord


Athens, Greece - Monastiraki Square

We stumbled into this busy square as we walked back to the apartment! This was a tourist trap!  Nothing but shops, restaurants, people, more people, and pushy souvenir/trinket sellers!   73 fler ord


Gemischte Hackrolle Feta Breite Bohnen Tzatziki Bratkartoffeln Weinblätter

Ich kam heute etwas zu spät nach Hause um einkaufen zu gehen, also sah ich mich um. Zum Glück! Es gab noch Schätze, die erst unter Druck ihr tolles Innenleben offenbaren. 233 fler ord


Tzatziki in a Hurry

One of my favorite go to freezer meals that I make in bulk and freeze for a yummy weeknight dinner is Spinach and Feta Turkey Sliders. 480 fler ord


From the Moghul Empire to Mykonos and a recipe for tzatziki.

As this article is substantially a recipe on how to make Tzatziki if you only wish to view the recipe please skip over the next few paragraphs and go straight to the list of ingredients and instructions at the foot of this page. 813 fler ord