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Greek Rotisserie Chicken Wraps

When it’s hot outside, you’re tired of grilling, but want something quick and easy, these Greek Rotisserie Chicken Wraps are just the ticket! My family eats only half a rotisserie chicken for dinner, and when I was faced with the leftover half the next day I wracked my brain what to do with it. 214 fler ord

Main Dishes

Greece - Tzatziki

A truly wonderful yogurt dip/sauce! Spices vary in recipes, I really like it with mint.

1 cup Greek yogurt
1 cucumber, seeded, finely grated and drained… 55 fler ord


Tzatziki Classico

Il primo piatto che viene in mente agli italiani quando pensano alla cucina greca è il tzatziki. È un antipasto semplice ed eccellente nel periodo estivo grazie al suo fresco sapore. 129 fler ord


Retail therapy

One thing the Ginge and I* have been working on this summer is our grill game. We started by upgrading from the cheapest charcoal grill Home Depot has to offer (not worth the savings!) to a fancy, giant Weber model with a snazzy green paint job that matches our house. 286 fler ord


One of the Best Greek Dishes Ever - Tzatziki - Perfect for Summer

After a summer that felt more like early October, we in the Midwest are now experiencing a heat wave. I can’t think of a better recipe to beat the summer heat than my favorite Greek yogurt-cucumber dip (or sauce, depending on how you use it) – tzatziki! 260 fler ord


Madplan uge 29 og 30

Lørdag aften stod på lækker sommermad. Vi lavede kyllingestrimler, som var marineret i olivenolie og en masse krydderier efter eget valg. Dertil lavede vi en tomatsalat, der bestod af store tomater skåret i skiver, sammen med mozzarella i skiver og frisk basilikum på toppen og med lidt olivenolie, salt og peber over. 54 fler ord


Eating in Greece

I’ve often heard that a mediterranean diet is the healthiest. Sure I guess, if you have more self-control than I do and can stop yourself from sopping up every little bit of olive oil drenched deliciousness with every last crumb of fresh bread that comes with every dish.  528 fler ord