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As the semester comes to an end...

As I completed my last essay for the year on Thursday, and finished three courses out of four, I almost underestimated how little time I have left in Sweden. 1 015 fler ord


Uppsala; Sweden ~ damn!

Hey ghosts! I’m sorry for horrible update but I’m at the hospital in Uppsala, Sweden with my mom. New tests etc on her cancer. I’m so close to break down and cry. 163 fler ord


Fall in Uppsala- 2 month living in Sweden

Time flies! It’s incredible how fast the past weeks went by. Now I’m here in Sweden for over two months and I still haven’t written on this blog. 542 fler ord


Belated Halloween

Hej kompisar!

Winter has arrived in Sweden and it feels like Christmas is around the corner with all the snow in town, but before the ground turned white my friends and I decided to celebrate a late Halloween last weekend. 313 fler ord


Winter has come

Hej kompisar!

I’m not gonna do the Game of Thrones joke, as everyone is doing these days here in Sweden but winter is here. Winter has arrived to Uppsala. 192 fler ord


Accommodation in Uppsala, Sweden

When it comes to my experience with finding accommodation here in the beautifully quaint city of Uppsala, I have to say that it was wonderfully simple, if inevitably a little terrifying, as moving to a new country was always going to be. 444 fler ord

Study Abroad

Sweden - Two Perspectives!

Hello everyone!

Day 1

Keith: Early start. Not. Enough. Coffee. Once caffeinated, our slightly worrying travel conundrum turned out to be hilariously unimportant. We did a quick flight over some beautiful fjords into Oslo and then a second, quicker flight over the Scandinavian peninsula to Stockholm. 1 103 fler ord

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