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Grattis Yvonne 70 år!

When Yvonne turned 70 she knew she wanted a party at her home with her whole family including 10 small children. The only problem is she turned 70 in January and decided with that many small children it’s probably easier to wait until the spring so everyone can be outside. 69 fler ord


National Dagen!

Today is Sweden’s national day and every year each municipality arranges a ceremony for all the people that became Swedish citizens during the year. This year Max and Sofia got to participate! 26 fler ord

God Bless William!

I was only a guest at William’s Christening, not a hired photographer. But I couldn’t resist bringing my camera along anyway. I didn’t manage to get so many shots of the actual man of the hour but a few of the other guests. 7 fler ord

Mj's Wonder Women Series Feature #3: Ipshita Rajesh

I had a desire to photograph outdoors in urban spaces, classical dance forms that are usually performed on stage. The idea was at the back of my head for over a year. 2 393 fler ord


After all the rural and natural landscapes and the continuous beautifully startling sunsets, we feel like we need a detox therapy from all the peacefulness and and purity, so we head towards the city that is closest to us, Uppsala. 881 fler ord


people accepted that

I slid down a well-trodden sheet of ice into the humming glow of a Swedish grocery store. I passed the familiar Hej! Hej! of the Romanian woman shrouded in bits and pieces of clothing as friends laughed too loudly for the time of day. 919 fler ord


All about SFI

Hej hej!

Today I’ll tell you all about my experience with SFI (svenska för invandrare). First of all, I want to say that it all varies from kommun to kommun and within schools too, so my experience might be different to yours. 528 fler ord