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Glad Valborg!

Dear friends and family,

Kära familj och vänner!

This was how I spent Walpurgis night in Austin. I missed Uppsala, a little bit. But this was pretty nice too… 59 fler ord

Life In Austin TX


Normally I try summarizing the week Monday through Sunday in the posts I make; however, with Paris getting four posts of its own, I decided that my return to Stockholm would be included in this week’s summary. 1 348 fler ord

Valborg 2015

Gårdagens valborgfirande i några bilder. Jag satt i Ekonomikumparken från ungefär kvart över två, sen droppade några andra in vid tretiden. Kändes lite utsatt att sitta ensam och dricka bland allt folk, men jag hade valt en ganska folktom plats där vi skulle sitta, men många gick förbi. 113 fler ord

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Valborg outside Uppsala

It is that time of the year. It is the time when the lilacs, syrenen, bud. All over town – over that particular fairy tale town – there is a sweet smell of spring. 453 fler ord

Report from FC in Uppsala

During the last weekend of March it was time again for the bi-annually meetings of the Federal Committee of JEF Europe – this time the lovely student city of Uppsala (Sweden) was calling! 369 fler ord

JEF Europe

April 13th, 2015-Dream Of Sweden

*Last dream for awhile…promise lol*

I was outside Uppsala, in Sweden. There was a swampy area, not far from a very large tree. I was older and I was with my husband, didn’t know who he was. 68 fler ord