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University is on

Hej kompisar!

Yesterday was my first day of uni here in Uppsala and I can’t believe how fast time has passed. The last 10 days have been a blur. 298 fler ord


Arriving in Uppsala


Welcome to the latest installment in my series of posts about my recent holiday in Sweden. This post sets the scene for my two night stay in Uppsala. 544 fler ord


"Winter is coming. You don't have to wait for volume seven."

…So began the university guide’s speech at the welcoming ceremony at Uppsala University’s main building last Thursday.”It’s coming, I promise you…if you want to do something out in the sun do it quickly.” After all the speeches by the university’s vice chancellor, Uppsala’s mayor and the student nations, this was the one pearl of wisdom that stuck the most with me. 650 fler ord


Hej från Sverige!

If you’re not a fan of meeting people from across the world, swimming in wide open lakes, exploring forests, living in a town rich with history- I’d recommend avoiding Uppsala. 416 fler ord


En dimmig dag i skogen

This is the first time all week that the sun was up before me, but it remained hidden behind a thick fog nearly all morning. I’ve been on a strict exercise regimen, but weekends are my time to rest. 334 fler ord


Uppsala Living: Nations and Fika

I know. I did it again.

I’ve spent the last 7 months living abroad and I’ve hardly said boo on the blog that was supposed to document the whole thing. 1 040 fler ord



Hej kompisar!

Today was a very special day because I had fika for the first time. In Sweden, going for a coffee and a pastry is quite the tradition and it’s called fika. 242 fler ord