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Exchange in Uppsala

Uppsala is the 4th biggest city in Sweden and the biggest student town, located only an hour out of the capital city Stockholm. I arrived in mid January and boy was it cold! 387 fler ord


Valborg 2016 // Walpurgis night 2016

Jag tycket att vi sätter på Veronica Maggios ”17 år” så att man får en bra Valborg-i-Uppsala-känsla. :)

I think that we should turn on Veronica Maggio’s ”17 år” (”17 years”) so we’re getting that Walpurgis-in-Uppsala-feeling. 1 476 fler ord


Mindless Music Monday: Sweden

There’s a fair amount of Swedish music that sounds like a cold, melancholy winter. This makes sense because Sweden is one snowy place, but I’ve been surprised by how much light-hearted, fun, and even genius, pop music comes out of this Scandinavian nation. 283 fler ord

Europe Vacation 2015: Vaksala Kyrka

On our way back from Stockholm we stopped by the Vaksala Kyrka.  (For information in English check out Wikipedia.)  This incredibly beautiful church was built during the 12th century.    149 fler ord

Scrapbooks For Men

Case: Valborg in Uppsala


You may or may not not have heard of a celebration called Valborg, or Walpurgis Night as it is called in English. But chances are that you are going to Uppsala today or tomorrow with a bunch of friends to celebrate something. 445 fler ord

Student Life

Monatsresumé #8 - Gesamtresumé #1

Vor meines Auslandssemesters in Uppsala fragten mich Interessierte nach dem Grund meiner Entscheidung, nach Schweden zu gehen. Meist passierte das in Bars oder Cafés und die Beteiligten hatten ein Bier in der Hand, wenn ich antwortete: “ich will dort meinen zukünftigen Ehemann finden”. 595 fler ord


And So It Begins | Skvalborg 

It’s the Valborg ”holidays” in Uppsala right now which really only means one thing: paaaaaaaaaaarty!! It’s a thing for students mainly, lasting for at least three days. 285 fler ord