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Men's Work: A Comment by Jonas Lindström on Tawny Paul's, ‘What’s in a name? Men, work and occupational identity’

The evidence collected by the Swedish Gender and Work project supports Tawny Paul’s point about men’s work. It certainly deserves the same kind of detailed analysis as women’s work. 490 fler ord

Hugos Kaffe: A funky café in Uppsala

back in my asheville days, i was known as “the fika girl“.

this is all because i decided to do a little blog project… 1 291 fler ord


Christer Hedlund

Christer Hedlund, of Uppsala, Sweden.
His 1967 1500cc Karmann Cabriolet, originally sold in Sweden. Has had the car since 1990.
Stock engine except Bosch VJ4BR25 distributor, Mr. 81 fler ord


Geijersgatan, Uppsala

Oil on Canvas
65 x 50 cm
9,900 SEK 1,000 EUR


Swappis shopping in Uppsala

Second hand shopping i Uppsala

Jag passade på att tokfynda på second hand butiken Swappis, som finns i Forumgallerian i Uppsala. En outfit var en riktigt fin klänning i svart och citrongult. 140 fler ord


91 days of being the best I can be

Today, March 17th, is the 3 month mark until I fly home to ‘Merica.
And it is completely bittersweet.

In three months, I will be heading back home to my family, friends, cats, dogs, 694 fler ord

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