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Hej hej from Sweden!

My name is Dan and I have just begun my exchange in Uppsala, Sweden after two months of backpacking around continental Europe and Scandinavia. Uppsala is student city (fourth largest city in Sweden), situated in central Sweden about 40 mins north of Stockholm.The city itself is beautiful and old with a really rich history. 750 fler ord


Long time no see

My last post was a couple of days after arriving and it’s 14.10. right now…. Sorry about that. Well how is my life here in Uppsala? 215 fler ord

A new week, new progress

The previous week went by very fast because of all the progress we made. We finished analyzing the results of the previous survey and also made a new one that you all answered! 204 fler ord

An airlock, rune mastery & the meaning of life

The Swedish train was impressive.

We’d flown into Stockholm from Manchester – after another early taxi thanks to untimely rail strikes – with carry-on luggage only, for a (slightly) cheaper ticket. 1 207 fler ord


Try Taste Take: An Open Vegan Potluck

Curious about vegan food but not sure where to start?

We have an open event for the public to try vegan food. If you like it, take home a copy of the recipe! 150 fler ord


Screaming, saunas and sunsets: A belated rant about accommodation 

Hej hej folks!

Apologies for the delay in posting, I’ve been documenting my days by taking an excessive number of photos over the past few weeks, but have only today found the time to sit down and write. 1 077 fler ord


Bikes, Fika, Gasques and Nations - A Pocket Guide to Uppsala, Sweden

Wondering what to expect when you get to Uppsala? There are four things you’ll be surrounded by as soon as you arrive in Sweden; bikes, nations, gasques and fika! 353 fler ord