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Fjällnora - Ice skating in winter wonderland

How can it be that it’s already February? Of 2018? When did that happen? Pff, time flies like crazy!

Is it just me or do you also feel like January is one looooong Monday? 731 fler ord


Core Course Week in Uppsala, Sweden

Last week was Core Course Week so I spent the majority of week with people from my class, Imagining the Other in European Literature. This was such a cool opportunity because I honestly felt that walking away from our week together, our class had grown so much closer. 684 fler ord


Happy Valentine's Day!

Or in Swedish, Alla hjärtans dag!  Best to all of you and thanks for reading my blog and for your comments.

This is a design for a textile (designed for interior decoration) by Britta Rendahl-Ljusterdahl from 1969, called Rose Tree, designed for the Uppsala County Crafts Association.  53 fler ord

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Sightseeing in sub-zero: a tourist’s guide to winter in Uppsala

Considering that I’m on exchange in Sweden for a full 10 months, you’d have maybe thought that friends and family would confine their visits to see me to the spring and summer months. 763 fler ord


The beginning: Galway

My trip from Uppsala in Sweden to Catania in Sicily, Italy, was my maiden journey in the long distance trucking department. I had discovered the pros and contras of travelling by road. 404 fler ord


Medieval churches and mid-century textiles: Britta Rendahl

A talented mid-century designer with both a fresh eye and an appreciation for traditional textiles, Britta Rendahl spent a large part of her career designing for the Uppsala County Crafts Association, in particular, designing rugs for area churches. 2 612 fler ord

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