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The things I miss

It’s always the little things … The street signs, the sing song-y sound of Swedish in the streets, the domkyrkan (church) and other buildings that are beautful (and hundreds of years old). 326 fler ord

Random Ramblings

Revision Time

It’s that time, the dreaded exam is upon you and you’re a bit stuck on ways to revise. I’ve been in education most of my life and through that I’ve found so many methods of studying. 167 fler ord


A day in the life

Hello again

Despite previously foreshadowing that my blog would fail to reach Entry #2, here I am for another round. Lucky you! I have decided to write a ‘ 1 146 fler ord


An Interview with a Historian: Humanities Not in Crisis

Without humanities, this society would be crazy.

That is the message from one Swedish historian who believes it is misguided to talk of the humanities in crisis. 544 fler ord

Craig Kelly

How to Survive Research Methods

The Peace and Conflict Studies masters and PhD programmes at Uppsala University are very quantitative research-based and you need to know your way around statistics and statistical analysis. 405 fler ord


Airport Boredom and Travelling 'Limbo'

What makes a good airport? It was a pretty long day of travelling last week so I had the time to ponder this question. Although there should be lots of direct flights from Stockholm Arlanda (the closest airport to Uppsala) to Scotland and the north of England, I have found myself going a very obscure route to get back home because it ended up being cheaper than a ‘normal’ route with SAS or NorwegianAir. 348 fler ord


The Reccegask

My phone died out before the gasque even began, so pictures are not nearly as abundant as I wish them to be, nor in the quality I desire – but, I’ll try my best to paint with words for all of you the bevvy of sights and emotions from Saturday. 1 815 fler ord