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24 May 2015 - to Stockholm

I woke up at 07.00 excited about getting down to Stockholm, my first major milestone after Nordkapp, and time for a day off, or maybe even two if the mood takes me. 1 228 fler ord

Bicycle Touring

23 May 2015 - to Uppsala

I had a bit of a lie in after yesterday’s epic ride, not getting out of my den until 8 o’clock; what a luxury! I still felt tired however at least my legs didn’t feel stiff, just slightly achy knees, and a wonky hand, and a sore posterior. 1 410 fler ord

Bicycle Touring

Culture Carnival

After the weekly saturday market at Fyris Torg in Uppsala, I took in a bit of the culture carnival taking place all over town. The Linne Gardens, taken over by Carl Linnaeus in 1741, had a baroque theme to their activities, and a plant market, so I had to go. 52 fler ord


Festival weather

Verkar som det blir ett fint festivalväder framåt helgen!

Jag kliver upp på Kulturalla-scenen bakom Orangeriet klockan 12.30 på Lördag 23/5 tillsammans med min man Magnus. 87 fler ord


To the market

No car today, I filled up my sturdy japanese bamboo rucksack to go to the Fyris Torg farmers market in Uppsala this morning.

As I stepped out the door, a flock of whooping cranes flew low over my garden and landed in the adjacent field, reminding me that I had forgotten my camera phone. 27 fler ord


A new start and a short way

It was a clear, fresh spring day today, with a warm breeze and trees in bloom. One of those days that makes you feel optimistic about the promise of spring and all that nonsense. 676 fler ord


Next period: doing a PhD in Sweden

I was on a PhD-interview one month ago at the Uppsala University, Sweden. And luckily I got the position for 4 years! Hurraay! I will expend my area to bacteria, analyzing bacterial communities in rock pools. 14 fler ord