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A week in Ludvika

Hej kompisar!

As I told you in my last entry, last month I went on a week-long field course to the town of Ludvika in the Dalarna province. 271 fler ord


I'm moving to Sweden!

I’ve got some exciting news! I’m moving to Sweden in January!

My Master’s degree involves moving country every semester, and last week I had to submit my preferences for the location of my second semester… I had 8 different universities to choose from, in 8 different European countries, and I wrote… 681 fler ord


A cold fall day

Förra lördagen bestämde jag mig att kravla upp ur sängen, ta på mig varma kläder och trotsa molnen och kylan där ute. Jag tog jag en promenad med min kamera och fotade lite höstbilder (jag var SÅ kall när jag kom hem igen, både ben och fingrar frös..!). 181 fler ord


#10 Uppsala Studentlopp

Two years ago around this time of the year I was running a half marathon back home, now I did a 10k in Uppsala – maybe half the distance, but I’ve kept up with running for the past two years, which is a big fat ‘HELL YEAH!’ for me. 535 fler ord

Fall is here

Hej kompisar!

The last month has been so hectic! The first class I took at UU, Geophysics, only lasted for a month, so I had to prepare for the final exam and finish all the assignments during the middle and end of September. 214 fler ord



Yesterday was a good day at the market.

It was cold and windy but not freezing, lots of people and very good sales.