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Checking in on the last three years...

This morning I spent 35 minutes trying to remember how to log on to WordPress to write on my blog. As it turns out, I have four Gmail accounts — and had forgotten how to log onto three of them. 1 209 fler ord

Nature | Autumn line-up

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Description From Photographer if Any:

I might have got better picture if I went there some days earlier.

By xyunjian



About my daughter

Since i have presented myself for you i would like now to present you my daughter.

Her full name is Shara Katerina Lindqvist and she is born on 21 of february 2010. 211 fler ord

Studera Med Barn

Cool second hand bag

Ett fynd jag gjorde på Social ekonomi, en second hand butik i Fålhagen. En väska från Wedins:

Riktigt fin och i väldigt bra skick för 60 spänn. 57 fler ord


Gamla #Uppsala - Old Uppsala

The other day we went on a small excursion to the old town of Uppsala.
The weather was really nice and warm!

Old Uppsala is very interesting because the are some archaeological findings in the area. 74 fler ord


Historic Uppsala

Uppsala domkryka dates back to the late 13th century and is 389ft in height, making it the tallest church building in Scandinavia.  As you can tell by my photos I could not get the whole building in the frame.   224 fler ord

Enjoying Life

A hike

On Sunday we went on a 13 km hike along the Uppland trail. We  took the train from Uppsala to Marma and then walked the distance until its next stop, … 96 fler ord

Things Of Beauty