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Uppsala Cathedral, seat of the Primate

The town plan of an old town or city in Europe was easy to decipher because the basic model was always the same. A central square and city hall/town hall located near the tallest building in town, the spires of the Cathedral church. 749 fler ord

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[travel] A week-end in Uppsala, Sweden

How is spring treating you? I have mentioned in my last post that I decided to add a new category on the blog to share my little escapes. 1 324 fler ord


Stefan Hannas Podd: Om Uppsalas växande skuldberg

I förra veckan presenterade den rödgröna majoriteten i Uppsala sitt bokslut för 2016. Helårsresultatet landade på 381 miljoner kronor – vid en första anblick ett riktigt bra resultat! 62 fler ord


With respect to the biannual back-to-university festivities and extraneous details.

There will be no embellishment on this post as it is late and therefore tainted with the retrospection of days’ past. This really only covers the days up until the 22nd of January. 802 fler ord


Sloppy Finish

This week’s blog post is going to be a special one.

And by ”special” I mean even more boring than the ones before – or more interesting, depending on your outlook and your role in game development -, because it deals with the phase of production that can be the most scary and the most mundane at the same time: The homestretch; the finish line; the final stage. 666 fler ord


When vet students storm Sweden

After a slightly dramatic start to the day after waking up with water pouring through my ceiling, I unceremoniously threw all my worldly possessions in a pile as far away from my “new indoor water feature” as possible, and gratefully left my legends of housemates to deal with the problem so I could catch my flight. 1 294 fler ord

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