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I've got a bike now!

Nu har jag fixat med mig en cykel till Uppsala! Som jag skrev för ungefär ett år sedan så cyklar ”alla” i Uppsala. Har du inte en cykel anses du vara en konstig student, haha. 181 fler ord


Helan går (or, drink the whole thing)!

At first sight, and judging from the solemn melody of this choral song, you’d think you’d be singing about an important, all-powerful topic, probably along the lines of a patriotic hymn. 828 fler ord


the margin

she  is turning her face so she might be you
she is standing on one leg with one shoe which is a symbol of destiny her previous destiny ( her name , her gender ,her religion … ) but no one can walk on one foot , she must herself chose the second shoe to wear and that make her able to walk tówards the dawn  .. 56 fler ord


Jaha! Jättebra!

Among reminiscences of days gone by in the greenest of places, it is about time that I dedicate a few lines to the Swedish language, a language that foreigners associate with a cadence similar to singing. 515 fler ord


Uppsala to Malmo


Welcome to the latest installment in this series of posts about my recent holiday in Sweden.


I had a very enjoyable time in Uppsala, as can be seen from the following posts: 345 fler ord


A First Week of Classes

It was a first few days of fun and leisure, but Monday 29th of August marked the beginning of the first week of courses, and as the saying goes, all good things must come to an end, eventually.  723 fler ord


Sunday in Uppsala - The Botanic Gardens and Carolina Rediviva


Welcome to the next installment in my series of posts about my recent holiday in Sweden. This post deals with the start of the full day I had at my disposal in Uppsala. 732 fler ord