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it's been a while

I was planning on blogging and journalling all through my exchange, but things happen and now I have a little over a month left and not a single blog post has been written. 750 fler ord



You are a C++ programmer who wants to push your self to the limit and contribute to one of the most exciting products currently being developed in Sweden. 445 fler ord

Nytt Jobb


We are looking for a Paid Acqusition Manager to join the Favro team, with plenty of drive and great problem solving skills. You will be responsible for creating, managing and optimizing digital marketing campaigns within various paid acquistion channels. 268 fler ord

Nytt Jobb

Neon Skies - Week 4

Week 4 started with rework on the drone to make the outer neon light strips larger. We then experimented with different colors and patterns to find something we liked. 203 fler ord


Design Thoughts: Playtesting Thoughts

Was at a playtesting event for projects today and it was amazing seeing how good people are at making games.

First year students making 3d Mech combat games, communication games where you have to navigate a smuggler ship together through mazes, a frog that inflates and deflates itself and just many, many more things. 297 fler ord


Fun Friends and Urban Burners

These past couple days have been amazing, despite feeling completely blue Sat-Wednesday. But then on Wednesday a bunch of my friends, from all different kind of circles, met up at Carmen. 261 fler ord


Yolculuk Nereye?

  • 14 – 16 Nisan: Kalmar & Öland
  • 29 – 30 Nisan: Uppsala
  • 6 – 7 Mayıs: İstanbul
  • 9 – 15 Temmuz: Los Angeles