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Örebro - you're in for a surprise

When I moved to Sweden I planned to see as much as possible of this beautiful country and take every single opportunity to go out and explore. 629 fler ord


Nearing This Semester's Close to Close

I always lower expectations for big events. Before exchange I tried to prepare myself for the worst. So if I hated Sweden, at least I wouldn’t be disappointed by my high expectations. 502 fler ord


First market

It’s a frosty saturday morning, but the weather is supposed to get sunny and warm today. I told my customers that I would start going to the market as soon as the weather started to get nice, so I packed my backpack basket with fermented foods, lunch and other paraphernalia, 25 fler ord


Happy Easter!

Happy Easter! Coloring Eggs, Easter Bunnies, Egg Hunts and some spring flowers!

In art nothing must resemble an accident, not even movement.*

Sometimes I read a scene I’ve written and think, ”Whoa, that’s way too much choreography. You’re doing a play-by-play of your character’s every move.” Then I cut some verbiage, chastising myself for cluttering yet another scene with too much distracting movement. 61 fler ord


More on Trumpism and Historical Consciousness—and an Announcement

This video includes my reflections on Trumpism and historical consciousness at the 2018 Telos-Paul Piccone Institute conference. The talk was part of a panel about U.S. 91 fler ord


STEPS Radio: An extra interview with Karin Andersson, Climate Psychologist!

  • What can we do about climate denial?

  • Is it our responsibility to get people to do things about it?

  • What is the denial spectrum?

Check out the interview with Laila and Karin following the debate between Kevin Anderson and Karin regarding… 36 fler ord