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15th June 2015

This week I’m visiting Denmark and Sweden. Both first time visits for me.

The week starts in Copenhagen where general election campaigning is in its final phase before the vote on Thursday (18th June). 397 fler ord

Slöjd är livet @ #upplandsmuseet

Slöjd är livet @ #upplandsmuseet

Fram till den 16 augusti 2015 kan du besöka Upplandsmuseet och kolla å denna häftiga utställning om slöjd!


Handicraft Exhibition at Upplandsmuseet… 24 fler ord


The first weekend of summer

It may be late June, but after an unseasonably cold spring this weekend is the first time it’s really felt like summer. Here’s a snapshot of how we spent it… 417 fler ord


Exhibition #shoestories #upplandsmuseet

Shoe Stories Exhibition at Upplandsmuseet- SPOILER ALERT!

So at Upplandsmuseet, the local Uppsala museum, in the city centre of Uppsala, you will find this interesting exhibition called shoe stories. 87 fler ord