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I jumped out of a plane | video and impressions

Oh you read correctly, I jumped out of a plane indeed!

Months before my trip to Sweden for a week of Herrang Dance Camp (on which I will write soon) and a week in Stockholm, my partner started tormenting me (I know, … 405 fler ord

My dorm room experience

Jag stannade bara en månad i en korridor i Studentstaden/Rackarberget och tänkte skriva om mina intryck trots att det bara var en kort tidsperiod. Jag tror inte alls att det kan säga hur livet i en korridor är, men det kanske säger nånting om det. 904 fler ord



Arrived at Flogsta yesterday and seen as everything had gone so well I was afraid that my room would be terrible. I had heard rumours about the rooms so I had very low expectations. 298 fler ord


Arrived in Uppsala yesterday. The morning was very emotional and I don’t think I’ve ever cried so much in my life haha. The flight was short and I met a few other Finns at the airport so I felt a little more comfortable. 199 fler ord

Traveling to Sweden

I am going to Sweden today, to Uppsala, north of Stockholm, and I will stay there for a few days. I intend to interview some interesting people, and also make some other videos related to the area, or about things that I hope you will find interesting. 35 fler ord

Upcoming Travel: Sweden & Helsinki Schedules

Well, tomorrow’s the first of August. On Wednesday evening I embark on about two weeks of travel through Sweden and Finland. Here’s where I’ll be and what I’ll be doing there! 452 fler ord

Exploring Uppsala part 5

Today I decided to walk in a different direction than I did the previous days. This time I walked alongside the Fyris again, but towards Svartbacken. 169 fler ord

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