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Towards A European Urban Agenda?

Whether it be through media discourse, policy orientation, or academic engagement, to name but a few, the question of the urban future is currently receiving a significant amount of attention. 932 fler ord


autumn micro-odyssey completed, here some pictures part 2 RIJEKA

And Wednesday was the fine town of Rijeka, long a free port with allegiance to the Austro-Hungarian Empire: see the photo of the medal below, showing the double-headed eagle of Rijeka with both heads facing forward to contrast it with the double-headed eagle of the Empire. 209 fler ord

autumn micro-odyssey completed, here some pictures part 1 LJUBLJANA

a tiny 4-day 3-citied tour of a wonderful corner of Europe, none of these places much more than a couple of hours drive from each other, though utterly foreign to each other in history and feel. 151 fler ord