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'Why I Chose To Have My Breasts Removed At 25'

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Krystal Barter elected to have a double mastectomy after finding out she carried the cancer-causing BRCA gene. 2 526 fler ord


Mischa Barton Wins Courtroom Battle, Judge Bans Ex-Boyfriend's 'Revenge Porn'

It’s been a busy few days for attorney Lisa Bloom, who on Friday held a press conference with client Kathy Griffin about her decapitated-Trump photo controversy, and today saw her win a decisive legal victory on behalf of Mischa Barton. 455 fler ord


Mischa Barton Released From Hospital, Claims She Was Slipped Date Rape Drug: 'This Is A Lesson To All Young Women'

Mischa Barton was taken to hospital Thursday for a psychiatric evaluation after she was witnessed exhibiting some strange, erratic behaviour, and now that the actress has been released she claims she had been slipped GHB, the notorious ”date rape drug.” 286 fler ord


Report: Mischa Barton Hospitalized For Mental Evaluation, Authorities Responded To 'Pysch Rescue'

A report from TMZ claims that Mischa Barton has been hospitalized after friends and neighbours witnessed her exhibiting some bizarre behaviour on Thursday.

According to TMZ, ”sources connected to” the 31-year-old actress, best known for starring in Fox teen drama ”The O.C.”, witnessed her ”hanging over her backyard fence in West Hollywood and rambling about her mom being a witch, the world shattering … and Ziggy Stardust. 331 fler ord