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Video : Vald - Ostud | @vald_ld

The very talented and fast rising French artist Vald is back with new music. Back in June I had my first encounter with the artist when he brought out the visuals for ‘ 40 fler ord



Jag får ofta frågan om jag har ångest. Och jag kan ärligt säga att nej, det har jag inte. Min vardag är ångestfri. Min vakna vardag vill säga. 1 048 fler ord


Metro - Article Analysis

This post is about how SAFE has started a limited analysis of articles in the paper version of Metro newspaper. SAFE belives the Swedish Metro company has an agenda with purpose to portrait men as perpetrators and women as victims of violence, and doing this by publishing articles pointing that way. 295 fler ord


Video : VALD - Ecailles ft DJ Weedim | @DJWeedim @vald_ld

The promising and uprising French artist VALD makes his return today and this time he brings along DJ Weedim for the visuals of his new single ‘Ecailles’. 12 fler ord



Vi hade inga pengar för några veckor sedan (det har vi fortfarande inte) men vi hade massor med biocheckar så vi gick på bio.

Det fanns inget som någon ville se egentligen så vi valde en sci-fi-rulle med Ben Kingsley. 284 fler ord


BRÅ, Guilt by Association

This post is about BRÅ, the Swedish National Council for Crime Prevention. On their web site they imply all men are at risk of being criminals. 600 fler ord


Video : Vald - Bonjour | @vald_ld

The up and rising French artist Vald makes his debut today here on Moody Without Music with the release of his new video. 24 fler ord