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Controversial Decisions grab headlines : UEFA Champions League

The highest club competition in Europe was expected to produce high quality football. We all knew that VAR will be available for the referees to make sure that there is no controversy involved. 744 fler ord

[freeCodeCamp] ES6 - var, let and const

Hi there folks! Continuing the JavaScript learning from freeCodeCamp, this time we move ahead from the Basic JavaScript and would start with the ES6. ECMAScript 6 or ES6 is the major JS version which introduced a variety of helpful features, released in 2015. 1 168 fler ord


8. Realms of Possibility

Open sky at last. I didn’t realize how much I’d missed it. I didn’t have to climb a tree for it anymore, just lie back on the nearest bale of anisswyn in the wagon and look up. 7 021 fler ord

Act 1

Premier League: July 2020

The longest Premier League season in history finally came to an end on the 26ᵗʰ July and what a season it was. This season gave us a newly promoted team pushing for Europe, teams turning their season around in the January transfer window, Manchester City being banned from European competition for breaking Financial Fair Play rules then being welcomed back with open arms because the sport is too corrupt to really punish any team with money, a global pandemic causing a 100-day pause to the season, controversies caused by the systems brought in to eradicate controversies, almost daily football for the final weeks of the season, and finally the first Premier League title for Liverpool. 856 fler ord


7. Gifts and Curses

I don’t remember when I started running.

Not jogging to hurry things along, but all-out, escape-from-gangbangers-with-large-knives desperate sprinting. I was leaping over fallen branches and slaloming between trees to get away from…wait, what was I getting away from? 5 329 fler ord

Act 1

A Week in Review: 27th July-2nd August

I enjoyed this format from last week so I’m going to stick with it. As with last week, I’m going to pick a few news stories and give my opinion in a more condensed fashion, rather than write an extended piece on one subject. 1 089 fler ord


FA Cup Finals: Analyzing VAR and Arsenal's Goalkeeper Blunder

The 2020 FA Cup last may have needed fans however it absolutely didn’t need amusement.

Arsenal asserted a record fourteenth FA Cup win in the wake of returning from 1-0 down inside six minutes to win 2-1 gratitude to a Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang support. 204 fler ord