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Talking to an American would be like:

How does it feel to be brainwashed by the media?

And the American would be like: Yeah so?

Doesn’t it bother you to be fucked from behind? 119 fler ord


Blind as a bat on veterans day...

North America contains of two types of zombies:

-The leftist zombies.
-The rightist zombies.

Both sides are too afraid to criticize the military. Because that would be social suicide. 8 fler ord


9/11 was a lie...

I can’t get George W Bush out of my mind, when he stated that the government couldn’t imagine the idea of hijacking airplanes to fly in to the WTC. 73 fler ord


A little PS...

The deep state and mainstream media will always try and smear good Americans for being ignorant. That’s just dumb when it’s YOU who have dumbed them down. 35 fler ord


The MSM coziness factor...

How is it some presidents can do whatever they want and still be popular? Sell their soul to the deep state, invade innocent nations for oil, kill leaders not to their liking, and STILL be regarded as peaceful humanitarians? 157 fler ord