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Dear griffla friends,

Goodness, it’s been far too many sunny (or, in Edinburgh’s case, raw&cloudy) writing days since I last posted something here. 407 fler ord

Reflections On Writing / Reflektioner Kring Att Skriva


As a military spouse, I know relocating can be a difficult transition. As a Realtor, however, I get to help people find the fun and excitement in searching for a new home in a new place! 153 fler ord


Far Cry 3 : Some old Leftovers

I recently finished Far Cry 3 (Yes I am aware I am a bit behind) but I have to say I think it is my favorite xbox 360 game of all time.  632 fler ord

Brad Lee

A block of flats

Nearly every day I pass by this monumental block of flats with its sharp balconies. I never noticed any life behind the curtains. The heavy architecture is a reminder of the 1970’s. 21 fler ord


My Leather Bags: Saddleback, Cambridge, Laszlo Vass

Saddleback Leather Small Satchel in Chestnut

Cambridge Satchel Backpack in Dark Brown (discontinued)

László Vass Briefcase in Cognac