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Saturday evening walk 

A grumpy crane, a distant fox, comfy reeds and lots of mossy trees. Happy with my catch.


Bean(ie) Counters


With the much heralded and tweeted arrival of Trakkers new product catalog last week, and a tweet from Wofteclothing announcing their beanie came in three colours, it got me thinking.  251 fler ord

Thinking Out Loud

Vass: Part I

I am kind of proud and a little embarrassed to admit that a large part of why I chose Vienna and Budapest as my travel destination was because of their long and proud traditions of shoe-making. 464 fler ord

Windsurf: Local legends – Pete Lyons interview (hook in and just blast)

Interview: Windsurfing UK

Pics: Pete Lyons, Dahab Stars Club, Club Vass

In the first of a new series, where we look at grass roots, real world sailors, we check in with the North East’s Pete Lyons. 2 102 fler ord