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Bean(ie) counters


With the much heralded and tweeted arrival of Trakkers new product catalog last week, and a tweet from Wofteclothing announcing their beanie came in three colours, it got me thinking.  251 fler ord


Vass: Part I

I am kind of proud and a little embarrassed to admit that a large part of why I chose Vienna and Budapest as my travel destination was because of their long and proud traditions of shoe-making. 464 fler ord

Windsurf: Local legends – Pete Lyons interview (hook in and just blast)

Interview: Windsurfing UK

Pics: Pete Lyons, Dahab Stars Club, Club Vass

In the first of a new series, where we look at grass roots, real world sailors, we check in with the North East’s Pete Lyons. 2 102 fler ord


Bob's Pizza - Vass, NC

Restaurant Name: Bob’s Pizza
Restaurant Address: 5692 US Highway 1 N, Vass, NC 28394
Restaurant Phone: (910) 692-3483
Restaurant Hours: Wednesday – Thursday: 11AM – 10PM // Friday – Saturday: 11AM – 11PM // Closed Sunday – Tuesday… 175 fler ord

Moore County

Update: 38ish days til bus

Hmph so unexpected napping has set back my sorting productivity massively today. But we paid the first deposit on the bus!!!

We own 1/3 of a bus! 71 fler ord

I Highly Recommend That You Get On The Bus

Scrisoare deschisa doamnei Vass

Prim-vicepreședintele PNL Andreea Paul (Vass) a postat pe facebook un mesaj care a stârnit o adevărată furtună între părinți.

Aceasta a spus că ”și-a programat” nașterea copilului într-o zi de sâmbătă pentru a nu ”rata nicio zi de muncă”. 2 282 fler ord