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Food waste

In Australia and all over the world food is wasted. Right now not wasting food is the topic among the bloggers.

It starts with when you go out to eat. 360 fler ord

Healthy Habits

Day 278 – 5th October – Paper Brick Maker

I’ve had a couple of buckets of shredded bills and other items soaking for a while now and it’s time to turn these into something that serves a purpose. 92 fler ord


The 1 Thing I Wish Brands Would Do

I won’t go as far as saying that I’m some sort of eco-warrior. There is a lot I do that isn’t perfect. But I do what I can. 525 fler ord


UI Greenmetric Chairperson visits UL

On Friday 12th last, Prof Riri Fitri Sari (Chairperson of the UI Green Metric since 2010) made the University of Limerick her first stop when visiting Ireland for the 5th International Workshop on UI Greenmetric Rankings (held in UCC). 194 fler ord

The view from the dumpster--A cartful of sadness

This is the time of the year when I get tired of sticking my head in dark and dingy dumpsters. I want to be outside, fighting global warming. 605 fler ord

We Are the Filthy: a #Poem

This cyclist is made of rubbish discarded close to fishing ponds in the Forest of Dean, in the hope of reminding folk to take their litter home. 172 fler ord


Don’t Be Trashy, Keep it Classy


While the snow finally melts and the relief that spring is almost here sets in, the snow that once covered the ground reveals the thick blanket of trash that we have left behind.  355 fler ord