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NYC Exploits (2/3)

This is Part 2 of a three-part series. Part 1 can be found here.

Day 2


After having tasty home-cooked dosa-chutney for breakfast, we set out for what was to be our first full day in New York City. 1 474 fler ord

One-sided Rough


By Ashley Germinario, Port Authority Media Relations Staff

A relationship between rural farmers and city natives is usually a rare sight. Yet, beginning in 1984, the interactions of these two groups became the norm in Lower Manhattan, where their friendships began over the exchange of blossoming flowers, fresh fruits and ready-to-eat veggies. 351 fler ord

Zamach z 9/11 w cieniu pożaru w Londynie

Tragedia, która wydarzyła się w Londynie jest straszna i wymagająca szybkiego wyjaśnienia oraz ukarania winnych zaniedbaniom. W tym artykule chciałbym się jednak skoncentrować na aspekt samego pożaru uraz paralel do pożaru WTC w 2001r. 147 fler ord


People Among The Square

People enjoying a nice day in Washington Square Park.


WTC shimmers under blue skies

World Trade Center shimmers under today’s blue skies & billowy clouds in NYC.


Just One Damned Thing After Another review

I reviewed the full-cast adaptation of Jodi Taylor’s Just One Damned Thing After Another for Starburst. It’s from Audible but made by the Wireless Theatre Company (WTC) 34 fler ord


New York City - 2017

New York – 2017

New York, New York! What a truly amazing city. My boyfriend and I recently visited for a short four days at the beginning of April and loved every minute of it! 626 fler ord