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Next Dimension: Manhattan 1993

In quite the change of scenery, we move away from the sedateness Norfolk Broads and look at structures of a rather larger architectural scale.

I initially wanted to have a go at the Empire State Building, but sadly Cinema 4D was insistent in this not happening, slowing to a crawl if not grinding to a complete standstill when trying to build. 269 fler ord


9/11. Witness, refugee, and personal history. Richard Corriere

This blog is an  history of my experiences being smack dab in the middle of 9/11.. My family and I watched the planes come over, were forced from our home, and underwent terrifying experiences. 144 fler ord


We Are the Champions... Twice Removed...!

Hey folks. Life conspired to keep Nick and I from recording this weekend. We should be recording the Legion Faction review this week, though, so you can all look forward to that! 60 fler ord


Sorbet sunset in NYC

World Trade Center bathed in pink & peach hues during tonight’s sorbet-like sunset in NYC.


9/11. Post 15. Date 9/11/2002 - One year later. Richard Corriere

Date 9/11/2002

A year ago I was up early to read my electronic newspaper and prepare for the economic wars. Most importantly through was getting Isabella ready for pre-k. 746 fler ord


thermite or no thermite? - the saga of the red-gray chips

In 2006 a physics professor from BYU, Steve Jones, made a public appeal for samples of dust from the destroyed WTC towers. As a result he received several such samples, which are all detailed in Harrit et al below. 845 fler ord


9/11. Post 14. Date 11/08/2001 Richard Corriere

Date 11/08/2001

My how times flies when you are being terrorized.  We are coming upon month three of this war.  My family and I, most New Yorkers and Americans have run out of tears and grief.  245 fler ord