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WTC bathes in beautiful afternoon light in NYC

World Trade Center bathes in beautiful afternoon light today in NYC.


The World Trade Center and Barceloneta

… and in the back, one of the many reasons to come to Barcelona: playas!


Building 7 Is Just Not "Going Away"


Building 7 is an itch that is not going away.

Now 55 architects are submitting a resolution to be voted on at the AIA National Convention in the US. 298 fler ord


A Few Things Right Now

1. Wednesday I was in Palos Verdes and I biked past a guy down on his hands and knees in his perfectly green manicured lawn. He had a pair of scissors and was pulling out errant strands from his perfect lawn one at a time. 248 fler ord

Family And Fun

Danish WTC qualifiers 2015

Last weekend, the 21st and 22nd of Marts, we had the danish WTC qualifiers in Roskiled. Like last year I went with my team Attack With Spell!. 2 299 fler ord