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WTC 2013 - Orange County Modjeska Group

In 2013 I served my second year as an assistant instructor With the ”Modjeska Group” – Orange County for the Sierra Club’s Wilderness Travel Course.  A 10 week course with four field trips – and a lot of fun! 59 fler ord

Wilderness Travel Course (WTC)

...the more they stay the same.

The other day, after visiting Chinatown and the Tenement museum, and thinking about immigration and how every new group suffers the slings and arrows of established Americans, I went to the World Trade Center site. 541 fler ord

Meaning Of Life

Transformation of NYC in an elevator to the top of the World Trade Center.

Visitors to the One World Trade Center can now watch the evolution of New York City unfold before their eyes. The elevators to the observatory at the top of the building show an animated timelapse depicting the development of the city’s skyline from the 1500s to today, as is seen in this video by the  86 fler ord