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this day in crime history: may 26, 1977

On this date in 1977, police in New York City arrested George ”The Human Fly” Willig on the 110th floor of the World Trade Center. His crime? 92 fler ord

True Crime

Should've brought a real camera

My visit to New York was mostly personal. To see the city where I fell in love which eventually led to the birth of my son, my marriage and my very living in the United States was an incredibly visceral experience. 341 fler ord


Dlaczego NWO potrzebuje chaosu? Ordo Ab Chao

Spójrzmy na skutki działania finansowanej przez CIA – ISIS :
” Ordo Ab Chao ”

– Zniszczenie życia społecznego, ekonomicznego i kulturalnego Syrii.
– przyspieszenie exodusu Syryjczyków na zachód… 186 fler ord


WTC is twilight reflection

World Trade Center in twilight reflection today.


WTC under gray-blue skies

World Trade Center glistens under today’s dramatic gray-blue skies in NYC.