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Naples wins the World Tunnelling Congress 2019

Naples wins against London and imposes itself for the WTC 2019, the most important annual event for all experts and professionals of the underground works. 91 fler ord


World Trade Center and Tribeca Photos

Photos from Tribeca and The World Trade Center by Meredith Arout for Life-Wire News Service.



Washington Market Park


Santiago Calatrava’s Oculus, WTC Transportation Center… 15 fler ord

Photo Wire

Conspiracy Theories: zullen we samen zweren?

Sommige wereldburgers laten zich niet bij de neus nemen. Nee nee, ze willen het naadje van de kous weten en gaan uit van het spreekwoord: ‘al is de leugen nog zo snel, de waarheid achterhaalt zich wel’. 1 474 fler ord

Don't Fool Me!

Gorgeous sunset in NYC

Gorgeous sunset on this Election Night in NYC.

ISIS, Spa Treatment, Human Auctions, and Olympic Sized Swimming Pools

What do they have in Common?

Jeddah Hotel conference sees man auctioning his son to become a suicide bomber in Syria.