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Super spectacular Super Bowl sunset in NYC

Super spectacular sunset in NYC on this Super Bowl Sunday (Empire State Building is in the team colors of the contending Panthers and Broncos).

New York City

Russia threatening to release proof 9-11 was inside job

Russia has threatened to release evidence that allegedly exposes the involvement of the US government in connection with the 9/11 attacks. 

The Russian government have said they are preparing to release evidence which proves the US were involved in the attacks via satellite images they have.  47 fler ord


World Trade Center at sunset

World Trade Center during tonight’s gorgeous sunset in NYC.


John Kerry admits Building 7 was a controlled demolition

John Kerry Admits Building #7 Was A Controlled Demolition

Now, did I just hear John Kerry say building number #7 was brought down in a controlled fashion to prevent more damage?

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WTC of Bangalore

Every important place has its own World Trade Centre. Here is the one  in Bangalore. It is in the same building as the Orion Mall… 89 fler ord


NYC Trip Including stop at the WTC Memorial

Trip to NYC Included Stop at the World Trade Center Memorial  This is a Very Moving, Sacred Place. Fire Trucks featured are from Co. 3 and the walls of the museum are the actual walls of the WTC. 71 fler ord

Pieces of facades by WesleyMarlissa

A piece of the Markthal and a piece of the WTC Rotterdam.

From 500px