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World Tunnelling Congress 2015 (WTC2015)

Promoting and developing tunnelling in Croatia and South-East Europe (SEE) countries.



WTC at chilly twilight

World Trade Center shimmers during tonight’s chilly twilight in NYC.

New York City

Sierra Club Wilderness Travel Course, Pt 1

Or, what I will call ”Pt 1: When do you abandon us in the desert with no water and only a topo map and compass?” 1 626 fler ord

Backpacking Musings

Beatmatic Thursday Posts (Throwback Day)

Take a look at DJ Beatmatic’s #tribute to the #WOrldTradeCenter

The Garden, Valentine's Day, and Winter.

I cannot believe I failed to include our visit to Madison Square Garden in the blog thus far! Rewind a little…

The last weekend in January, Jon’s friend Brandon came to visit us with his fiance Cameron and daughter Ashlyn. 597 fler ord